14 Chapter 14

Two weeks passed and Kenzou struggled to get the results he wanted from Izana.

Don't get me wrong, he was getting stronger alright but it wasn't what Kenzou really wanted. The thing is that Kenzou really didn't know if Izana had someone he wanted to protect with all of his might.

A true predator gets out when they try and protect their babies, and since Izana doesn't have any kids Keznou has to improvise.

That's why he was thinking of kidnapping the friend he has with the big scar on his head. Actually right now he was in an empty warehouse from his newly bought Construction company.

In front of him was that exact friend in a metal cage used to trap gorillas in. Right now he was sleeping, he got used to being trapped here for two weeks now.

That's right, the training Kenzou was doing on Izana was that if he doesn't get the results he wants he will keep his friend here.

Izana comes and tries to beat Kenzou every day in hopes of getting his friend back.

You may think that Izana is going to hate Kenzou for doing this to him, no?

Well actually he made him and his friend sign an agreement and record it of the fact that this is just for training purposes only.

But Izana isn't thinking straight exactly how Kenzou wants and is charging in like a wild animal.


Something annoying happened right after his fight with Baki, it was posted online. He still didn't know who's digging into his life that much and wishes to expose him but it doesn't matter. Even if they are a group or a single person they are just being annoying.

In the meantime he bought a big construction company and named it Shimohara constructions, a lot of the people who work there are Tenjiku soldiers who dropped out of school. But that doesn't mean that there aren't normal people who work there.

But most of the people with high positions are Tenjiku's four heavenly kings, executives and others. But that's in papers only, even though they mostly hang out there they just let other people do their jobs.

It's a complicated hierarchy full of loops but the most important thing is that Chisato Hasegawa is the chairman.

At first they found it weird since only Izana knew about Chisato but Izana filled in the higher ups in the gang about what their connection with me is and who Chisato is to me.

Of course they knew my name and seen what I can do since my fight with Baki Hanma was raging on the internet.

Surprisingly enough no one even tried to fight him, he expected there to be a battle junkie that's gonna try something with him but there isn't one. He was impressed with their discipline nonetheless.

What he didn't know was the fact that probably all of the higher ups saw how he toyed with Izana with no problem after he kidnapped Kakucho.

Another thing is that he started to interact with other rich people, to fit in he even buzzed his hair so it can grow back into it's normal color, black.

In his old world he styled his hair in such a way that will make him look intimidating. Now that he needs to look respectable he has to throw away the delinquent look.

Right now he was laying in bed looking at Chisato who was riding him cowgirl style, with one hand he was touching her abs who were starting to become more and more defined, the 'exercise' that they were doing everyday started to show and her stamina is increasing.

Wit the other hand he was fondling her breast and playing with her nipples. Even though he was doing the bare minimum today she was still very wet and for some reason breast milk started to come out of her tits more often, it was a common occurrence till now.

He somewhat had an idea why this was happening. She either was pregnant or the sex has been very stimulant to her breast since he always plays with them.

Another thing is that Kenzou started training with higher and longer intensity than before, he started seeing small changes with his musculature every time he reaches a new level of strength. Which means that he still has room to grow.

Kenzou opened his mouth and said nothing.

Chisato understood what he wanted, she leaned forward and put one of her tits in his mouth.


He started sucking and thought. 'There's definitely more right now, which means that in 4 or 5 months the milk will start to become less and the taste won't be so sweet like it is now.'

Kenzou took the breast out of his mouth and said. "You're pregnant."

Chisato froze on the spot and she looked at him with a surprised expression, then it was replaced by a somewhat guilty one.

She stopped bouncing but his dick was still inside of her.

"H-how did you know? I hid the pregnancy test."

"Because of the milk, I am confident in my knowledge of the human body. Plus I am close and care enough about you to the point where I can notice the smallest changes.

Tell me, why didn't you inform me of your pregnancy."

Kenzou was fully serious about what he was talking, he wasn't asking a question. He was demanding an answer.


I didn't want to trouble you, after all you are still 17 and I was thinking that you won't accept of me giving birth to the baby."


Kenzou closed his eyes and said while grasping her breast harder than usual. "That's a stupid reason, I was actually thinking of producing an offspring."


Kenzou opened his eyes and his pupils weren't dilated to the extreme like usual, when his eyes are normal like any other's person they are actually kind of small. When they are dilated to the extreme like they usually are his pupils look very big.

"But the next time you hide something of great importance like you did now I'll have to punish you."

She shuddered and asked. "W-what kind of punishment?"

Kenzou closed his eyes and when he opened them they were back to their usual hyper dilated look. "The kind you love so much."

"T-then, you can punish me right now if you so desire."

He got on top of her and said while gripping hard on her thighs. "Today I'm going full speed, no pauses. Even if you pass out I will continue until I can't ejaculate anymore."

She sweat dropped a bit and said. "Maybe that's a bit much."

He started going at insane speeds, he was going so fast you could barely see him move. When he said he was going full speed he wasn't exaggerating.

She started tearing up from the pain and pleasure, Kenzou leaned in and licked her tears and then kissed her.


