Deep Into Space

Deep into Space, the galaxy is shining brightly, and there are countless civilizations... When earth's destruction becomes an inescapable reality, the remain humans in Lunar Base have to find their own way to survive! Luckily, they found a huge Alien spaceship! It is the last hope of mankind, and survivors named it... Noah! Author: Ultimate Eternity ======= This is one of the very few Hard Sci Fic novels in Webnovel. Your support is so important to author. Please Vote for this novel, and add it to your collection! The goal is to make it the best Hard Sci Fic novel in Webnovel! With all your helps and supports, we can achieve it together!

JayZee_007 · Sci-fi
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100 Chs

Going To Mars

Although most of the "washbasin" engine has been gasified, its mission has also been completed, and it successfully supported the spacecraft. Nuclear fusion, this divine power with the same origin as the inside of the sun, is also the power of human rebirth! The acceleration of the Noah spacecraft at this moment even reached 1500 meters per square second!

What is the concept of this data? It is 150 times the acceleration of gravity of the earth! In other words, a 50kg person will be subjected to a force of 75,000 Newtons in an instant, and such a force will directly crush the person into a meatloaf!

A large number of instruments and facilities in the observation room could not withstand such a force and were directly damaged. Fortunately, because of the peculiar structure of the spaceship, the people inside could not feel any force, and of course they would not be crushed into meatloaf.