Demon Slayer: Not Your Ordinary Demon

After his family is slaughtered by a demon and he soon turns into one himself, what will Kyoshi do after being visited by a certain demon king. No Harem LI is an OC This is a Tokyo Ghoul and Demon Slayer mixup, but only some concepts are coming from Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t own them, obviously and that’s about it. Author: The_Pumpkin_Man

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Chapter 43

"I see. Then I apologize for my previous behavior. I didn't think things were like that. You aren't experiencing any pain are you?" Seikichi asked after clearing his throat.

"No, he wasn't as wild as they're making him seem. At least when I saw him he wasn't." Yui replied.

"I see. So after your experience you wanted to go find him, but how'd the Hashira get involved?"

"The village I'm from works in conjunction with the DSC and Kyoshi was a really strong person and he had sense along with some standards at least. So I went to the HQ saying that I had information they wanted.

I told them about Kyoshi and that I thought we should try to get him on our side, but really I just wanted to have some help in finding him.

Surprisingly, other Hashira thought my idea of trying to get him on our side was good and they helped me look for him. The others wanted to kill him and Kagaya decided whoever finds him gets to decide what we do with him."

"I see. So it was Kagaya's idea." Seikichi muttered.

"Seikichi, don't do anything crazy." Kanao said in an attempt to soothe Seikichi.

"I know, I'm not gonna do what you think."

His response was calm and he was quietly thinking before nodding.

"Alright, well let's go over everything we know. Kyoshi's extremely well versed in Swordsmanship and Martial arts, he can take on two hashira at the same time and he has abilities that we don't know about as well. Is that all?" Seikichi asked.

"Yeah that's about it." Yui replied.

"Alright." He replied before taking the letter, folding it up and placing it in the envelope as he tore it. Small gasps were heard as he continued to tear and tear and tear with a small smile on his face.


"Well from today onwards I'm leaving the DSC. What I just did now would be a violation considering I destroyed valuable information, so it's up to you guys to capture me."

Silence took over the room as Kanao and Yui were speechless. Seikichi was right; at this moment it was their duty to capture him and bring him into the DSC HQ for questioning.

Yet both of them sat there with their mouths slightly open.

Kanao glanced at him and gripped his arm as she spoke.

"Seikichi…as the Tsuguko of the the Insect hashira and a member of the DSC I'm…deciding to go with you."

"You sure? You know Shinobu might get mad right? Not only that we'll basically be fugitives, plus-"

"I know. I know, but I don't want to capture you or have to fight you. It won't feel right." She said while shaking her head.

Seikichi smiled and leaned over to hug her, but then Yui spoke.

"I planned on going rouge if I had to anyway so I met as well go too."

"Ah, right. Well…I guess I'll get going to my room and get cleaned up." Seikichi said as he got up and left the room.

Later that night that each washed up in a nearby bathhouse which was obviously split by gender and they got back to the inn and were getting ready to go to sleep.

As Yui and Kanao laid in the bed Yui sighed before turning over to look at Kanao who was looking at the ceiling.

"So uhh…you like Seikichi right?" She asked.

She saw Kanao turn over to her with a slight blush as she seemingly tried to hide under the cover.

"Is it that noticeable?" She asked.

Yui nearly squealed once she saw this. She nodded her head with a smile and Kanao seemed even more embarrassed.

"Do you think he noticed?"

"Nope. Actually, he might like you too." Yui said.

"Y-you think so?"

"Well it seemed like it."

While Yui personally didn't know a lot about love considering she never experienced that feeling, she wasn't blind. She could tell when two people liked each other, the only thing that confused her was why they aren't telling each other.

"Wait, Kanao, you do want him to notice you like him right?" Yui asked.

Kanao looked off to the side, but nodded very subtly. Obviously the topic was embarrassing for her either because she had been found out or because they're talking about it so normally.

"I see, I see. It's like I have a big sister!!" Yui squealed.

Kanao smiled and Yui rolled completely on her stomach and looked at Kanao with a leering smile.

"If you want him to notice just tell him." Yui said.

Kanao rolled over and buried her head in the pillow and spoke.

"I can't. I'm nervous."


"Eh? Wouldn't you be nervous too? Like at that time with Seikichi's friend?" Kanao said as she was referring to a misunderstanding that had yet to be cleared.

He and Seikichi thought Kyoshi and Yui did IT and Kyoshi vanished. Yui wasn't blind, but honestly…one couldn't say she was too perceptive regarding these types of matters.

