Demon Husband's love and his naughty wife Book

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Demon Husband's love and his naughty wife


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About the most influential and wanted bachelor in the world and about a naughty girl who is a princess " hey girl, Let's have some fun , ok first tell us your name"they said. "liza"I answered slowly ."Now give me a kiss"One of the senior told me while pointing towards his lips .I shivered . I was never came out of my mansion even I would come but under complete protection with my family. Every time we come out Edy would hold me tight to avoid anyone to touch me. While thinking about him I with teary eyes looked up there it goes they already ran away . I don't know what happened but there comes a handsome guy with sharp honey colored eyes muscular body, I was in amaze state looking at him. I felt some similarity. His gaze on me is very caring. "Who are you " Liz asked him.