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New Sword

Roan narrowed his eyes after hearing that.

"Is there some trick behind this thing?"

Rean nodded.

"Try it out, and you will understand."

Roan nodded before they all went to the training field, where you could find a few dummies. But this was not the target. The target was one of the savage boars that the warriors usually captured in the forest's outskirts. Rean had prepared this one especially for it. Roan then assumed an instance and raised his Sword. With everything ready, Spiritual Energy began to gather around it. At the same time, Light Element was drawn from the surroundings. Lastly, Roan also gathered his own Dark Element.

After so long, Rean and Roan could already use the other's elements together, so it wasn't hard for Roan to achieve a balance between dark and light.

Suddenly, Roan slashed down, and what was assumed to be just a single Sword seemed to become three! This skill was supposed to be made of Dark Element alone, but the Light Element gathered automatically due to the Sword Properties. Since that was the case, Roan didn't hold back and used Rean's Light Element as well.

'Death Style, Third Instance, Three Claws of the Dragon!'

Of course, Roan wouldn't waste his time saying such long names before an attack. It only appeared for a moment in his mind.

There were really three swords, but two were made of Spiritual Energy and Elements. Although the two fake ones only had 70% of the real one's attack power, the point is that the enemy wouldn't be able to tell which one of the three was real. Not to mention, even at 70%, the two fake were still very strong.

The attack hit the Boar in three different points. However, Roan didn't aim to kill the Boar, just to make a few cuts around. The attack succeeded, and the Boar screamed in pain. But no one paid attention to it, what they looked at was to see if the injuries would start to recover due to the Light Element or not.

However, Roan immediately stopped them.

"There is no need to look, the injuries on it will not recover. There is no Light Element left to make it happens."

After saying that, Roan narrowed his eyes while looking at the Boar's cuts. They were a lot deeper than he intended to do.

"Rean, you made the Light Element condense so that it would be gone during the attack, am I right? That's why my attack power increased for a second. Because of that, the Boar received even more damage than I intended."

Rean couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Correct! What happens when you gather light into a single point? That was the principle behind this Sword. That's also why I love Spiritual Energy and those Spiritual Ores. They allow me to do things that no metallurgist could ever dream about back on Earth."

Erkil heard that and got puzzled.

"Earth? Metallurgist? What you mean?"

Rean smiled and just shook his head.

"Forget it, this is something between Roan and me. Even if I explained, it would be of no use for you."

As for Inna Malaka and Rivio, they simply didn't care about what Rean said. Their minds were still back during the time Roan used the three slashes.

"So cool!"

Inna agreed.

"Yes, really amazing! Roan, would I be able to do something like that with my staff?"

Rivio didn't lose this chance either.

"Me too, me too! I use a spear, so I should be able to do something similar, right? Right?!"

Roan snorted, though.

"Keep dreaming! Rivio isn't in the Energy Gathering Realm yet, so how do you expect to release your body's spiritual energy? As for you, Inna. Your control over the Spiritual Energy is still too lacking. Besides, your staff is a lot longer than a sword, so you would need a lot more Spiritual Energy too. Even I would have some difficulty in pulling this trick with a staff, let alone you."

Inna and Rivio immediately started to sulk. One must not forget that they are 8 years old kids. Logic isn't exactly very useful with them. Rean, on the other hand, just laughed. It was funny to see those two brats dreaming just to have Roan waking them up mercilessly.

In fact, thanks to the link between the twins, Rean could already use the same technique as Roan. It's just that he wasn't as proficient.

"Anyway, stop pretending to be some caring senior. How was the Sword?"

Roan nodded and began to explain his thoughts. He took it very seriously, and so did Rean. By the end, Rean took the Sword back and returned to the Blacksmith Shop to make a few modifications with Erkil.

A few days later, it would be another class hunt day. But this time, Rean and Roan didn't join by following the main group on the sides. They decided to take a completely different route. Not only that. To avoid catching attention, the twins left two days earlier without anyone noticing. Also, other than the two of them, no one else knew where they were going.

Alanda and Juri were against it at first, but Rean and Roan were adamant. Besides, considering their strength at the Peak of the Energy Gathering Realm, there aren't really many beasts that can do something to them. There is also the fact that Alanda fought against Roan in a private space before... and Roan won! Although it was a close call, it was still a battle at the Foundation Establishment Realm. Roan could jump a Realm to fight!

Rean also tried to fight Alanda. But in the end, he isn't Roan. Although Rean's power is similar to his 'brother,' he can't use it as well as him. Of course, Rean's attack power could still be considered as someone in the Initial Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Other than Diakar and Opril, Rean's team got one last member. This time around, they were bringing Inna Malaka together. This girl was already too far from the other kids, so her progress would only be delayed with the other group. Malaka, of course, was as happy as she could be. After all, rarely had Rean and Roan allowed her to follow them.

Just like that, this team of five entered the opposite demon beast forest.

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