Kenzou was sitting by himself in the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo. He was in a private room all by himself looking at the view, the whole wall was made of reinforced glass so you could look down at the beautiful city.

He looked very different than he usually does, since his hair is now short and black. He didn't have the mask on his face and he was dressed in a suit.

He was starting to integrate into the high life of Japan quite easily. Kenzou's ability to adapt and accept any situation is a big role in what makes him who he is.

He was starting to retreat himself from the underground fighting arena since he made more then enough money to do almost anything he wants.

The bets that can happen in those types of places are insanely high so he profited big time while betting on the fights of others.

Today he had a business meeting with one of the most influential people in the world of cooking, the more known he gets the more people are willing to cooperate with him. What is he famous for you might ask?

He buys companies that are on the brink of bankruptcy and revives them, he does all of this with the help of Hajime Kokonoi, the economical genius of Tenjiku.

Everything that is money related goes through Koko, he devises something and boom, he turns dead companies and organizations into profitable ones.

But of course, Kenzou takes the cover for him since someone with such a brilliant money sense can't be revealed to be in a delinquent gang like Tenjiku. Humans are greedy and they will try and get their hands on him.

And there's the fact that the plans that Koko usually makes aren't totally legal so the execution has to be done perfectly with no traces left behind.

The purpose of today's meeting with the culinary bigshot is they're having a trouble with expanding their chain of restaurants. Other than that he doesn't really know much since he didn't receive any other information.

Speak of the devil, The Manager opened the door and revealed two individuals, one of them was an old man with spiky white hair and a scar over his right eye.

The other person was some he never heard nor seen before. It was a beautiful girl with long honey-blonde hair and purplish eyes.

He got up from his seat and walked towards the elderly man.

He extended his hand forwards and said with his usual stoic expression. "Good evening mister Senzaemon."

The man shook his hand and said. "Good evening mister Kenzou."

He looked down at the girl and said. "And this young lady is?"

Erina shuddered when she felt those black orbs staring at her but she didn't say anything.

"Oh, she's Erina Nakiri, my granddaughter and the possessor of the 'God Tongue'. I brought here here today with me since she'll have to learn how the world of adults works."

He looked back at Senzaemon and said. "Let's first sit down at the table and then start getting into this matter.

As they sat down at the table Kenzou looked at the old man and said. "Mister Senzaemon, are you sure that it is okay for your granddaughter to hear our conversation tonight? I think she already has a generic idea regarding what kind of person I am."

"I talked about this with her before, she will someday lead the Totsuki academy in the future so she needs to know that the world isn't all about cooking."

"Alright, I won't pressure you furthermore then. So if I understood correctly your academy is having a hard time expanding its branches. Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this."

"Actually I do, a lot of new restaurants opened out of almost nowhere and they're trying to expand even more, If it's within my calculations this group will swallow the culinary world as a whole, leaving no room for others."

"I heard of it but I didn't really pay attention to it, they're definitely doing something shady and they probably have a strong backing. It could be a crime syndicate or even a corrupt politician."

"So... can it be done?"

Kenzou looked him in the eyes and said. "Of course, depends on what do you want to happen to them can cost you more. I can stop them from expanding, make them go bankrupt or just crush them completely."

"By crushing completely you mean..."

"Yeah, like getting rid of them for good. But that's going to cost you at least 5% of everything you have."


That's a really big price to pay, but to crush an rapidly expanding business completely it can be worth it, the profits will skyrocket in the future and the rivalry will be nonexistent.

Kenzou leaned back on his chair and said with closed eyes. "I would recommend fully crushing them, if I just make them go bankrupt they will just start again, if they can do it once why can't they do it a second time. And just stopping them from expanding more won't bring you the real benefits."

Senzaemon closed his eyes and put both of his hands under his chin. "You're right, I will pay the price in order for you to crush them."

"Alright, do you want the leader to get sent somewhere or tortured in any way?"

"No, just doing what you do is enough."

"Your loss, maybe you could have gotten some important information from him."

Senzaemon shook his head and said. "Even though I crossed the line I don't want to become a monster like you, no offense."

Kenzou took his phone out and started buttoning it. "None taken, I understand that different people have different sets different lines that they swore to themselves to not cross. Too bad that to people like me those lines are almost nonexistent."

He dialed a number and put the phone near his ear.

"Hey Kisaki, do you know the new culinary circle that started expanding very fast?"

"That shady one, yea I know it. I was actually looking into it for some time and it looks like they have connections with the Yakuza. The leader is the son of one of the biggest Yakuza leaders in Tokyo."

"I'll give you 10%, can you wipe them out?"


Kisaki was silent for a while and then he said. "How many resources can I use."

"As much as you need."


"Alright, then have a good night."

After that he closed the call and raised a wine glass. "It's been taken care of, for a happy cooperation I think we should have dinner together, what do you say Miss Erina."

She looked at him absent mindedly and said. "Alright,"

She still couldn't believe what just happened, he talked about destroying big companies like he was talking about what he will eat tomorrow. Plus there's the fact that there's this dangerous charm he gives off whenever he speaks to you.

This is one of the reasons Chisato doesn't like him around other women, he's basically a natural that doesn't even have to try.

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