Deathly Camellia: Records Of The Corpse Artist

Amadeus Devereux was born into a rich and powerful household. But he did not pursue power like his brothers because of his love for art, flowers, and poetry. Until one day, a servant arrived in the garden to see Amadeus smiling as if he was looking at a flower. Only this time, Amadeus was looking at the mangled corpses of two gardeners. ————————— First Novel Alert This is a novel that I wrote because I got tired of all the tropes that had transmigration, regression, deus-ex machina, etc. where everything that makes the main character reach the top is left to luck. The action kicks off starting from chapter 8 so I hope you at least read till then! ————————— I will try to keep a release schedule of one chapter per day. But it may vary to one per two days at times.

ObstinateFalcon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs


Hey guys! Author here, I am extremely sorry to announce that I will be dropping this novel and moving on to a new project. I recently got a new editor and some help, I will still continue the story with the same system and characters. But it will have a massive overhaul. I hope you guys follow the story once again! It will be called 'How A Villain Builds A Kingdom', it will be the same storyline but perfected!

I apologise once again for the abrupt news.