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I forgot to give my shameless 5 star review haha. Anyway, this is the first fanfic I'm going to finish so you can consider it my first story with really minor experience. Expect it to get better as time goes on and don't hesitate to point out any mistakes

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This is my personal review of my story. The writing quality to ok at best. I am new to this so I expected it to be this bad. There aren't many typos but the wiring structure is terrible. The story development so far is bad, but that is to be expected because it is the early arcs of Tensura. It will 100% at least get a bit better in later arcs when I go into the wn. Character design is basically the same as Tensura, just Munuru is added. Munuru is unnecessarily op, much more than the op of Tensura. Updating stability is bad, I take very long breaks when I do and at this moment if chapter 19 I am sick so It will be varied. World background right now is bad, but in future chapters it will be revealed why I put it at 4 stars. You can decide to read this if you want but don't expect much. I will be doing a remake of this, just without the unnecessary opness. There will also be sequels with better overall reviews.


"I am Munuru, the blade of Rimuru, and I have never known defeat." Haven't read yet but already, the concept sounds amazing.................


Its just boring.. i stopped halfway through chapter 8, because its just exactly the same as the original. The mc doesn’t add anything to the story at all to the point where you can remove the mc from the story and almost nothing changes. Everything rimuru did in the original he still does in this fanfic so its not like the mc took his place. She is litteraly there for decoration. At an early stage she is ridiculously op, but i don’t have a problem with that. The thing i do have a problem with is the fact that even though she has so much power she just follows the exact same plot. I dont know if this changes later, but this is what i think of the story in the first 8 chapters.


why delete chapter's. .. .. . .. . hhjbnn


I like it keep it up and will be waiting for any new fanfic you make


I really liked the story and it was going in the right direction but the MC got way too OP. Their existance value was just ridiculous! I dropped because at that point whats the point of the story but I wish you rewrite it! I dont mind and OP MC but it still has to be reasonable to work. She should not be able to beat Milim at all and only when shes nearing full potential shd she be able too