Deep Kiss Of Alpha King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Deep Kiss Of Alpha King


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If your inner wolf and body respond with extreme enthusiasm to a psychotic alpha male, whose inner wolf sometimes goes crazy himself, it will not lead to anything good, right? And, of course, a deal with him will not end well either. Unfortunately, Taryn Warner, a werewolf unable to shift, doesn't have many options available right now. In fact, she doesn't really have any other options. Basically, it all comes down to whether she will do everything possible to avoid her father's arranged marriage to a sick son of a bitch. She lost Joey her childhood sweetheart now she wanted to find him it's her main purpose, but on the other hand, Joey, simply has nothing to lose, because there is blood on his hands, death is behind him, and no one will spare him who had the misfortune to be born werewolves...he is also searching Taryn, he lost his memory too. But Taryn in this situation has only one answer. Yes, in order to avoid marriage, she will agree to a deal with Trey Coleman and become his couple. Trey never had any sympathy for werewolf politics, so he didn't bother trying to make alliances with other packs. At first glance, a fairly simple deal ... but soon Trey and Taryn realize that they got more than they bargained for. In the three months leading up to the battle, Taryn and Trey will have to resist the attraction, and the gradually heated passions between a pair of strong alphas can lead to disaster ... or to something completely opposite.


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