Demon Slayer: The Abnormal Demon

After his parents are killed by demons and he’s turned into one and is left on the run. What will Kyoshi do after being met by a certain demon king. He’ll be villainous. There will be romance I just might do an OC demon or something. Updates will be pretty much whenever I feel like it and you should know I don’t own demons slayer, Tokyo ghoul, yada yada. Anyways that’s it. Also, no harem.

The_Pumpkin_Man · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


This ff and all my others will now be posted on another acc called GeekNovels.

It's a shared account between me and many other good authors like TheGodSage, so there will be many ff going on there and being released.

Also the new chapters are all on that account as I did a mass release for Christmas.

Happy Holidays