Its so sad that you could not hear me cry,

but you saw the hopes of mine burnt to ash,

I see you standing there as nothing went wrong..

It is so quite here,

And my mind feels cold.

The house I live in,

No longer feels like home..

Oh! when you pushed me on the bed,

I felt like I could not breathe,

The pain you made me feel,

made me scream out for help..

Then I called my friend,

she was devastated on the phone,

All she did was try to calm me down..

You did not even think twice,

before hurting a soul who was already lost,

I cannot get my head straight..

Why am I alone and fighting this battle on my own?

I just want to give up this fight...

Oh! you wont hear me cry,

But my heart did die,

The pain you caused me,

cost me more than gold..

Its so quite here,

and I feel so scared..

The house I live in,

Is never like before...

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