9 Chapter 9

Kenzou arrived in the parking lot where he usually parks his car, he got out of the car and started walking towards a nearby shop.

He bought all kinds of ice cream since he wanted to cool his head down after what just happened today, it was a long day.

Despite all the heinous stuff he did to Jack Hanma the man still had the same fire in his eyes. Even though he isn't as good as his big brother when it comes to torture he is still good at it, because every time his big bro tortured someone, he had to be in that room since he would be the one to deal the final blow.

And Jack endured all of that stuff without giving up, he could see the hatred in his eyes. Jack somewhat reminded him of himself so he was reluctant to leave him alive.

But there won't be a next time. If he guesses correctly Jack will become stronger and stronger until he surpasses him.

But Kenzou was unsure about one thing, if that hatred was direct towards him or his teacher.

He decided to stop thinking about this topic and entered his apartment.

He took his shoes off and put on some indoor slippers, he put all of the ice cream tubs in the freezer except one, the pistachio flavored ice cream.

While he was about to open the tub of ice cream he saw Chisato sleeping on the couch.

He looked at his ice cream and then at his 'girlfriend' and decided that the ice cream was more important right now.

He went to sit on a chair and he started eating that big tub all by himself, one of the reasons why he didn't want to wake up Chisato was because then there was a chance she would try and share this ice cream with him. Which Kenzou wasn't willing to do so since he only had one.

After eating half the tub he felt a little bad for keeping her out of the fun so he put the ice cream tub on her forehead hoping that the coldness would wake her up.

After a few seconds she got up on her butt quickly because her forehead was cold. She looked around and Saw Kenzou with a tub of ice cream in one hand and one big spoon the other. He had ice cream all all over his mouth and despite the fact that she was looking at him with a deadpan he still kept eating while looking at her.

She got up from the coach and sat on his lap, she licked the ice cream that was all over his mouth and said. "When did you come home ?"

"I arrived just now.

Actually, I arrived like 5 minutes ago but you were sleeping so beautifully that I didn't want to wake you up."

She blushed and looked down, when she looked down she saw an almost eaten tub full of ice cream, her eyes sparkled a bit and she asked. "Can I have some too? When I tasted it earlier I liked the flavor."

Kenzou looked reluctant to give it to her but seeing that it was only a little left he just gave the whole tub to her.

While she was eating she looked like she remembered something so she asked. "What did you do to that guy?"

"You mean Jack? well I'll give you a summary before explaining what I did to him."

"You know who my teacher is right? That guy is one of his children and teacher forced me to battle him, long story short I defeated him in a battle, he came to get revenge but I just beat his ass again."

"Yeah but what did you do exactly to him? He looked roughed up pretty badly."

"I just had a talk with him so I could make sure he never fights me again if it's not for a good reason."

"Alright." 'I don't know What Kenzou-kun did to him but it can't be good, the more I get to know him the scarier he becomes. But that just makes me want to get to know him better more.'

Chisato wasn't really right in the head either. While she wasn't the same type as Kenzou she fell in love with him too easily, and in two days it developed into kind of an obsession.

It could come from the fact that they had a lot in common or that she was lonely her whole life.

Kenzou got a notification and he saw that the money entered his credit card, Chisato looked too and saw that big amount of money being transferred into his bank account.

"How did you get that much money?"

"I made a deal regarding Jack some time ago and now the money finally came through."

"What are you going to do with that big amount?"

"I don't really know to be honest, I was thinking of opening myself a business and properly enter the high life of Japan."

Chisato snuggled even more closer to him and she asked. "What kind of business?"

"No idea, but one thing's for sure. I have to make more money and then buy an already existing company or their shares."

"I see, you didn't really think of the future."

"Not really." Since he didn't have any real goal in this world he will just do whatever makes him comfortable and satisfied. But a little adversity is always welcome.

Kenzou got up from the chair while hugging Chisato and laid down on the couch. "Why don't you just move in with me? I have a lot of bedrooms and I don't dislike having you always around."


"Yes, we can go and pack your stuff right now since I don't have anything better to do."

She kissed him passionately and then said. "I love you."

Kenzou just got up from the couch and put her down to the ground. "Let's go."


They finally finished moving all of the stuff in, it was mostly clothes and some papers that were important for Chisato.

Right now Kenzou was on the couch watching tv while Chisato was moving her stuff to her room.

As he was relaxing watching tv he got a phone call.

He saw that Tokugawa was calling him so he turned down the volume and answered the phone.


"Sorry if you're busy, but there's someone who wants to meet you right now."

"Meet me? I don't think you will pay me if I come this time will you?"

Mister Tokugawa was silent for a while and then he said. "I just talked with the person, he says that he will arrange a fight with you if you come here right now."

"As long as I'm getting paid I'll come."

"Alright then, we're waiting for you."

He got up from his couch and yelled. "I'm going out for some time! Go to sleep if I don't come back in two hours!"

"What? Why?"

"Someone wants too meet me, and I'm getting paid for it."

"It's not a girl is it?"


"Alright, stay safe!"

"You too."

He started to get a headache from all of the stuff that happened today, he went from one place to another and couldn't even relax for real.

