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Deep Dark Fantasy


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!!!WARNING!!! Read this carefully! 1. This is an adult novel; there will be sex scenes, gore, violence, etc. 2. This is the different kind of "dark"; this isn't doom-and-gloom and/or goth dark. 3. I am a novice writer. 4. This is almost a parody of a certain work not for kids. 5. Zombies are the minorities in the plot, but WILL be important later on...I think. 6. I am a really novice writer, go easy on me. 7. There will be rape, so if that isn't your cup of tea, don't read it then bash me for it. I said it was "dark". 8. There is Netorare. By simple definition, it's someone stealing (usually) the MC's loved ones or important people, usually through violence, rape, and/or blackmail...or a combination. It's not everyone's thing, like pineapple pizza. 9. English isn't my main language, you can take a guess what it is. 10. The MC is a useless femboy/trap because it humors me and deep down inside, I guess it's a fetish I'm fine with. 11. This isn't 100% fap material, there will be plot(?); plot is up for debate and based on my whim. 12. Picking names is not my forte, along with many things like writing a novel/story. 13. I hope there isn't a novel already up on this website, or I'll be devastated. 14. I poke fun of many things like current events, sorry not sorry? 15. Synopsis is a bit short, Chapter 1 will forge the background story to a certain extent. Sorry. 16. Updates WILL be sporadic, that is the only thing I can promise...beside being a bad writer. 17. ALL characters involved in sex scenes are at least 18, so there will be no pedophilia. But age will not be stated, use your imagination, pervs. 18. Novel's name is poorly chosen, I do suck with names. 19. Enjoy, you sickos. ~~Super Short Synopsis~~ [Insert dumb reason for zombie apocalypse] Zombies are now horny undeads, people suck, people don't suck, etc. MC is useless, [Insert NTR action] [Somehow insert actual plot that isn't entirely sex]


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