Demonic Legacy

In the Praran Kingdom, people were divided by status Nobles, commoners and royalties. The rich and powerful held all the resources and enjoyed all the riches of the world while subduing the commoners. The big families all have strong Mages and cultivators, who control the flow of techniques and treasures. In this world, Kai, who was born with the memories of his past life just wanted to live happily with his loving parents, but before he knew it the tragedy of his past life repeated itself, making him realise the cruelty of this new world. This is the story of a boy, of a transmigrator whose sole reason for living was his family, of a demon who would eradicate anything and everything that is a danger to his family. _____________ " Sword God is the number one genius of our Kingdom, he was able to create his Energy centre at the age of less than thirteen, no one had ever even come close to that, and even though I am the heir of a high-class noble I was only able to create my dantian at the age of fourteen, what about you? " " When I was ten and a half. " "..." This is my entry in the WSA, so let's start

Jin_moon · Fantasy
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91 Chs

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" So he really is the one killing all of my men, I wonder if it really is the work of a demon or maybe he is hiding some kind of a secret, Keke it would be so fun to find that out. " The leader spoke while licking his knife.

" But where could he be hiding, we have already checked all the streets here. " Someone in the group questioned.

"..." The leader stayed silent and looked around, after pondering for a while he spoke:

" He must have entered one of the buildings here, and there is a high chance that he must have gone into a building where we have kept our products. "

" Huh? Why would he go there, wouldn't it be better for him to hide in an empty building? " Another man asked.

" No, hiding among others is definitely much better you don't need to know why, but it also has a very big downside, if he really is hiding among others then it would be a piece of cake to go find him. Kekekekeke " the leader spoke and then released a wild laughter.