But it's still a better way of living than what he was doing in his old world.

He arrived at Mister Tokugawa's estate and he was welcomed by the guards, this time he had a mask on his face since it's a more serious matter. A mask can impact someone's impression of you.

Let's say buff dude wearing a cow mask and a buff dude who's not wearing a mask is in front of you. Who do you think is less likely to attack you?

It's the dude with the cow mask since it's a ridiculous attire.

He entered the room and saw a short guy with a feminine face and dark red hair. He watched his teacher's fight with his son and instantly recognized him.

He sat down on a pillow and looked at Mister Tokugawa.

Tokugawa smiled and said. "Kenzou-san, what do you think about about the person in this room."

He looked at Baki and said. "He's probably stronger than Jack, there is no need to go in a roundabout way about this since I watched their father and son battle in the meantime."

"And what did you think about it."

Kenzou closed his eyes and gave his honest opinion. "It was an intense fight, but in my opinion the winner was still Yuujirou Hanma, even though he gave up on the title of strongest.

There were a lot of times when he went easy on Baki and even received attacks for the fun of it. I spent some time with him so I know a little bit about him."

Baki had a smile on his face and he said. "Do you think you can take me on?"

Kenzou looked at him and said. "Don't ask me such questions, I am not fond of fighting and I don't wish to solve all of my problems with my fists. I am a civilized person after all."

Baki scoffed and got up on his feet. "So what you did to my brother was what a civilized person would do to another human."

Kenzou too got up on his feet and he said. "So that's what this is about."

Kenzou looked at Baki with his usual apathetic stare and said. "I see, in that case... I understand how you must feel...

How's Jack doing right now? Don't tell me...

he died?!"

The more he spoke the angrier Baki got.

"However he's doing...

I should apologize...

I'm sorry..."


He didn't get to finish his sentence because Baki sent a punch towards him, Kenzou evaded it and kicked Baki in the liver very fast.

Baki coughed some blood since he got hit exactly in the liver. The sole of Kenzou's shoes were made out of a very hard material that can penetrate even metal if there is enough force used.

Baki's whole body relaxed and he launched himself towards Kenzou.


While Kenzou was surprised by the sudden increase in speed Baki already hit him multiple times in multiple vital points. His mask flew off too.

Kenzou got dizzy since one of the hits was directly to the chin so he started falling on his back.

As he was about to hit the ground his dizziness suddenly disappeared and he used his hands to launch himself towards Baki.


Baki got kicked in the chin since he expected him to fall to the ground for some time.


While Baki was dizzy Kenzou grabbed his neck with his feet and planted him into the ground.

Kenzou spat out some blood and thought. 'Internal bleeding. He lightly damaged one of my organs.'

He felt a pain in his abdominal area so he thought. 'Stomach? No it's the intestines.'

"Not bad."

Baki got up from the ground and got into a low stance with both of his hands pointed forward.

In front of Kenzou a creature manifested, he witnessed something he didn't expect to see in his life. A triceratops materialized behind the fighter in front of him.

Baki rushed towards him and Kenzou prepared to kick him in the face.

As Baki got near, Kenzou already launched his foot from the ground aiming for his skull this time.

But instead of the attack he expected to come, baki rotated his body mid air and punched him in the stomach, he barely reacted and defended himself with his arms.


Kenzou was sent flying through the wall and arrived outside. He expected an attack to come so he put his hands up defending his face but it didn't come, he looked up and saw Baki looking down at him with a smile on his face.

Kenzou got up and said. "Impressive, I didn't expect you to change your attack pattern at the last second. I was careless."

As they approached each other Kenzou suddenly fell to the ground on his face.


From the normal eye nothing happened whatsoever, Kenzou just fell to the ground like he just died suddenly.

While they were each preparing their own attacks, Baki pulled a sneak attack and sent an insanely fast jab that couldn't be seen or heard. They were exactly like Kenzou's attacks but the thing is that this one was in plain sight, unlike his where they look completely invisible when the blind spot is hit.

As Baki came near him, Kenzou was suddenly launched five meters up in the air, he performed a pushup with all of his strength in the fastest way he could.

His body instinctively reacted to his brain shutting down and as soon as he woke up again his body reacted on its own.

While he was up in the air about three meters he completely woke up and landed gracefully on two feet.

Until now his expression was slightly playful or even stoic, but right now Kenzou had zero emotion on his face.

After that hit that sent him unconscious he became fully serious.

Baki launched his body up in the air and sent a crescent kick towards Kenzou.


Lights out. Baki's whole world spun and after that it went blank.

Kenzou condensed all of his strength into three simple moves, he jumped towards him, grabbed him by the head and smashed him to the ground.

Baki went unconscious and he received damage to the cerebellum.

"I'm sorry but I don't want to risk my life playing games with you. If you are lucky you will be able to live a normal life afterwards, worst case scenario you'll become a vegetable.

And Mister Tokugawa, I can't say that I didn't enjoy this fight but you will have to pay me a lot more for me nearly dying here today." He finished off with a stare that was creepier than his usual ones, he was dead serious.

Tokugawa nodded his head repeatedly and said. "Of course! Of course!"

After that Kenzou left the place with a big frown on his face.

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