Demon Slayer: Not Your Ordinary Demon

After his family is slaughtered by a demon and he soon turns into one himself, what will Kyoshi do after being visited by a certain demon king. No Harem LI is an OC This is a Tokyo Ghoul and Demon Slayer mixup, but only some concepts are coming from Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t own them, obviously and that’s about it. Author: The_Pumpkin_Man

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Chapter 11

"Hey you, what're you doing in this forest?" Asked a 14 year old, with long flowing black hair that was tied into a ponytail. It was glossy and reflected the light from the moon. The boy was sickly pale, with dim ash gray eyes that were almost completely covered by his banges.

The boy wore a black kimono with no shoes and was sitting in a tree seemingly relaxed.

"Eh, I should be asking you that. Get away from this place and get down to the nearby village!!" The man shouted. He had black hair and wore a standard demon slayer uniform.

"Ohh so you're one of them? Look I'm not hungry and neither are my uncle and auntie, so leave this mountain and go about your business." Kyoshi said, flashing his claws.

"Wait, you're…?!"

"Yes, a demon. I know it's your job to kill us and all, but you don't actually have to." Kyoshi said as he leaned back onto the tree and looked at the moon.

"W-what the hell are you saying?!" The man shouted as he jumped up with his sword behind him. Kyoshi vanished from his spot on the street as the demon slayer slashed right through the thick branch.

"What I'm saying is that you don't have to kill me. I haven't done anything to you, so there's no need to fight and quite frankly you're the one harassing me. I just wanna sit back and enjoy the moonlight, so just turn back around and go somewhere else." Kyoshi said.

"You didn't do anything? You killed people, you monster!!"

"Yeah, to live. I'm not seeing the problem here." Kyoshi said with a tilted head.

"Y-you bastard, how could you so easily take a human life and not see the problem?!" The demon slayer yelled.

"That's the gist of it. Let's put you in this situation. You're a carnivore and you're hungry. You can't eat anything else or you'll die. There's a little defenseless pig in front of you. Would you kill it to live or would you rather die of starvation?"

"What does that have to do with you killing humans?"

"Are you stupid or a braindead idiot? Would you kill it to live since it's your only way to survive or would you simply die. Choose one." Kyoshi said cleary irritated at the retard below him.

"I'd eat it, but only because that's the only way. Humans are different from animals!!" The dumb slayer yelled.

"No, you're literally an animal yourself, just a different species. You actually think because you put on fantasy clothes and build stuff that you're different?"


"…forget it. Take a hike before you get killed. I'm a nice guy, but there are other demons lurking on these mountains. I've killed a few for personal reasons, but I'm not saving a murderer like you demon corp bums." Kyoshi said.

"First Form: Wa-"

"Why can't humans listen." Kyoshi said as he licked the blood off his fingers. He looked at the lifeless body of the demon slayer he killed and sighed.

"At least it was a quick one. Honestly this guy could've just left this place alive." Kyoshi remarked as he picked the body up.

'I said I wasn't hungry, but I might as well take a finger or four as a snack.' He thought.

"Still no answer to your question?" Habuki, who appeared on a branch atop a tree, asked.

"Nah, he answered, but after hearing how hypothetical he sounded he just went for the kill. I did keep up my rule though. I gave him three chances to leave and he stayed, so it's his fault he died." Kyoshi said, hunching his shoulders.

"You sure it was three? I counted two." Habuki said as he made his may down the tree.

"Hmmm, nah. It was definitely three." Kyoshi said, thinking about it.

"Forget it. Master Muzan summoned us. Let's go." Habuki said.

"I haven't seen uncle Muzan in a week I think. I wonder what he's been up to." Kyoshi wondered aloud as they dashed up the forest.

"Man it's been three years and I still can't believe he actually accepts you as a nephew." Habuki said.

"Uncle Muzan's really cool when you get to know him." Kyoshi said.

Thinking back to past problems Habuki shivered at the thought of Muzan being "cool".

"Yeah, sure."

They got into the base and everyone got ready to be transported into the infinite castle. As they started the teleportation process the floor glowed golden and they vanished.

"Hey everyone!!" Kyoshi yelled with a smile as he waved at all of the demons standing before Muzan.

Kyoshi went over to Muzan and struck up a conversation.

"And then when I asked the guy about what he'd do, he just tried to kill me." Kyoshi said with a sigh.

"Most demon slayers don't care about that. It's a natural thing with most animals but even more so with humans. They prioritize their life before others, but once someone or something else does it, it's a bad thing." Muzan said.

"That's what I'm tryna get them to understand so they don't have to keep running to their death, but they're just so blinded by their self righteousness it's kinda annoying."

Muzan nodded as he too understood his frustration. At one point he just wanted to live freely and still do, but the sun is restricting him and demon slayers keep getting in his way while he tries to keep himself alive just like they are.

Now he just wants them completely eradicated so he could freely look for the Blue Spider Lily.

"Anyways, I've gathered everywhere here to deliver a warning for you all. I've received word that there's a demon within the demon corps. His strength seems to be Hashira level so be careful. I'll be sending mental images of this guy to you." Muzan said.

The room was so quiet you could literally hear every heartbeat that was being made.


Giving warning?

HE of all people is giving THEM warning? And telling THEM to be careful?

This was like an act that even Kokushibo thought he'd never see in his entire existence. While they all noticed that Muzan hasn't been short tempered as he usually is, they never expected something like this.

