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Demon of Hearts


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A fallen Angels favorite meal is a broken soul... During a siege Upon her Kingdom, Princess Beatrice Victoria strikes a bargain unknowingly with a Demon King, to save her kingdom. She must share his bed every full moon and give him her soul. Princess Beatrice is skeptical but reluctantly agrees.... ******************** Excerpt******************** Even in her dream she couldn't shake her fear or apprehension of him. If anything, it felt magnified. "Tell me, demon, did you send that monster to kill William?" His expression went cold at the mention of the other man's name. "Who is that?" He smirked. She knew by his jealous reaction that it was him who sent the Black Knight, and he in fact, knew who William was. The shock of the truth sunk in. She became angry and started slapping the demon and pounding on his muscular unmoving chest. "How could you! Have you no shame! He could have died!" "Shame? I am the King of Demons, I have no shame in anything I do or with anyone I do it with." She shot him a look because of his overtly sexual connotation. She tried to slap him again, but he caught her by her wrist and pulled her her petite frame up against him, then kissed her hard. She was no match for his weapon. She felt her anger at him dissipating as a warm and fuzzy feeling began to wash over her completely. Her lips, ended up kissing him back and she wanted to taste more and more of him. She didn't know what had gotten into her and chalked it up to her being in a dream. She broke the kiss. His hands gently ran up and down the sides of her body. His hands were exquisite. "Please, demon. You must stop touching me like this," She said. "Why? I like touching you." "Be-because I can't think straight when you do." She confessed. "You don't have to think when you're with me, I will always take care of you... in and out of bed." His lips kissed her clavicle bone. "Please..." She pleaded. His sweet kisses were driving her to sweet agony. "Forget the Knight, Princess Beatrice and be mine. All mine..."


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