1 Reaper's Messenger

On a hotel that was a fifty-story glass-walled building, located on the forty-fifth floor.

In a room sat a fat man on a white sofa, smoking a big cigar. "So, how many girls have we got?"

The fat man looked at a woman opposite him who was wearing a tight outfit. She had two handsome boys with baby faces sitting on either side of her. They were caressing her private parts and kissing every open space they could.

Behind both, this man and woman were a couple of men with suits on, and they had guns in their pockets.

The woman licked her lips as she pushed one of the boy's head onto her neck. "I have around six hundred girls. All young and ripe."

The fat man rested his chin on his arms and then said."That's a quite good number you have. As expected of you, Laila."

"I have to do my best for my best client, Clinton," Laila smirked at him.

These two were famous criminals who were searched by police and the CIA everywhere.

Clinton was a famous businessman in the black market who would sell and auction young girls. He was just the secretary of a certain politician. By betraying him and grabbing into power, he became what he is now. He was a favorite of some of the top officials in the government.

On the other hand, Laila was someone with a rather complicated history. She was actually a top official herself in the government, but something happened that made her lose her position. Then she went on the business of kidnapping young girls and selling them to businessmen like Clinton. She was surprisingly able to easily do this work because of her husband. Her husband was a kidnapper himself. So, it was easy to get into the business.

"When will the container arrive?" Clinton asked, taking a puff of smoke from his cigar.

Laila said while caressing her boys."It will arrive at 11:00 p.m. at Nilon Harbour. Red container, number 12 B."

"Good," Clinton nodded his head and signaled the man behind him who had a suitcase in his hand.

The man came to the table and placed the suitcase on it. He opened it, showcasing what was inside it.

A big grin appeared on Laila's beautiful face, which had light makeup.

It was, as you all guessed, a suitcase full of money and checks.

"Our job is do-"


Laila was about to say something when suddenly her body collapsed and she crashed into the table, head first.

Everyone in the room was shocked. Laila's guards were about to check up on her when suddenly they saw the boy who was on Laila's right side throw grayish and green balls up in the air.

Clinton recognized them right away and attempted to warn his guards."DU-!!"

But it was already late.

Bang! Thishh!

Two different kinds of sounds could be heard from these two grenades. From one, smoke started to spill out, and from the other, a white light spread that blinded everyone.

The guards were not wearing any eye protection, so they got blinded. While they were trying to get back to their senses, they suddenly heard the screams of their comrades and the opposite faction's guards.



"Someone save….me!"

Clinton's eyes started to return to normal, but all he could see later was gray smoke and the sound of his men dying.

"Who are you!?" Clinton shouted in fear.

But he only got replied with screams of agony.


"Where are you!"


Clinton couldn't take it anymore and started shooting at the spot where a scream would ring out.

Bang Bang Bang

Clinton shot in panic, but it wasn't able to stop the massacre that was happening.

Then the scream stopped, and the smoke also dissipated because of an unknown opening in the glassed walls.

Clinton was finally able to see what had truly happened at this last minute of absolute chaos. The whole room was littered with corpses. From their wounds, it looked like someone had slit their throats with a small knife.

No one was alive except Clinton and the unconscious Laila.


Then Clinton came back to his senses and saw the boy who was with Laila walking right at him. He had a knife in his hand that had fresh blood dripping down from it.

"Who are you?" Clinton asked, pointing his gun at the boy.

But it didn't seem to faze the boy as he walked before him fearlessly. After coming in front of him, the boy grabbed his face and tore open the mask.


After the mask was removed, what appeared before Clinton's eyes was a man who had the most handsome face he had ever seen. He had a large lower jaw, prominent cheekbones, and thick eyebrows. His messed-up silky short black hair added to his allure.

The man finally spoke for the first time. "You don't have to know me. Just know my code name, Reaper's Messenger. I am here to fulfill my client's order."

Clinton didn't speak much and went silent with his eyes wide open. He said it with shock. "So, you are the Reaper's Messenger, who is the famous assassin known in the underground."

"Egh?" The man clearly didn't like this, as he told him. "I have become too famous. Then it seems you have to leave this world to not spread anything about me."

Clinton's eyes widened as he knew he would die, so he pulled the trigger of the gun. "Die you asshole!"


"Huh?" Clinton became stumped as he saw the boy still looking with the same expression as if nothing had happened.

"You are so stupid." The man said with disappointment as he pointed his gun at Clinton's head



A bullet tore through Clinton's head, instantly killing him. After he was done, he picked up the suitcase and Laila. He loaded Laila and the suitcase into the trolley that served the food.

Putting on a cap, he calmly walked out of the room as if nothing had happened.

A smile appeared on the man's face, which was hidden by the cap. "I am finally done with this job."

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