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So to start out with I’m a bit burned out on this type of novel just coz they're all the same and not much change. And that’s where this one improves, changes does something right which is Character Growth. You don’t see it often really often or I’ll be that the MC devolves into some dick. The author has a really good grasp of character growth and I can’t wait for more. The chapter read nice and easy and there is a good flow to them. Will review again after more is out but for the time being I enjoy it. Check it out yourself

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All my reviews are truthful (The way I review originals and translations are different), I'm not going to try and inflate anyone's egos if the book doesn't justify it. Writing Quality 4/5: The transitions are pretty smooth, nothing much to say here. (There are naturally your occasional grammar mistakes, but I'm not going to nit-pick something so miniscule. These occasional bumps in the writing have no major effect on the actual flow of the writing, which is really good for an ******* writer on WN; where english isn't the first language for many of the readers/writers.) E.g, In this novel you get your occasional use of 'Superfluous Commas', (where the writer uses a comma before because even though it is not necessary.) Examples of the types of minor errors I'm talking about, Unlike his demon family who only respected him, because of his power (Now, your typical extremely minor mistakes.) Kretos tried to speak, but was unable to. It would seem that his body wasn't develop enough to do such a thing. - Let's be honest here, we all know that it should be 'developed' and our eyes would auto-correct it pretty quickly anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was at this point in time, Kretos lifted his arms he finally noticed that his arms were small and dainty. This was not the arm of the supreme overlord, this was the arms of a baby. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Alright, it doesn't take a genius to recognize that these two sentences aren't perfect. Yet, we as your average readers can easily understand the general plot and direction the author is heading with.) Stability of Updates 5/5: The updates appear punctual (good to see) Story Development: The story is primarily about the MC progressing to become more 'human', he enjoys the warm feeling of love and care from a paternal family which is progress. Character Design: So far I can say that reading only 10 chapters, the MC has character. I admired the way he greeted his son's betrayal, even though it's not very 'realistic' in human terms I still enjoyed reading it nevertheless. Perhaps I've grown tired of the common trope, 'You, a haughty young master stared at my girl? Prepare for the nine familial exterminations.' Yet, this is also the character's double-edged sword. (You get the feeling that since he can greet death so casually, why won't he just do the same in his next life? — This may just be my own personal agenda against tropes like these, many readers would enjoy this type of MC though, so no massive complaints here.) The writer is able to give a seperate and unique personality to his main cast, so it doesn't feel like that we the readers are reading 2D cardboard cut-outs. So here's my conclusion, if you enjoy the magical world of 'elves', 'demons' etc you will probably enjoy this novel. Personally, it's not my cup of tea, the novels I enjoy are less main-stream. (The types of MC I admire also differ to this type of MC portrayed by the writer, but I can't comment on 'Writing Quality' in the review due to my personal preferences.) Overall Review: 4/5 (For an original it's definitely above average, but would I compare it to the likes of a novel like CCG, or perhaps even the averagely translated Shadow Hack? No fucking way.) My personal recommendations: Doomed To Be Cannon Fodder, Transmigator Meets Reincarnator, EMHS, Lord Xue Ying If anyone wants me to do an in-depth review, simply @reply to me in one of my reviews and I'll do a truthful in-depth review if I can actually understand the flow of the writing. (I write these reviews so that the section for determining whether someone reads a story is actually truthful and not full of deceit.)


Hi author here :) This is something I wrote to get out of my writers block while writing adopted soldier. So I don't know if it's going to be good but I'll try.


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The problem with this story is its characters are unappealing. The character development is done by showing scenes where the MC is taking action. But he makes actions with little sense behind them that just make you feel like he's an immature sociopath. Rather than being an indomitable demon king reborn he is an impulsive little ****. All the other characters are paper thin.


