11 Turning Point

On this day, Jack didn't know how he got here, from landing on the moon, to killing mobs, to chasing Calvin... and in the end, he became the "son of God" in Calvin's mouth? !

This process was too unimaginable, but it actually happened, which made it difficult for Jack to accept it for a while.

He found himself in a trap.

Calvin, a lunatic, stubbornly believes that he is the "Son of God" and will lead all mankind to a new life. All he has done on the moon these years is for today's "game"!

Three years ago, Calvin began to promote the "Earth Destruction Theory" on the moon base. The content was almost the same as the old one before, with only slight changes. He declared, "The earth will be destroyed, and the moon will be the last paradise, and the Son of God will lead us to new life."

At the beginning, few people believed him, because most of the moon bases were scientific and technological workers with higher education, and they scoffed at such cult-like arguments.

How can the earth be destroyed when it is in good condition? Its current lifespan is 4.6 billion years, and according to scientific speculation, it can still exist for at least 2 billion years. 2 billion years, that's too long, as for the explosion of the earth, I won't be able to see it in the next life...

But I have to say that Calvin is a very capable person. He has some small means of his own, coupled with a fairly good eloquence. Over time, he finally fooled a small group of people, including death row prisoners and technicians. , and even a part of the security forces.

This group of people formed a guild called "Moon Society". They usually keep their own place and work hard. The only requirement is that they hope that the management of the moon base will allow them to stay on the moon forever.

The salary of the lunar base is extremely high. The average skilled worker is about 300,000 U.S. dollars a year, and the contract is usually signed for three years. But even so, except for those who must stay on death row, very few people can serve for three years.

You know, this is a ghostly place. There is no blue sky, no green mountains, no green water, and no delicious food, wine, and beautiful women. All you eat is some high-calorie compressed food all day long... Most people do it for a year and a half. Mental illnesses such as depression are prone to occur, thus applying to escape back to the earth.

However, the purpose of this "Moon Society" actually requires people to stay on the moon for a long time! This is really great! Anyway, the "Moon Society" has no real harm. Therefore, the management of the lunar base acquiesced in the existence of the "Moon Society", and even vaguely encouraged its development.

Why? Because the "Moon Society" can keep people on the moon! After all, there are ulterior things , so the flow rate of personnel should be as small as possible.

The cost of communication with the earth here is very high, entertainment is scarce, and human beings are social creatures, and they need to socialize with each other, so there are so many organizations and guilds, such as "football club" and "basketball club", there are more things like this every day. A few, a few less, one more "Moon Society" is nothing.

As for what the "Moon Society" said that "the earth will eventually be destroyed, and the moon will be the last paradise", hehe... Whether you believe it or not, those ruling classes definitely don't believe it.

Thanks to this, the moon will gradually grow, and its reputation will gradually spread. Some people believed it to be true, but more people sneered at it, thinking that it was deliberately created by the management of the base. They believed that this group of guys who cannibalize people want to keep them working on the moon forever...

In short, no matter what they think, Calvin's goal has been achieved. Everyone has heard the prophecy of "the destruction of the earth" and knows the existence of the "Son of God", so they just laugh it off and take it as a joke.

But it doesn't matter, as long as they know this, Calvin's goal will be achieved.

Then, just after that, the climax happened, and the earth literally exploded a few days ago!

The internal members of the Moon Society have already been brainwashed. They immediately regarded Calvin as a god, and it was because they stayed on the moon that they could save their lives! Some of the fanatics were members of the security team. Under Calvin's instruction, they poisoned the food of the soldiers.

In the next three days, Calvin killed a large number of base leaders and took a large number of hostages, that is, the 20,000 people sitting in the auditorium. He announced the perfect element and the information of the alien spaceship to everyone, and insisted that mankind has not yet reached the most desperate moment, and the "Son of God" will lead mankind to find a way out...

The cause of the matter and the result are roughly like this... Then, the son of God that Calvin confirmed came, that is——Jack!

At this time , Jack and Calvin had already entered the lobby. More than 20,000 people were sitting in the lobby, and the screen in front of them was still playing something.

Their scorching eyes made him shudder, there was no noise, there was no noise, it was a desire for survival and a yearning for the future. Jack could even see a kind of hope in their eyes...

In just three days, it is impossible to change a person's belief, but now, they believe in the "Son of God" instead. The reason is very simple. In the face of such a catastrophe, if there is really a savior, why not to believe it?

Human beings are at the top of the earth's biological chain, but they seem so fragile and insignificant when encountering such a cosmic disaster. In front of the vast universe, human beings are really not as good as an ant. Even if some people didn't believe what Calvin said , their subconscious mind began to persuade themselves to believe it.

Perhaps it was influenced by some American blockbusters, such as "Terminator" and "Star Wars". When the end comes, if there really is a "savior", the chances of human survival will always be greater.

This is hope... Jack's life experience was played over and over again on the screen, his excellent moral character and extraordinary skills, his speed and skills completely surpassed that of human beings, all of which fulfilled his identity as "son of God"!

He finally understood why Calvin wanted to play the game of "hide and seek" with him. This was not a mental illness... but he wanted to broadcast his skills to the general public! This is to brainwash the masses!

He finally understood why Jimmy's tone was so strange. The special forces stood at the back with strange eyes, with a trace of strangeness, and Yao was even laughing wildly there.

Jack felt like he was trying to catch a duck to the shelves, and he couldn't tell what he had said now. On the one hand, everyone had completely believed in the "son of God", on the other hand, he really couldn't deny this identity.

Perfection, superhumans, are real, and more importantly—hope, at this moment, he can't blindly destroy the hope in people's hearts...Whether he wants to or not, he suddenly understands that this scene The play must be played with a hard scalp.

He suddenly took a step forward and saluted everyone, "I am Jack, the third squadron of China, the captain of the first special forces, and the rank of captain. I don't know what the Son of God is, and I don't believe this statement. I only know that in the vast universe, we human beings will be able to survive!"

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