Demonic Legacy

In the Praran Kingdom, people were divided by status Nobles, commoners and royalties. The rich and powerful held all the resources and enjoyed all the riches of the world while subduing the commoners. The big families all have strong Mages and cultivators, who control the flow of techniques and treasures. In this world, Kai, who was born with the memories of his past life just wanted to live happily with his loving parents, but before he knew it the tragedy of his past life repeated itself, making him realise the cruelty of this new world. This is the story of a boy, of a transmigrator whose sole reason for living was his family, of a demon who would eradicate anything and everything that is a danger to his family. _____________ " Sword God is the number one genius of our Kingdom, he was able to create his Energy centre at the age of less than thirteen, no one had ever even come close to that, and even though I am the heir of a high-class noble I was only able to create my dantian at the age of fourteen, what about you? " " When I was ten and a half. " "..." This is my entry in the WSA, so let's start

Jin_moon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
91 Chs


Kai looked straight into the eyes of the snake while slowly approaching them he was not sure just how poisonous they are, but he decided to take the risk and check one of his theories.

He extended his hand forward and instantly the two snakes in the front bit his hand releasing poison into his blood, Kai felt chill all over his body and some pain in his hand then he jerked off both the snakes and moved a little away from them.


As pain began to move from his hand to the rest of his body Kai could feel the poison spreading, he was not sure if his body really could remove the poison on its own but he decided to wait a little longer before ejaculating the poison out of his body.

' Let's wait a bit longer, I can handle this much poison. ' he thought and closed his eyes while listening to the sound of snakes.