This Book has a bright future and look forward to what is to come in this new author for thise looking for a interesting plot and a set of characters that you come to like i highly recommend this novel


We don't know much about the world the MC is in. Instead we know that the MC has some kind of bromance with his hero friend. His friend is very annoying and I don't understand why the MC would deal with his crap. Isn't the MC suppose to be a Demon King? You kept saying he is so strong on par with S ranks, but he runs away from a elder lich even though he killed a king drake. Then we have Hilda who is the worst companion you could've gave the MC. You didn't even try to make her likable for the readers and now we're stuck with the MC dealing with her crappy attitude. But the thing I dislike the most in this story is how you've made his sword spirit into some kind of long lost friend. That they met in a previous life 'eons' ago and now the sword spirit is trying to rekindle their relationship even though the MC doesn't have memories of her. I feel like you're trying to hard to make a 'cool' MC and forgot to make realistic developments. I suggest you should amend these things by going back and focusing on one thing at a time. Because right now you have the hero school arc, underworld arc and adventurer arc all mashed together into a mess. Instead plot out these arcs one at a time and finish them with out worrying about the other arcs. After which you'll have an easier time interconnecting these timelines together for a smoother read. Giving the characters proper time to develop. I do hope you'll take my advice and make some changes later on.


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Reveal spoiler


In the beginning, the story isn't too different from the general standard. Old works rehashed into something somewhat new and workable. However, that is one of the good things so far about this story. Unlike most stories that blindly throw out an old theme and jump into the story they really want to write—as if they couldn't think up an original opening of their own—this story comes off more like it was inspired to be this way. It's worth sinking your teeth into and has a couple of moments to laugh at fairly early on. Overall: Reincarnation - check. Demon Lord - check. Hero cheat system - check Dungeons & Dungeon Cores - check Female sidekicks for Male Leads - check Simple yet Good Foreshadowing - check Same old story — No! I've read what's available so far and I am not disappointed. If the author maintains this level of story preogression and interest, it should be worth reading for a long time to come. If I have one complaint about this story, it is the fact that these kind of stories are the ones most likely to be dropped. I've rarely seen an ending to stories with similar themes and formats. Usually, the story progresses without a foreseeable end until it is eventually canceled, dropped, abandoned or gets too ridiculous and the readers disappear. Hope this one makes it to the end.


Literal trash, seriously the amount of times I question how the f*ck is this even rated so high when at the start he gets destroyed just by blocking his mana, are you f*cking kidding me?, Strongest? MORE LIKE SHITTIEST, and how come he gets destroyed so easily at the beginning? at the very least, make it so that he dies after fighting 100 heroes so it make it look like he's the strongest, not by getting so easily tricked holy sh*t. Next is the amount of antagonists, every single fucking one of them is retarded with dick for a brain, and you though CN Novels young master are annoying? WELL EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SIDE CHARACTER HERE IS TRASH. All I can say don't even bother trying to read this, I read so many CN novels that have lower rating but still be readable but this? this trash? DON'T since your brain cells might just kill themselves for seeing this ****.


Hi the author here :) Honestly, I want to rate this 5 star but all those 5 star reviews reading it with high expectations and finding out that is just a decent novel with too much sparkling colour painted on top of it. Only reason why I rated it 4 star and not 3 star is because I try not to be biased unlike those flipping 5 star reviewers... While some of them are genuine, but most of them are straight bs.....


another title that is misleading this should be "the redemption of the demon king" , from a person who kills to a person who all talks about killing but he won't, he's got affected by the hero who don't want to kill an enemy and only beat them even they kill you


Very good plot because the mc is not some kind of reincarnated fcked mcs which just start changung so much that they even forgt sime of there principles (of course that is there demonic things)...well the mc is a great battle maniac


Nice likable MC, some ups and down but overall good. Sometimes I was confuse about reincarnation and incarnation thingy on the authors work but its ok, I hope in the future he properly explain on how and why does many incarnation of MC works and why haven't they heard on some histories.


Seriously does no one ever bother to edit or proofread their stories before they release it? It's not that hard even if English isn't your native language you can always find someone to help. The grammar and structure of the sentences alone is giving me a massive headache trying just to make it coherent enough for me to understand it. EDIT YOUR WRITING AND GET A PROOFREADER


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All I can say is: great, very interesting ideas concentrated into one novel. Due this great novel existing, there are only few novels that only come close to qualify to being compared to it. Great novel.👍


Just caught up with the chapters which is currently 471. This novel is so amazing. Author you better never drop this book until it has a satisfying ending. This is definitely a top 5 best novel EVER.


so so, I think this is just above average... Not a Masterpiece nor a crapterpiece ... I recommend reading if you are into this type of genre, reincarnation stuff...