10 Brighter Colors

On the night of the same day, Turen and Hamarlia brought Rean and Roan to the Varen Family's house. Juri Varen's house wasn't much bigger than the typical dwellings around the Tribe, nor was it luxurious. Juri was married, but only had two sons and one daughter. So his family couldn't be considered small, but not big either.

His eldest son, Hiro Varen, was already 28 years old and helped with the management of the mine in the Liman Mountain. He also had gray talent, so considering Juri's forthright attitude, he also didn't get access to any cultivation resource. Juri knew that these were exactly the type of actions that led the Families in control of other Tribes to fall for their greed. So he forbade himself and any elder from acting like that.

Only those who passed the Tribe's talent test shall be allocated cultivation resources, no exception. Of course, even though it is not much, everyone who worked in the Tribe still earned some money from their work. If they save enough to buy cultivation resources when the merchants stop by, that is their problem. Juri and the elders will not stop them from doing whatever they want with their money.

Juri's second son, Laren Varen, is 24 this year. He was fortunate enough to be born with a brown aptitude. So he also received the cultivation resources destined for Brown aptitude warriors. As for his youngest child, his daughter, she was already 19 and a married woman, so she didn't live in their house anymore. She was also a Gray aptitude girl, though.

Of his two sons, only his eldest one was married, but he still lived in his father's house with her since there was enough space. Juri didn't mind it. After all, he liked the presence of his family.

Inside Juri's House, Turen and Hamarlia felt extremely nervous while holding their children. The elder who was part of the Varen Family was also there to guide them.

"Your family can wait here in the living room, I will call my first brother over."

This elder's name was Tirin Varen, Juri's second brother.

Rean's family kept waiting for around ten minutes. Finally, they saw Tirin coming back with a man who seemed to be around his thirties behind. He had short Hair and a sharp pair of eyes. Of course, that man was none other than Juri Varen.

Because Juri was able to enter the Foundation Establishment Realm, his lifespan increased in an extra 50 years! That was also the reason why he looked even younger than his second brother. The two previous Realm, Body Transformation, and Energy Gathering are considered the doors to the cultivation world. But they don't have the power to increase one's lifespan. Although people can be regarded as cultivators when they enter the Energy Gathering Realm, only the Foundation Establishment or higher would be viewed as important. After all, only with the increase in lifespan would someone be able to live enough to make the difference.

When Juri saw Turen and Hamarlia's children, even he was surprised.

'Tirin wasn't joking, their hair colors are really catchy.'

Together with Tirin, there was also a servant of the family carrying the testing Black Orb. But before that, Juri sat across Rean's family and started to ask his questions.

He asked things like if they had encountered some kind of Spiritual Herb or had some peculiar difference in their bodies. But after several rounds of questions, all that Turen and Hamarlia could do was shake their heads. Juri didn't think they were lying. After all, he can clearly see their cultivation realms with his Spiritual Sense.

Spiritual Sense is something that only those at the Energy Gathering and above can use. As a Foundation Establishment cultivator, Juri's Spiritual Sense was even better.

"Alright, let me see their tests."

Tirin nodded and once again collected the twins' blood. Just like before, Roan's Light shined with pure Dark while Rean's shined as white as snow. Juri had to admit that he had never seen or even heard about something like that before. With a Foundation Establishment level and with Green Talent on top of that, he had a few connections with the Astreg City cultivators. So he decided to inquire about it next time he went to the city.

"At this moment, I can't tell you whether this is a good thing or not. So I will do my research first. For now, try to not catch too much attention and keep quiet about their aptitudes. If it is confirmed that this is a good thing, I will give them my seal. If it is not, then they can still be members of the Tribe like everyone else. Return to your home, I will contact you back later."

Turen and Hamarlia bowed and thanked Juri. After that, they immediately returned to their house.

Back inside Juri's house, he had a pensive expression. Tirin noticed that and couldn't help but ask.

"Big brother, is something wrong?"

Juri looked at him and then shook his head.

"It's nothing. I will be leaving tomorrow morning for the city, so tell Alanda to take care of the things while I'm out. If everything goes well, I should be back in at most three days."

Tirin felt that something wasn't right, but didn't inquire further. His big brother always put the safety of the Tribe above all. If he wasn't willing to talk, then he must have a reason for that.

Tirin bid his farewell and left soon after.

In his cultivation room, Juri pondered about Rean and Roan's aptitude colors.

'I told everyone that the colors represent their aptitudes, and that is not wrong. But I've never told them about the intensity of the colors. Their colors were definitely a lot brighter than normal babies. That said, such a thing should only be possible if they were able to perceive Spiritual Energy. However, they were born just two weeks ago, so how is that possible? Only those at the age of five more or less should have a body developed enough to perceive it.'

Juri continued to think about this problem until he finally sighed.

'Either way, I need to go to the city to make some inquires. Before that, I should not hold any expectations.'

Juri was already gone when the sun raised in the next morning.

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