3 3 – Making the Generals

There is a strange rumor circulating among gamers. Some say that the simulation games created by Fringe Softwork are not just a program made up of codes. They are the gateway to another world.

I guess the rumors came about because of how real this virtual world was. The environment and behavior of the NPCs in their games are unmatched. I can already feel it, even though I've only played this game for a short time.

Of course, I feel that the claim is bullshit. If that's true, does that mean I will change the destiny of an actual realm? That sounds really stupid.

However, if that is what really happens, then so be it. That would be more interesting than the real world.

A glowing icon flickered on the UI screen in my eyes. I pressed it, and a new menu appeared.

[Choose Your Generals]

I found a wide range of demon types for my subordinates. All of them cost 1000 darkness points. Some are familiar from various folklore in the real world, and others are pretty foreign to me.

[You will be able to create an army of the same race as the general you choose. If your general dies, you cannot make the new army before selecting a new general with the same race]

As my finger moved across the names of those demons, their forms appeared before me. They have different shapes and sizes but have the same theme. Almost all of them looked scary.

I stopped when I found a monster with a bull's head and a muscular man's body.


[A creature that loves to fight. Has powerful strength and stamina]

Short explanation, but enough for me. I need a character who can fight like him to rule this world.

I also found many customization options for him, even though I only made an NPC. The developer of this game really went above and beyond.

Unlike when I created my own avatar, I only needed a few minutes to complete this character. He became a monster with dark brown fur, large horns, and was about eight and a half feet tall. For the weapon, I chose a giant axe.

Cool. He looks well suited to be a general.

As soon as I confirmed my creation, the figure knelt before me. I decided to use the randomize feature for the name so it matches the lore in this world.

[Name: Ritor]

[Race: Minotaur]

[Rank: General]

Next, I returned to the race list, looking for a suitable second general. It didn't take long for my attention to be drawn to a strange figure.

Is he a monkey? But this four feet creature's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets, his dark gray fur looked thicker, and his ears pointed.


[This creature can send nightmares to anyone]

I was going to skip this monster, but a brilliant idea popped into my head. With those nightmares, maybe I can come up with something amusing.

So, I decided to use him. This time it didn't take me long to change his appearance. All the available options look ugly and scary. I can't make him look cool, no matter what.

[Name: Szur]

[Race: Mare]

[Rank: General]

As for the last general, it didn't take long for me to decide. This is very obvious. When I clicked on the race, an attractive woman with bat-like wings appeared in front of me. She also has a thin tail with an upside-down heart-shaped tip.


[With their charm, they can easily make others—regardless the race—fall in love with them]

Awesome. This game can fulfill the desire of a man like me.

Since I wanted to make a perfect woman, I think it would take some time to customize her. As I said earlier, this game has robust customization options.

And there was one option that made me hold my breath.


[On] [Off]

This option also exists when I customize the previous two generals. However, I didn't choose [off] to strip them. The reason is obvious. Why am I looking at the genitals of other men? Moreover, they are different species.

As soon as I selected the [off] button, I gulped. The body shape of this succubus is so beautiful, as if it was sculpted by the finest artist. My heart was beating fast because of it.

However, it would probably be more perfect if I fiddled with her appearance.

So, I started to customize her. I found choices that are actually quite absurd. For succubus, they have a lot of sliders to shape the bust, hips, buttocks, and other areas. It's not just about size but also about their position, firmness, and level of bounciness. You can even make her jump around to test it.

What drug did the developers use to include a feature like this? Not that I'm against it, though.

Sometimes, I step back to observe my work, only to return to fix some aspect of her design. I really want to make her the ideal woman for me.

I need about four hours until I'm satisfied with her appearance.

This seductress now had smooth fair skin, with long fiery red hair and green eyes gleaming like emeralds. I've also adjusted her assets to my preference: they are slightly bigger than average. Then, I dressed her in a tight black bodysuit, highlighting her lovely curves.

And her face. I can't stop staring at her flawless face... Holy shit. I've made a masterpiece.

[Name: Phisovia]

[Race: Succubus]

[Rank: General]

I smiled in satisfaction while looking at my three subordinates. Those demons knelt down and bowed their heads to me. With this, I truly became an evil lord.

"Let's begin then." I grinned with anticipation, then pressed the [Confirm] button.

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