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Pretty much here because I have been following Krune for a long time. The two chapters left me laughing at the end, so I think it's worth a try. Another thing for those who follow Suiyan's work with the wisp for a long time is that you can see the difference between the time when he started wisp, and when he started this new book. Especially English related. Suiyan, don't think that I forgot about those 100+ chapters with run-out sentences. Hahaha! Just joking. I'm happy to see the improvement in your writing. I'll be following this one from now on too. After all, I love comedies. I hope that this new book goes well. Of course, above all, it has to be interesting, and the first two chapters were very good already.

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From the first two chapters, we have a mystery, an awesome relationship between the MC and Death, a fun MC, and a hilarious setup. 100/10, excellent start to a novel. Can’t wait to see what the characters get up to in the future!


I like the story so far. It progresses at a nice pace. Neither too fast nor slow. Keep up the good work. I dont really know what else to write, so webnovel lets me post the review.


I'm so poor that I can't read the other chapters that are locked..... I asked my parents and then they gave me a scary gaze.. Help meeee!!!!!!


I have currently read up to chapter 565. This review will contain spoilers but I recommend people to keep reading because the entire story pretty much gets destroyed around chapter 500; and I wouldn't want someone to waste his time reading up to that point. Up until around chapter 500 this story was one of my favorite books on this site; the characters were interesting and the concept of having 2 main characters was extremely unique and entertaining. Unfortunately, for some reason the author decided to do the worst possible mistake he could have done, kill off 90% of the characters and story-lines. After introducing and developing many characters and storylines into the book, the author has decided to cut them all of all together by literally destroying the planet on which the story took place. To me it seemed like the author didn't like what he built up to that point and thus decided to completely restart the entire plot line, leaving behind many unfinished side plots, and characters who were introduced but not properly developed. To make things worse, after this "plot twist" took place, the main characters of the story who remained alive didn't show any signs of grief that should have taken place considering almost everyone they ever loved had died. Considering I had a truly loved this book before the major "plot twist" took place, I implore the author to please explain why he decided to make such a unreasonable change to the story. Thank you for reading this review, and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes that might have been in it as English isn't my first language.


I read all the way up to 500 chapters, and i can only say that im disappointed. at first it was a funny novel with a new take on the cultivation worold, but then. THE WOMEN came **spoilers** One of the first interactions with malaka was that she tried to follow the twins, and she almost died. when they got to the sect she got taken in by a part of the sect that is only for women (pretty stupid) all of that blue orchArd divition girls were entitled brats who looked down on you because of your gender. all girls think they’re better but they scream when someone stream steals their plane panties. they were but i read through it. Then they go to the profound abyss where they meet another brat which forced to help because of the system. this girl falls In lOVe with ROan then they go to the capital and rean is forced to marry a princesS he doesn’t like because of a MISUNDERSTANDING. she tries to R*PE him, but he just laughs it off. now we have 3 braindead characters following the MCs (they’re also braindead) omg i can’t put into words how horrible the story gets.


Everything is good but the MCs. Basically their interaction is meant to be funny but it isn't at all. It's was funny at the start but until when are we supposed to find their bratty dispute funny, One is god knows how old he is and the other is more than 30 years old, and they can't get over their first misunderstanding, They keep arguing and fighting with each other like some snotty toddlers.


Here I am, waiting for the next release, and writing this review in the meantime. I’ve decided to be succinct, so here it goes. In terms of writing quality, it is not bad. Mediocre or even slightly above average. Compared to other novels I read on this site, prior to the creation of my account, it fares quite well, but not so well that it stands out. There are sentence structuring errors here and there and incorrect spellings for certain words/terms which slightly draws away from the experience. Not by much, but for a neophyte grammar critique, such as myself, the effects are significant. In terms of consistency in updating, I can’t really comment much since I have been binge-reading up until this point, but over the past few days, I don’t think there have been any changes, although you are free to correct me if I am wrong. I have also not found any indication of the author’s update schedule or anything similar to estimate how many updates they are planning to make per week, which is fine, since some authors don’t operate on a strict schedule, but for me, I don’t find it particularly reassuring to not know how many chapters I should expect. The story development and characters are by far the key elements here. They outshine the majority of the decent novels I’ve read in the past few months, even encouraging me to create this account for the sole purpose of reading it. Both the plot and characters are unique and intriguing, the latter even more so. The experimentation of the dual-protagonist system is, in my eyes, a significant success on quite a few levels. The inter-personal dynamics were also highly well done. Especially in regards to the key characters and the main duo themselves. Their decisions throughout the story are logical and more or less realistic, or at least in relation to a majority of other novels (I won’t mention any names) that allow their characters to go on multiple nonsensical jumps in logic to arrive at a certain outcome. Some might argue that there are too many time-skips in the beginning chapters and I will have to say that I partially agree. While I find it reasonable to skip over their infancy, the segment regarding the separation from the protagonists’ home town, for example, was done way too abruptly and glossed over in a few sentences. The separation felt far too abrupt, even for me, considering the presence of Rean and his ‘filial’ sentiments. That connects to the topic of the narrative’s world building. I can’t say the world building is average, per se, but it certainly isn’t top-grade, in my opinion. Of course, it is still leaps and bounds ahead of most other cultivation-type novels, but I feel that even taking into account the ignorance of the twins and their non-existent information network, the world seems a pinch too shallow in my eyes. Also, I feel the need to applaud the author for not developing any form of romance. Thank you for that. Really, I mean it. Though, as soon as any semblance of romance shows it’s disgusting face, I will be forced to drop this series, unfortunately. I am sick and tired of romance. It’s like a drug. You get a fleeting high when you start to use it, but then with continued exposure to it, not only do you become immune to it, it starts to become a poison for your mind and body. At least, that’s what I have found out. Overall, it is a great novel, but for whatever reason, it seems to be overshadowed by the authors more prominent work ‘Is that a Wisp?’, which I have not yet read, unfortunately. The pacing is great, and the balance between high-tension scenes and more casual scenes are very well done. The author has managed to find success where many promising others have found naught but failure. In any case, I do hope for updates sooner rather than later. Those two are very interesting to observe.


