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Death To The Mafia


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Ricky Tomachino was drawn into the gangster life from a young age. He did favors for some of the big guys, no questions asked. He just wanted to be excepted into the Mafia's family. His dad was from Sicily, but his mother was French. Because of that fact, they would never let his family fully join the Mafia family. His dad worked as a driver for Pete Angelio, the Head of the Angelio Crime Family. He died in a hit and Ricky's life started spinning out of control. By the age of twelve he was in and out of juvie, that's until he found out why his dad was shot. Accepted members of the Angelio Crime Family, broke the code and organized a hit on another member without The Council's approval, and blamed Ricky's dad for it. Now Ricky Tomachino has to do the impossible. Get into The Family and be accepted, while taking out The Family from the inside out. But he unexpectedly falls in love with the daughter of Pete Angelio. Will Ricky Tomachino still try to kill them one by one or will Isabella Angelio turn his life upside down? The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons...living or dead is purely coincidental.


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