'Could he actually care about us?' They all thought simultaneously.

"That's it, you're all dismissed." He said before Nakime made everyone vanish from the Infinite Castle.

"The Oni Hashira? Never heard of him." Seikichi said as he sat on the wall that surrounded the Demon Slayer HQ. Next to him was Aoi.

"He's usually never here and only sends messages through an eagle. Although him not being here is understandable. I hear he's a real demon."

"Bullshit. A demon Hashira? That would completely go against everything the Demon Slayer corps is made for." Seikichi said as he watched Hinā run around the garden.

"Well it's only a rumor to me. Ask the other Hashira's. They might tell you something." Aoi said before dropping from the wall and walking off.

"A demon Hashira. Yeah right." Seikichi scoffed. He got up and walked on the wall and once he was around the entrance he saw a group of 10 or so demon slayers running towards the exit.

While the butterfly mansion is usually used as a medical center there's also a separate area for demon slayers. After all it's foolish to leave them all at the HQ.

"Hey you. What're you all leaving for?" Seikichi asked a random demon slayer who was about to run out of the gate.

"We've been deployed for a mission around Mt. Myosumi. A lot of people and demon slayers kept going missing so we suspected strong demons." He answered.

"Why do they keep sending you guys out if more of you keep getting killed. You're obviously not strong enough for the mission." Seikichi said bluntly.

"Ack, well we'll be fine with these numbers." The demon slayer said proudly.

"Hmm, I'll come with you." He said.

"Ah, but I might get in trouble with-"

"So? I'll just tell them I forced you to let me go." He interrupted.

"Ah, um. I guess it's fine then." The demon slayer said. Seikichi wrote a quick note saying he left for Mt. Myosumi and left it on the entrance gate.

It didn't take too long for the demon slayers to make it to the mountains, but they had about 3 hours before the sun would come up and the demons would most likely go into hiding.

At the base of the mountain Seikichi and the rest of the demon slayers arrived.

"You said the disappearances were happening around the east side of the mountain right?" Seikichi asked the team leader.

"Yeah, there were some on the west side as well, but more on the east side. So this is the plan, we split up and-"

"No. All of us will go to the east side together since that's where the main problem is. Keeping our forces as strong as possible will be good for use and getting split up in a place like this would be dangerous." Seikichi said.

"Ah, alright."

"Follow me." With that Seikichi dashed up the mountain. Jumping through the trees for a better vantage point and making his hearing as sharp as possible while focusing on every sound in the forest.

—1 Hour Later—

"We've been searching this long and not a single demon has turned up." Said some random cannon fodder.

"Be quiet for a moment." Seikichi said as he stood atop a tree. With them not talking or moving around he can discern more things from the forest. His hearing wasn't like Tengen's nor did he have the echolocation ability like him but he had something else.

Third World Viewing was a technique that he was able to develop over time. While going through dangerous training courses, fighting demon slayers as practice, and doing regular training, he was able to develop a technique that allows him to see everything within a certain range around him.

A/N: Basically Observation Haki.

As of now his max range is about 20 meters.

'Something over there.' Seikichi thought as he dashed further up the mountain. They didn't go up there because after some thought it wouldn't make sense for demons to go somewhere with no cover from the sun.

With this way of thinking they stayed around the midsection of the mountain.

"That damn traitor. Killing his own kind because I went after a woman. Damn it, why hasn't this wound healed yet." The demon said as his left arm was completely gone. The ends let you know it was grotesquely ripped off and was having a hard time healing.

*Thump* *Thump* Thump* *Thump*

"What's that?" The demon said as it stopped and looked around nervously. He heard footsteps coming closer and closer to where he was.


"Who gave you such a delusion?" The demon heard a calm voice ask as he turned around just in time to see a face fly past him. The next thing he knew his entire lower half was gone.

He turned back and saw Seikichi sheathing his katan as he crouched down on one knee. The demon couldn't see his eyes, but he could tell the kid in front if he was making eye contact with him.

His stare felt cold and malicious even to a demon.

"W-who the hell are you?" The demon asked.

"I don't know. Just a guy with a demon killing sword. Answer my question. Who were you talking about and are there more demons on this mountain?" Seikichi asked.

"…I-if I tell you, will you let me live?"


"Then why would I answer you?!" The demon yelled.

"Because I can either deliver you a slow and painful death or I can kill you quickly. Take your pick, demon." Seikichi said.

"F-fine. There are more demons on the mountain. Apparently there's even two of the lower moons on this mountain. Go further up the mountain and you'll see a set of stones with a faint carving. That's where they live." The demon said.

Seikichi's mouth showed how disgusted he felt towards the demon.

"You simply rat out your own kind like that? You demons disgust me and for that you can die a slow and painful death by the sun. May the gods ignore your prayers, you filthy animal." Seikichi said as he ripped the demon's head off and stuck it on a branch at the top of a tree.

Demons can only die from decapitation by a demon slayer sword or the sun, so as long as they get their heads ripped off another way they still live.

After planting the demon's head on the tree, Seikichi sent his crow to tell the others to meet him at the top and to stay on guard. He also sent the crow back to HQ to tell them that he might encounter two of the Lower Moon Demons.

Although he didn't know much about them, all he needed to know was that they're considered strong demons although the lower moons constantly get wiped out by the Hashira.

'I guess all my training was leading to this moment.' Seikichi though.

1 hour and 40 minutes till dawn.