1 Chapter 1

In a park there was an unusual scene taking place.

There were multiple people present at the scene. Three of them were wearing janitor uniforms with bandanas and head scarves that completely enveloped their hair.

Another two guys had police uniforms on and they were sweeping the ground near what looked like a dead person.

Two out of the 'janitors' were kneeling on the ground pouring some liquid near the crime scene and then put something that looked like an ultra violet lantern over it.

They were handymen in the underworld that took care of the 'cleaning' when a situation happened.

One of the 'janitors' was just looking at the corpse with blank eyes, his eyes were pitch black and it looked like there was no pupil at all.

His name is Shimohara Kenzou and he is the leader of "No Name". A group of handymen in the underworld that will do anything for money.

Today's job was to get rid of the body of another delinquent, these times the war between groups started to escalate so these types of jobs became more common.

He looked at his men and said. "I need to go to the toilet, you guys continue while I am away."

They looked at him and said. "No problem, we can manage."

He nodded and turned around, he started walking to the capsule public toilet.

As he got inside he felt a little dizzy but he blamed it on the tiredness.

After he was done, he opened the door and he was startled by the new view.

Instead of it being dark outside it was sunny and he was in a totally different park.

He rubbed his eyes thinking he was just dizzy. He opened his eyes again and no use, it was the same unknown sight.

He closed the door, waited a few seconds then opened it again.

It was still the same view, he exited the public restroom and started looking around. After he scanned his surroundings he thought. 'This isn't Chiba, the architecture is somewhat different.'

The reason he was so calm was because he knew there was no use panicking in this kind of situation, he was still alive so it was all good.

He saw that the people were looking at him weirdly but he ignored them. He started walking randomly in the park until he saw a phone booth. He stopped and entered it, Kenzou took out some coins and used them so he can make a phone call.

He dialed a number and waited for the person on the other line to pick up. He heard a click so he said. "Where are you, Tetsu?"

"..." The person on the other line stood silent and then said. "Ummm... I think you got the wrong number..."


Kenzou was really surprised this time, he knows the number he just dialed is one of his friends'. "I see."

He ended the phone call, closed his eyes and leaned backwards on the glass wall. 'This whole situation is weird, I am suddenly in another city and the phone number of my friend doesn't match up. I need to figure out what's going on.'

He got out of the phone booth and started walking around.

He went towards the nearest person, a girl that looked like a high school girl and said. "Sorry to disturb you but I have a question, what city are we in right now."

The girl looked at him with a weird expression and said. "What kind of question is that? Whatever, we are in Tokyo."

Kenzou looked at her with no expression and thought. 'From Chiba to Tokyo, the distance between cities isn't long but how did I end up here is the question.'

"Thank you for answering my question."

As he turned around and was about to leave he heard the girl say. "I have a question for you too."

He looked back at her and said "What is it?"

"You look and sound around the same age as me. Why are you dressed like a janitor?"

He looked at her and thought. 'How can she tell I am around the same age as her when I wear a mask?'

"I work part time as one, now if you excuse me."

That was a total lie, he stopped going to high school long time ago because he had to work for his father's business. "Shimohara Constructions".

As he was walking he saw that here there are less delinquents than expected, he walked past three schools and he didn't see one delinquent in the whole area. 'Too peaceful, I heard that Tokyo has a lot of gangs too.'

He knows that the Yakuza have the biggest here since he had jobs here multiple times, even if he isn't very popular in the underworld a lot of people contact him for cleaning. He had altercations with them so he knows a little about how they operate, but seeing that the streets are so clean somewhat freaked him out.

He got to the place where one of the places Yakuza operates and was confused. 'Wasn't there supposed to be a big building here? Did I get the location wrong? No, I know for a fact that this is their place.'


Suddenly his stoic face turned into one of surprise. 'No way! What if....'

He started walking randomly until he saw an internet cafe and entered it, he searched up on a random computer the company his father owns and nothing popped out.

He was again surprised. 'Am I in a parallel universe?! How did this happen?!!'

He started surfing the internet looking for any kind of useful information, he saw that there were a lot of wealthy families, some have a ridiculous amount of wealth that Kenzou couldn't even begin to imagine in his life.

Schools, there are a lot of different schools in this world. Big schools designed specifically for cooking, a lot of private schools for the rich and many more.

The yakuza and the gangs too, they were more public and not that underground anymore, in his world you wouldn't even know the names of one yakuza member without being somewhat involved in that kind of life.

This world was more fictional than real from his point of view, it was like something straight out of some manga.

But these weren't his worries now. 'How am I supposed to live in this kind of world? I can't even go back to my father's company since it doesn't exist anymore.'

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. 'I basically don't even exist in this world. I have no rights since I don't have a citizenship or a birth certificate, I am basically a ghost that doesn't exist.'

He thought about it and reached a conclusion. 'That means that anyone will have a hard time tracking me. I can't even live a normal life if I wanted to since I can't get employed or go to school. I need to become a delinquent even in this world.'

