4 4 – A Special Task

"Thank you for bringing us into this world, Lord Vorn." My subordinates said in unison, still lowering their heads. "We are ready to carry out your orders."

"Raise your heads." I sat on a rock and stared at them one by one. "So, what do you want to do now?"

The three generals exchanged glances, clearly confused by my question.

"I want to destroy those humans, my lord." Ritor, the minotaur, answered. "Because that's the purpose of my existence."

I leaned slightly towards that horned creature. "Destroying humans, huh? What do you mean? You're going to come to some village and kill the inhabitants?"

"Things like that are just the beginning, my lord. Once I get a lot of armies, I'll do more destruction!" Ritor looked even more excited. "Humans will fear us and eventually submit to you!"

He thinks like a generic evil villain. Boring.

"How about you?" I pointed at Szur, the Mare.

The little creature let out a shrill chuckle. "Szur will always follow what you say, sir. The important thing is that Szur can give people nightmares. That is something that makes Szur happy."

He didn't even have a concrete goal as a general. Well, maybe it's my job to guide them.

"Phisovia," I called the succubus. "What do you want to do?"

The woman licked her lips, giving me a seductive look. "I'll seduce humans to their knees, then you can take advantage of them..."

"I'm disappointed, Phisovia." I rose from the rock, approaching the seductress. "You're thinking about other guys. You don't really think about how I feel."

She winced and widened her eyes. "I-I didn't mean to hurt your feelings..."

I caught her chin before she finished speaking. Her eyes and mine met when I raised her face.

"You're mine." I hissed. "Just let your subordinates tease the other men."

At first, Phisovia was silent, but before long, her mouth formed a smile. With teary eyes and a blushing face, she sighed. "Thank you for the honor, my lord. I will not dare to approach another man. I truly belong to you."

I smiled and kissed her hand, smelling a refreshing aroma from that succubus. Her breathing became heavier. I could find an expression full of joy on her face.

I will not allow my perfect creation to be with another man.

My other two servants lowered their faces as I glanced at them. I really can't guess their expressions, but I don't think that's a problem for now.

"This is what we will do." I walked away from those three demons. "Ritor and Szur will follow me to the nearest human settlement…."

"To destroy them?" The minotaur cut in with enthusiasm.

"I'm not done talking, Ritor." I gave the horned creature a sharp glare, making him bow again. "I'll tell you the details on the way. I want to get out of here and see the mortal world right away." My eyes fell on the only passage in this place.

Yes, I can't wait to play this game in my own way.

I then stared at Phisovia, who looked confused and didn't dare look back at me. With a swift motion, I approached her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She looked a little surprised as I pulled her, bringing her face close to mine.

"And I will assign you a very special task, Phisovia," I whispered in her ear. "Wait for me to come back. I will give you the most beautiful gift."

"Aah…" The succubus sighed again. "I will wait for you forever, my lord."

I move my palms to some of the seductress's body area, intensifying her moans. She didn't fight back at all, as if she had given her body to me.

Damn. I wouldn't even dare to do something like this in the real world.

"See you later, my love." I backed away, letting my hand slip from hers. "I have to go."

She was speechless and could only stare at me with teary eyes, like someone who would be separated from her lover forever.

No matter how much I wanted to stay with Phisovia, I couldn't suppress my desire to explore this world.


I punched a giant wild boar in the face. The cow-sized beast staggered, then let out an angry roar and rushed at me.

"Come on!!!" I caught the pig's two tusks. My feet shifted back to hold the animal.

This is amazing. Even at this early stage, I already have tremendous power.

The boar became more furious and pushed me. I did a combination punch to his head again. My opponent couldn't resist at all and ended up falling.

"Heeeah!!!" I lifted the beast while flapping my wings, took it flying, then threw it as far as possible. The beast landed heavily on the forest trees, raising a large dust cloud.

I could have flown ahead to get to the human settlements, but I really wanted to experience this fantasy world. Unfortunately, I only encountered low-level monsters during the three in-game day walks. Maybe even this wild boar is the most powerful, and I can defeat it easily.

Well, I don't really want to fight, anyway. I'm just testing my skills. I think this game would be more enjoyable if I played it with the brain rather than muscles.

After all, what made me stronger wasn't how much I fought. I will be more powerful the more I do destruction, or the more people worship me. Yes, like when I gained those darkness points.

I landed in front of Ritor, who hastily bowed down to me. Looks like he just daydreamed. Maybe he was bored because nothing interesting happened to him.

"You disobeyed my orders to search for traces of human existence, Ritor?" I asked.

The horned monster bowed deeper. "Forgive me, my lord! I will carry out your orders immediately!"

Well, I don't expect much from a monster who prefers to use his muscles rather than his brain.

"Lord Vorn." Szur came out of the bushes. "Szur has found a path that seems to be used by humans. Szur also found horse tracks there."

"Great." I wiped the sweat off my forehead. "We're going down that path. Maybe we can find human settlements at the end of it."

Ritor raised his head with sparkles in his eyes. "We will destroy them, right, my lord!?"

"Are you only thinking about fighting?" I sighed.

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