Chapter 2: Goblin Elite! Ruins!

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All initial races are divided into four quality levels:

Mythical Species, Monarch Species, War breeds, Prisoner breeds.

Prisoner Breeds:

Adults are zero-order beings, with only a few capable of becoming first-order warriors.

Prisoner breeds cannot give birth to Transcendent Tiers and cannot break through the limitations of the world or planet, so they cannot be considered true civilizations.

Like the Goblin Tribe, there has never been a transcendent goblin in the history of the Hyperdimensional Game. Therefore, prisoner breeds are deemed weak races incapable of forging a genuine civilization, trapped in their planets like prisoners.

The Goblin Tribe is relatively good, as there is a small percentage of lucky individuals who can reach the strength of first-order warriors when they grow up (up to third-order).

As for races like dwarves and halflings within the prisoner breeds, almost no individuals can reach the first-order when they grow up.

War Breeds: Numerous in number and with decent individual strength, they are short-lived species that are adept at waging wars using swarming tactics.

There are low-level breeds like the Jackal-Wolf race, Lizardmen, etc., and high-level breeds like the Lion People, Sub-Dragon Humans, and Elf Tribe who constitute the backbone of the force in the endless void wars.

Monarch Species: They are born with a long life and immense strength, occupying an upper echelon position even in the endless void, like High Elves, Giant Dragons, and Giants.

Mythical Species: As the name suggests, these species are highly elusive and primarily exist in myths.

Examples include Demon Lords, Angels, Titans, Divine Descendants, Elemental Lords, and so on.


Because of his traversal with his innate wisdom, Logan has always been a top scholar in school. He has consistently ranked first in the Hyperdimensional Simulation Competitions and even has a record of terrifying accomplishments by repeatedly defeating Monarch Species with War breeds.

He has always been the object of admiration for all the Deity Players in Zow City of District 2 of the Human Federation.

That is, until Logan entered the Hyperdimensional Game and was randomly assigned to the prisoner-origin race, the Goblin Tribe...

In the eyes of other players, he still had a chance to turn the tables.

That is, the "Cosmic War Department of the Human Federation" had approached him, promising that as long as he signed the "Indenture of Servitude," he could have the War breeds as his initial race.

But he refused.

Opening the Hyperdimensional Forum, people are still discussing him now:

"Why haven't we seen Logan since he bound the Hyperdimensional Mark?"

"You don't know? Logan refused the Cosmic War Department, thinking that he could rely on himself to defeat War breeds with a prisoner breed!"

"...The difficulty isn't the same, prisoner breeds have no potential to speak of, what can they overturn, and also, aren't your words a bit sour?"

"Exactly, why didn't the Cosmic War Department invite you? Even the Indenture of Servitude isn't something anyone who wants to sign can sign!"

"What's there to discuss? In no time, we won't be able to see him anymore."

"That's true, I'm afraid that even in the smallest Dust Class World Fragments, goblins will be the lowest ranked creatures, and it won't be long before they're all killed by wild beasts."

"Well, although signing a contract with the Cosmic War Department is tantamount to selling oneself and losing all freedom, I'd rather choose to survive..."

"Hey, do you know the princess of the Royal Family of the Original Extreme Hope Empire, District 1, Heather Graham?"

"I know, what about it? I remember she's beautiful, but it's a pity that anyone who tried to create adult material with her as the blueprint were arrested. It's truly regrettable."

"... That's not what I'm talking about. I heard that her initial race is an Angel!"


"Yes, and it's even a wild, first-generation angel!"

"I've heard that too. Apparently, it's an ancient star newly discovered by a Federation councillor from the Ultimate Desire Imperial Royal Family, and there are wild angels subdued on it!"

"That's so powerful! This is a super big thigh to hold!"

"Big thigh? Not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry can hold this big thigh. At least your filthy Jackal-Wolf can't."

"What's wrong with being a Jackal-Wolf? I've already established a tribe, started exploring the surrounding area, hunting wild beasts, and at least I have no worries about survival."

"Tribe +1!"

"Licking is still possible, I heard that during this period, all the players who opened the Hyperdimensional Mark were assigned to the T World Community, the only difference is the regions. Soon the Forum of the T World Community will be established."

"Really? There isn't even a World Community Forum, it seems that this is an unexplored World Community, it won't be too dangerous, right!"

"Not necessarily, after all, we are all newcomers, so they shouldn't assign us to a World Community with an extremely high level of danger."

"Stop saying that for now! Can any of you big bosses provide some resources? I am in the T04 Region, where my followers have just established a tribe and are being besieged by a group of fearless Ranco Chickens. It's urgent!"