The Writing Quality is 5 Stars based off the average webnovel, with the Stability of Updates being very good at time of review. Im mentioning this all before because what im going to say is me hating on the story a bit. I dont think the concept was as well executed as it could be, or maybe its just my own interpretation of what I read. The story starts off great, but there seems to be so much filler it dulls the mind, and one of the MC's being this litteral god of weaponry who can create new techniques within a week, makes you want to see the other MC's (Rean's) specialty. And by 64 hes a fuckin blacksmith, now dont get me wrong, I love blacksmithing novels, but to be fair Ive only ever found two. Blacksmithing can be made cool, but it seems that by the time of mid-story, the author just didnt care about making Rean anything special. I mean he has the light element, while Roan has the dark element. There twins, when I read these details I was thinking, " Oh thats so badass, theyre gonna have this connection of hate-portrayal (from what I could see by there personalities twoards another) where they actually enjoy eachothers company, but theyll never say that. Rean will be a master healer who benefits the tribe by supporting and giving ideas, while Roan is this master of combat who knows all weapons " Sure thats a bit dramaticized, but Roan does end up being like that, he is a badass kid who knows how to beat people above his realm of cultivation, he knows every weapon in the universe, he makes techniques when hes bored and cultivates hard. What does rean do? Makes fuckin low-quality steel and sells it off, then the next chapter we see Roan hinting to him to try and learn how to use the light element sense he collects it faster than Roan so he should master something of his own instead of relying on Roan, the **** does he do, he makes a god damn light saber. I dont think Rean is especially stupid, I just believe the author is making him retarded. Sorry for the bad grammar and the swear at the end, but this is just so sad to see such a great concept unexplored.


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Seems like there is no Synopsis so I'll give a brief summary for those who want to know. (I'll try and give a good one but its probably gonna be kinda bad) My Synopsis: The story starts off with a man named Rean who is trunk-kuned. He dies and meets Death but is special in some way. This eventually leads to him and death reincarnating together as twins. Now this story will follow the adventures of Rean and Roan(Death) as they have to save the universe from the fate of being destroyed while they have lots of brotherly bonding :) along the way.


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I'm just here to write a review because the author's sheer confidence. It's something I haven't seen in a long time. Fun Joke: Dad on his death bed: Son, I have to tell you something Son under his breath: I bet I’m adopted Dad: You were ado... Dad dies Son: Knew it Dad wakes up: You were adorable as a baby Dad dies Son: A***, thats so sweet Dad wakes up: That’s why we adopted you


its not the readers job to convince themselves on a hail mary, just do a synoposis ya egoist ****. There is literally no reason not to have one other than to fuel your narcissism


Well, it's a cultivation novel, so I recommend you keep your standards low. If you do, you'll be pleasantly surprised. However, keep your standards up to things like Solo Leveling or The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time and you might be displeased. Since it's a cultivation novel, pacing is inconsistent, but that's nothing new. Characters are pretty typical, but not to the point of being full on "I'm just here to power level the MC!" stereotypes. Chapters are released often if you read the first 86 and find you want to continue reading. I stopped here as the novel is just not my cup of tea, being a godforsaken cultivation novel, but others might like it. That's it I suppose. Really, I just feel meh about this novel. There was a good, entertaining idea going with the characters, but it fell short. It feels like it's more about the strength and fighting and making money and cultivation than it is about the main characters themselves, but I could just be focusing on those parts more.


Book was great UNTIL the author went and trashed everything he worked on for the first few hundred chapters. He literally destroys the whole planet they live on and tosses them onto another planet where humans are just slaves. All the characters, world building, etc. gone in one chapter. What gets me is after there planet with all their family was destroyed there is no grieving. They are just kind of like well that sucks now let's continue. That being said if you can get over that the book is good. The writing quality is good, the release rate is good, the grammar is good. I dropped it about 50 chapters after they blew up the original planet.


[Currently read 580 ch] This thing here is good for beginners, but as a veteran reader i can say that my expectations are not fulfilled. The characters development is almost non-existent, jokes are forced and boring. Actually, I don't even know why this story has so many chapters, just because it is a cultivation one doesn't mean it must be this exaggerated. As i can see, author do not treat his creation seriously in the slightest, otherwise the overall development wouldn't be this stagnated. A few words about romance........it sucks. Once again, Death and me is a good story for begginers ONLY.


Alot of clichés to be frank. Story development is okay but character design needs to be better. Author should explore character motivations more in depth especially the side characters. Side characters tend to fall under cliche characterization. World building could be better. In short, the author needs to research more on topics, ideology and settings they introduce to flesh out the story more. ...Also author should find other ways of reinforcing a character's quirk for example, "Roan is not interested in having romantic relationships" does not have to be reiterated every 5 chapters. Saying it once is enough, his actions should tell the rest.


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