11 Planting the Seeds of Disaster

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"Junior Brother Zhang."

Looking at Lu Wenyu who had appeared in front of him, Zhang Chen couldn't help but furrow his brows.

Didn't I already refuse him? Why is he still looking for me?

But he still stopped in his tracks and bowed, asking, "Senior Brother Lu, is there something you need?"

Lu Wenyu showed an ingratiating and humble expression. "I heard that Junior Brother Zhang is Senior Brother Li's spokesperson, so I want to exchange for demon blood with you.

"I can exchange a bowl of blood essence for half a pot of demon blood. I hope you can help me. If I become an inner sect disciple, I won't forget your kindness."

With that, Lu Wenyu bowed deeply.

In order to prevent Zhang Chen from spreading the news about him exchanging blood in the beast garden, he specially waited outside and lowered his posture, giving enough benefits.

Zhang Chen was momentarily stunned and didn't react.

Why exchange one bowl of blood essence for only half a pot of demon blood? Why not find another spokesperson to exchange with? And why is he so humble, like he's begging?

But he quickly figured out the reason.

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Chen decided to agree.

Not agreeing would offend the other party and make him uneasy. He just wanted to quietly cultivate and didn't want to stir up trouble.

Besides, he needed to practice his techniques recently and didn't have much time to refine demon blood, so exchanging with Lu Wenyu wasn't a big deal.

"Since Senior Brother Lu needs it, then I'll exchange with you," said Zhang Chen.

"Thank you, Junior Brother Zhang." Although Lu Wenyu was seething with anger inside, he still had a grateful smile on his face.

I wanted to exchange for more demon blood, but I didn't expect to lose so much. I'm at the seventh level of Qi cultivation and am about to become an inner sect disciple. To lower myself like this in front of someone at the fifth level of Qi cultivation is simply a great humiliation. I'll remember this grudge.

Zhang Chen, who had done nothing, did not know that he had offended Lu Wenyu.

After putting away the blood essence he had exchanged, Zhang Chen returned to his cave abode and took out the Blood Burst Technique book.

[Detected 'Blood Burst Technique'. It can instantly increase cultivation speed tenfold]

[Side effects: Damage to acupoints and meridians, may become disabled]

[Please wait a moment, system modification is in progress…]

[Ding! Modification complete. Side effects canceled.]

"Let's try the effects next!"

Zhang Chen followed the method of the Blood Burst Technique and used his spiritual power to attack the acupoints and meridians on his feet. Then he took a step forward.


The moment his foot landed, dust flew everywhere.

Zhang Chen felt a reaction force, as if there was a catapult in his leg. By the time he reacted, he was already 30 feet away.

"One step is 30 feet. It's not bad."

Zhang Chen revealed a satisfied smile. There was no risk of damaging his acupoints and meridians and turning himself into a cripple. As long as he had enough spiritual power, he could theoretically use it continuously.

What he had to do was familiarize himself with this speed.




It was as if Zhang Chen had found a novel toy. He took one step after another, and his figure kept flickering in the cave abode. Like a ghost, he disappeared and appeared.

This was mainly because he was not familiar with it yet. Every time he took a step, he had to pause to avoid hitting the wall.

After a while, Zhang Chen suddenly stopped. He pulled up his pants with a pained expression, revealing his swollen legs.

"Ouch! It hurts!"

Although there were no side effects of damaging acupoints and meridians, the force of the collision between his legs and the ground was still there. His legs would still hurt.

If he wanted to keep using Blood Burst Technique, he still needed to increase his physical strength.

"Looks like Blood Burst Technique can't be used to travel for a long time." Zhang Chen was a little disappointed and used his spiritual Qi to eliminate the swelling.

However, Blood Burst Technique was indeed fast. Moreover, apart from increasing the speed of one's feet, Blood Burst could also increase the speed of one's attacks.

Zhang Chen used the Blood Burst Technique to punch again.


Because it was too fast, it produced a sonic boom and stirred up a violent wind in the cave abode.

"So strong, so fast!" Zhang Chen's face was full of surprise.

If he held a weapon, the enemy would probably be killed by him before they could react.

"Boom boom boom…"

Zhang Chen kept punching. His hands seemed to have disappeared. The sonic booms were continuous like firecrackers.

However, it did not last long. Soon he stopped punching because his arms were also red and swollen. They looked like braised pork trotters.

After using his spiritual power to reduce the swelling, Zhang Chen prepared to see the effects of the Blood Ignition Technique.

[Detected cultivation technique, 'Blood Ignition Technique'. Burns blood and temporarily increases cultivation.]

[Side effects: Once you use this method, you won't be able to stop until your blood burns out and you die.]

[Please wait a moment, system modification is in progress…]

[Ding! Modification complete. Side effects canceled.]

After understanding the operation method of the Blood Ignition Technique, Zhang Chen's mind moved and blood flames rose from his body. The blood in his body began to boil and evaporate.

Zhang Chen's aura and cultivation also began to increase rapidly.

From the sixth level of Qi cultivation to the seventh level, and all the way up to the eighth level before stopping!

"I can actually increase my cultivation level by three small realms. This is truly a secret technique that can be used as a last resort!"

Feeling the immense power that filled his body, Zhang Chen was somewhat intoxicated.

At the rate of blood evaporation in his body, he could maintain it for up to half an hour without using any techniques.

If he used techniques, it would depend on the technique consumption.

But right now, what was burning was his cultivation!

After feeling it for a while, Zhang Chen quickly stopped the Blood Ignition Technique.

Once others used the Blood Ignition Technique, they would not be able to stop and would almost certainly die. Only Zhang Chen, who had the modifier, did not have such a drawback and could stop at any time.

The blood flames were extinguished, and Zhang Chen's cultivation levels quickly decreased.

From the seventh level of Qi cultivation to the sixth level, all the way down to the fourth level before stopping.

After maintaining it for just over 10 breaths, it cost him three years of cultivation.

The weakened Zhang Chen quickly took out a blood storage bottle and absorbed the blood essence to replenish what was consumed.

Looking at the small amount of blood essence left in the bottle, Zhang Chen could not help but sigh. "This blood essence is being consumed too quickly!"

These techniques still needed to be practiced every day until they could be used proficiently and instinctively.

"I thought I was practicing the demon blood transformation fast enough, but it turns out it's not fast enough to keep up with the consumption of practicing techniques. After the sect mission is over, I'll have to immediately improve my aptitude."

In the following days, Zhang Chen became extremely busy.

In the morning, he went to the beast garden to collect blood. On the way back, he queued up at the Internal Affairs Hall to get demon blood. In the afternoon, he practiced techniques, and in the evening, he practiced demon blood transformation.

Every two days, he also had to go to the inner sect to hand over blood essence to Li Mumin and bring back a bottle of demon blood.

Time passed quickly, and half a month had passed in cultivation.

"Senior brother, here are the formation token and blood storage bottle." Zhang Chen handed the items to the beast garden disciple.

The beast garden disciple checked them and nodded in confirmation, "Congratulations, Junior Brother Zhang, you have completed your sect mission this year."

"It's all thanks to Senior Brother's care and guidance that I was able to successfully complete the mission," Zhang Chen said gratefully.

"No, no. This is my job."

After exchanging a few polite compliments, Zhang Chen left the beast garden and hurried back to his cave.

"Finally, I can use the Lifespan Burning Technique and improve my cultivation aptitude!"

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