"Oh, well I was a bit nervous at first, but then went to his home village that was rebuilt by an old man he knew…"

As Yui and Kanao had "girl talk" Seikichi, in the room next to theirs, had his own thoughts.

He along with Kanao just quit the DSC even though they're the Tsuguko for the Sound and Insect Hashira. Along with that, somebody from the main informant branch of the also went wrong with them.

Well, now all other options were closed, they had to find Kyoshi before any of the other Hashira did. Although Seikichi thought this, in the back of his mind he wondered if the DSC will even be able to hold him if they want him dead.

He didn't really have any type of weaknesses that could be exploited…

"Damn it!!" He cursed as he raised up out of bed. Hinā, they still haf his sister. They could end up using her as a hostage!!

Then he stopped as he was about to leave the room. He shook his head as he wondered if he was thinking too much into the situation, but then he remembered the emotions he felt from Kagaya when he and Kanao spied on his conversation with the Demon Hashira.

Although Kagaya his it well, with Kyoshi's unique ability to perceive emotions through aura, he could see and feel the emotions from Kagaya.

It was a deep seeded hate. No fear, no worry, no type of sadness, just pure hatred for Muzan Kibutsuji.

Seikichi was stuck between thinking that Kagaya would do whatever he had to so Muzan would die along with all demons or if Kagaya had a line he wouldn't cross.

With him being wide awake he decided to go outside and go on a run to clear his thoughts.

(Kyoshi POV)

"You're getting better and better with you fighting each day." Kyoshi said as he backflipped backflipped away from a leg sweep.

Just as he landed he slapped her fist away and as she was falling to the ground, she used that downward momentum and shot her legs out.

He blocked with his forearms and slid back as she shot towards him. She was low, but her hits aimed high, like a spring. It wad the perfect imitation of a snakes bite.

Her nails sharpened and she swung them at his neck. He caught her hand before she could pull away and threw he back. She slid on the ground, but quickly recovered.

"This isn't fair at all!!" Rin yelled as she wiped dirt from her face.

"Meh, life ain't fair. Now come at me again, and this time with all you got. I wanna test something and see how much stronger you got from eating those demon slayers."

Rin grinned and scales started appearing on her body as her eyes turned into vertical slits. Her nails gained cyan colored tips and she had fangs growing along with a change in aura.

She vanished from her spot and Kyoshi ducked under a kick and blocked he second kick which pushed him back a few meters. Kyoshi grinned as his Kakugan activated and from his back a tail sprouted outward.

It was blood red with shining red veins pulsing through it. The tail shot forward and blocked a strike from Rin and flung her back.

He then shot towards her and slung his tail forward. Rin ducked and continued her run as she aimed her claws at Kyoshi's gut. He caught her wrist and kneed her in the stomach.

Her abs flexed and she took the hit and slide back a bit. Taking a sharp breath she increased in speed and appeared in front of Kyoshi and threw out a kick.

Kyoshi blocked it with his tail and wrapped it around her ankles, but before he could do anything else, she slashed his tail in half. Blue veins ran up his tail as it started evaporating.

Quickly, he released that tail ad it all started to vanish into nothing. In the moment he wasn't paying attention, Rin was in front of him with her leg only inches away from his head. He let his head hang back as he crouched and swept her legs.

Once she was on the ground, Kyoshi grew another tail and shot it towards her neck just before she could get up.

"Alright you win." Rin said as she returned to her normal state.

Kyoshi brought his tail in and pulled her up.

"You did good. You're improving fast and I can see some movements from your Serpent Breathing being incorporated which is good."

"Yeah, but you still beat me with one tail. I couldn't even get a solid hit in."

"That's most likely because I had a 3 or 4 year head start as a demon. It's not like you need to worry though. Just eat more. Since there's been a lot of demon slayers coming out recently you should focus on them rather than humans." Kyoshi said.

Rin nodded her head and after that, they headed back to the infinite castle.

They fought outside to cause diversions and to get demon slayers in the area they fought. Then, they'd basically camp there taking demon slayer after demon slayer.

Kyoshi's demonizedfalcon, Blitz, would take the crows from the sky and devour them for himself while also scouting out areas.

Kyoshi also had him look for areas with nice agricultural so he could go there and look for the Blue Spider Lily himself. He told Muzan he'd help and so he would help by any means necessary.