His high hopes were crushed instantly when he reached this conclusion, but that didn't dishearten him in any way. 'I'm sad and disappointed....

But trying to overcome such adversity without giving up....

.....is the best part of living.'

He got up from his chair and left without paying, he first needs to come up with a plan that puts him in a favorable position.

Another thing he noticed is that he's getting a lot of stares from people, mostly women.

'Why is everyone that passes by me stare like that? I think the uniform is out of place, I should change my clothes when I can.'

He started walking towards the place he can start a crew, high schools.


He arrived near a high school so he started checking the area for any delinquents that he could recruit.

Kenzou saw three guys squat near a convenience store so he decided to observe them closely. He saw that they were smoking, an activity that he dislikes.

A girl got out of the store, Kenzou found her kind of familiar but he decided to just observe the three delinquents. They looked at her, then looked among themselves and smirked.

Kenzou noticed that exchange but his expression was still the same, the usual stoic face with pitch black eyes that show no emotion whatsoever.

One guy got up and said to the girl. "Hey beautiful, want to have a fun time with me and my friends?"

The girl looked disgusted and she said. "Ew, get away from me."

"Come on, you don't have to be so rude. We're just trying to have fun."

"Get away from me you ugly bastard."

The guy had veins bulging on his forehead, he grabbed the girl by the hand and said. "Don't play so hard to get, you whore!"

The girl looked very uncomfortable and a little scared at the same time. "Let go of me!" as soon as she finished speaking she kicked him in the balls.


The guy fell on his knees due to the pain, he started squirming around on the ground while holding his balls.

The other two guys instantly got up and walked towards the two, one of the guys got near the guy to ask if he's okay while the other one walked towards the girl.

The biggest guy out of all of them, which was just fat, walked towards her and said. "You just broke his treasure, how are you going to pay for this?"


He got near her and slapped her in the face. She fell to the ground while holding her cheek and was looking in disbelief at the guy.

The guy squatted near her and said. "If you make a scene I will beat you to death."

Kenzou saw enough, these guys were hopeless. Even the delinquents from his old world knew better than messing with random people on the street.

He got up and started walking towards the fat guy.

The blob of fat looked at him and as he was about to yell at him he stopped. He saw Kenzou's eyes and he got scared just from seeing them, never in his life has he ever seen someone with that kind of expression.

He regained his composure and said. "Who are you!? Go away or I'll beat your ass!"

"I'm not really fond of fighting nor am I good at it. I just wanted to tell you that there's a camera right there."

He pointed at the security camera placed on the store.

"I suggest you let this go."

The guy got a little scared at the thought of going to jail, but he was pissed of because of his fear towards the guy in front of him who was somewhat ordering him around.

"Don't get smart with me!"

He launched a punch towards Kenzou's face but he just avoided it by stepping to the side while tilting his body.


Kenzou punched him in the face and he fell to the ground with blood flowing from his mouth and he couldn't even get up due to dizziness.

'He's got a big mouth but he's weak, there are tons of people like him everywhere in this world and it's sad. They are so insecure that they lash out at everyone and try to act tough.'


Another guy tried to punch him but Kenzou kicked him in the stomach. The guy dropped to his knees and started coughing.


Another kick came to the guy's face while he was down and he was sent flying. He landed on the ground and didn't get up.

The guy who got kicked in the balls was looking at Kenzou with a terrified expression and a puddle of liquid under his butt

Kenzou looked at him and said. "Go get your friends and run away."

The guy got up and and started dragging his friends somewhere else.

'These guys were so weak, barely qualify as lackeys.'

He turned around and looked at the girl on the ground who was looking at him with a weird expression.

Now that he took a closer look at her, she was the girl who he asked in what city they were in not so long ago.

"I think you should go away too, that camera is blurry so you don't have to worry about the police coming after you."

The girl got up from the ground and regained her composure at the same time. "You are the guy who asked that weird question today, I didn't expect to meet you again today."

"I see, I didn't really expect the girl I just saved to be the one who I met not so long time ago."

The girl looked him up and down and said. "Why are you still dressed like that?"

"My shift got extended."

"So you work at the convenience store, dressed like that?"

"I like to get in the atmosphere."

She looked him in the eyes and said. "I can usually tell when someone's lying or not. But I can't get a read on you at all."

"Don't think too much about it, we are just strangers anyway."

"You are a stranger who saved my life, can I at least have your name?"

"Shimohara Kenzou."

"My name is Utaha Kasumigaoka, may we meet again."

After that she started walking away, Kenzo looked at where the fight took place and saw a wallet on the ground.

He took it and looked through it. It had 50.000 yen, an id card and some credit cards. He found some notes hidden that had only numbers on them next to words.

He looked at the words and saw that they were colors, he looked back at the credit cards and saw that the colors matched with them.

'He noted the PINs on this note, what a dumbass.'

He put it in his pocket and started walking away.

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