"No problem, I heard that Ranco Chickens are the most tender and juicy when steamed for two and a half hours, but you need to pay the price accordingly..."

"Please help, big boss, private message."

Logan closed the Hyperdimensional Forum, completely disregarding the comments of other deity players.

If it weren't for his cheating abilities, he would have unhesitatingly signed the Indenture of Servitude,

"But I'm cheating!"

With that in mind, Logan opened his own deity panel—

[Deity]: Logan

[Divine Power]: Totem (Virtual)

[Rules]: Hunting (43.7%), Bloody (23.1%)

[Divine Role]: Goblin

[Divine Emblem]: A Pair of Blood-red Eyes

[Divine Art]: Spear of Hunting, Frenzied Bloodline, Goblin Blessing Spell, Anchor of the Void

[Believers]: Goblins (Zero Tier/1345), Goblin Warriors (First Tier/35)

[Civilization]: 23 points

[Faith]: 793 points

[Storage]: Special effect "Steelback"

[World Fragment]: Dust Class (340 square kilometers/Resources "Rich"), breeding First Tier ferocious beasts and resources


With a slight movement of his thoughts, Logan arrived above the goblin tribe, looking down at the green-skinned goblins who were distributing the results of their hunt.

"Although there's the system, I'm still envious of those players whose initial Wisdom Species in their World Fragment are Monarch Species, or even Mythical Species."

"But, it's better than those pathetic players who don't even have any sentient lifeforms."

If the initial race is a non-intelligent one, and the player cannot obtain other races as the initial race, then the player can only choose to become an affiliated existence of another player.

Plus, they would need to find another player nearby who is willing to accept them!

Logan manifested a pair of huge crimson eyes, appearing above the goblin tribe. His intense divine power suddenly emerged, arousing fanatical worship from all the goblins below!

"My loyal subjects, I am very satisfied with your recent sacrifices, and therefore I bestow divine grace upon you!"

After that, Logan used the special effect "Steelback" that he got from the system to the Goblin Race, selecting 35 Goblin Warriors.

[Log]: You have consumed the special effect "Steelback"!

[Log]: You have consumed 350 Faith Points, selecting 35 First Tier Warrior-class Goblin Warriors!

In the next instant, the goblin warriors in the tribe immediately underwent major transformations.


Almost in an instant, the goblin warriors below began to emit a huge roar.

Their green skin turned darker and even developed a dim silver-black luster, and their already twisted muscles once again swelled, becoming even more terrifying!

First Tier · Goblin Warrior → Second Tier · Goblin Elite!

Immediately, huge goblin elites that resembled giant beasts appeared in the tribe below. Each of them stood at an astonishing height of over 2.5 meters, resembling giant brown bears, but more terrifying!

[Race]: Goblin

[Quality]: Prisoner Breed

[Level]: Elite (Second Tier)

[Special Effects]: Blood of Hunting, Steelback

[Fetter]: Wolf Pack (Range: All Goblins)


Fetter "Wolf Pack": When there are more than three Goblins together, their combat power and fighting spirit are significantly enhanced!

Special effect "Blood of Hunting": When entering the hunting state, agility, strength, fighting will, and stamina will moderately increase!

Special effect "Steelback": When entering the combat state, your skin will have an additional steel layer, making you less susceptible to injury, recover more easily after being injured, and slightly increasing toughness!


"Not bad, though the goblin elites are only at the Second Tier level, thanks to the Fetter "Wolf Pack", their combat power should be on par with ordinary Third Tier Wisdom Species in group battles!" Logan thought and felt a little excited.

"Even a high-level war race doesn't progress this quickly."

Level is just a level, but strength is a multi-dimensional structure.

Just like how the same Second Tier Elite Whiteboard Warriors, Heavily Armored Knights, Dragon Vein Sorcerers, Arcane Scholars, and even Young Dragons and newly born Elemental Lords have entirely different combat power levels!

"Also, there's the issue of resources."

"Whether it's the expansion of the tribe, cultivating stronger believers, or expanding the World Fragment, resources are the top priority."

Logan looked down at the jubilant Goblin tribe, his brows furrowed slightly as his gaze swept over the words "World Fragment: Dust Class (Rich)" on the panel in front of him.

World Fragments are classified into: Dust Class, Grit Class, Boundary Island Class, Microplanet Class...

Resource abundance levels are: Dismal, Barren, Acceptable, Rich, Treasure...

As the top performer in all previous Hyperdimensional Simulations, Logan had a clear understanding of the different sizes and resource abundance levels of World Fragments. His World Fragment could only be rated as "Acceptable" at most, not even close to "Rich".

Suddenly, an idea struck Logan, and his eyes lit up.

"Could it be that there are some relics hidden here?"