Demons in the Mirror Book

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Demons in the Mirror


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Everyone had the exact replica of themselves in the mirror. It was just the shadow of yourself, a shape of a person imitating your every move. What if I tell you, the mirror was just a barrier for another world- for another copy of you? Another copy you would be terrified to see. A demon version of you. Every people in this world had their counterpart. Everyone had a demon of their own, living freely of their will in the world inside your mirror. The exact replica, yet different stories they were living. Different conflicts, different choices, and different endings. The Vergessene family always had been the strongest of both worlds. The family of the strongest criminals in the human world and the family of the strongest anarchists in the demon world. Different yet the same. Both of the worlds weren’t supposed to be aware of one another. Both of the worlds weren’t supposed to cross with each other. But the demon version of the Vergessene family lost their youngest one. He died at an early age, too young to leave the world, he never made it past seventeen. Until they found out their youngest one had the exact replica of himself and snatched the human version of him away. __________ Take a note that this is a slow burn novel, so it's going to be slow :D Also, this novel is really dark. This is a found family with forced adoption. You can clearly see from the synopsis that the family is really messed up. Trigger warnings for manipulations (A LOT of them), blood, body horror, graphic fighting, unhealthy relationships, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD, depression, dehumanization, suicide, and swearing. Anyway, enjoy your stay in this book! __________ Want to be friends? Discord: Moonaisy#4684