Dear Immortal Tyrant
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Dear Immortal Tyrant


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What is Dear Immortal Tyrant

Read Dear Immortal Tyrant novel written by the author Xincerely on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, vampire, revenge, werewolf, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Mature Content.] "I'll always be by your side, next to you, on top of you, behind you... The choice is yours to make." An immortal who has lived a millennium... He went by many names, many lives, many titles, but one stuck with him the most... Kaden. One look and you'd think you've met the devil. Dangerous, devious, and indifferent, people always bowed their heads to him—except for the woman that brought the tyrant to his knees. A woman with a special ability and curse... Lina. She was cursed with clairvoyance—the ability to see a person's close or far future. When most don't remember their childhood, Lina remembered her first life. Since birth, she had repeated nightmares about a man who supposedly died. 1000 years after his death, Lina sees him again, and he wants everything to do with her. Unfortunately, there's nowhere in this world she could go that he couldn't find her. What'd happen to the frightened Lina and the devious Kaden? + + + + + Warning: Strong sexual content. Editors: otakuvslife & diane_loves_2_read

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Hello and welcome to my newest fantasy romance book set in modern society, but with a twist! What is this twist you ask? Take a peek at the book and you'll find out! <Dear Immortal Tyrant> will contain strong sexual content, but also loving moments c: If you enjoy the story, don't forget to vote, comment, and leave a review, I'd love to hear your thoughts! - - - - - Although <Dear Immortal Tyrant> is a standalone novel, it's also a spin-off of <His Majesty's Devious Sins>. However <Dear Immortal Tyrant> can be read alone, as it's set in a different country but same timeline. All of my stories STANDALONE (meaning it can be read separately, w/o needing context from a different story). However, my stories are connected in the same universe, just different time periods. If you want to read my stories in chronological historical order, it goes like this: 1. The Rise of Xueyue 2. Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife 3. His Majesty's Devious Sins 4. Dear Immortal Tyrant I hope you guys enjoy~ Xincerely, Xin


Yay!!!!! first review ❤️ I am super excited for this.....I am already loving the synopsis. I have always loved your your writing style. Can't wait for more ❤️❤️


Again, definitely going to add this to my library simply because the author, Xincerely, has never failed to amaze me. From now on, I'll be reading both His Majesty's Temptation and Mr. Immortal Tyrant!


I will read this and the His Majesty's Temptation. Can't for the first chapter author, I hope many people will support this book LOVE YA AUTHOR-NIM[img=recommend]


Easily my favorite author on here. Every day I read the new update for this book. Intresting and complex charecters with strong world building.


So our Lina is not so confident not comfortable in her own skin and people pleasure While our Kaden has low EQ And both of them are horrible in expressing their feelings (they have good points too) I guess we'll see some major character development in the future🤞🤞 I hope both will get their happy ending ❤️


I have nothing to say new like the fellow fans of Author Xin. But to be honest, while reading this novel chapters, I find the word collection way more synchronized with the story, which fills me up with a satisfying feeling. This is a feeling only a true reader can feel. In one sentence, I love this story already, along with KadenXLina.


I really enjoy this book! I tend to get bored easily with books and end up dropping them in the end but this one keeps you intrigued and wanting more! Definitely my top 5! Please give this one a chance you wont regret it. Good job author and Thank you for this awesome work! 👏👏


Reveal spoiler


I love this book from the very start it caught my attention. I’ve read other books written by this author as well and they never disappoint. I’m always drawn in by the writing. The scene are always played out in my mind as though I’m a part of it. Love it.


This story is on fire! Recent super fan of this author, i am so excited to be long for the journey. Great FL and ML. The possibilities are so many and the story so captivating from the start. I continue to read the previously written novels as i am smitten with this author. Cant wait for more.💕😍🥰


Very juicy story, with an even juicier plot. The dialogue between main and supporting characters are superb, and I'm seriously anticipating the flow of the book. I have a good feeling our FL and ML won't let us down! Our author made fireworks again! [img=recommend]


Love it........thank you [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


she has amazed me again.I remember reading her first book that I came across by chance,from there to here Xin has only grown as a writer with her strong character designs,story development.I wish you write many more.Cheers🥂


Here to support Xinnie and her new book! as usual, well written, extremely good with tons of sensual feelings inside. Can't wait to see more of this story! Definitely recommended


With A gripping start and twisting plot lines, this book has huge potential. This author has really hit their stride. i cant wait for more and will journey along with so many others as the story unfolds. The characters are compelling and the story is rich with depth and possibilities. I recommend it for all.


This is my second review after the author Xincerely changed the plot and character names a bit and the title from Mr. Immortal Tyrant to Dear Immortal Tyrant. For the world background, according to the author, the timeline in this story takes place like HMDS or a thousand years after that. I'm not very sure about it but something like that. As for the story development, I can't say much rn cause I'm only on C3 and am waiting for Xin to post more but I can say that the story has quite an interesting start. For the characters, the MC Lina is cursed with clairvoyance, which makes it even more interesting and mysterious along with Kaden. So far I can't say much about the stability of updates yet but it seems that it might be 1-2 chapters a day. But it's still too early to say though.


just with the name of author xincerely taged up there, I would give this book a 5 star! let alone the interesting synopsis and strong start of story! and when this is a spin off to his majesty devious's sins, there is nothing more to say. so don't miss the book guys!😉


If you are a fan of the author’s other novels, then wouldn’t want to miss out on this one as well. Just one full chapter in and it has already intrigued me and making me think of all the possible plots in the novel. I have confidence in the author that this will be another fulfilling read just like MTDW and HMDS. I am also a fan of the amount of chapters that the novels have…looking forward to reading more from this novel and HMT.


I really like the story and all your books but i am getting tired of almost all chapters in this novel the Main characters only see the sad in their lifes, the past this and the past that and a buch of what ifs, just move on and try not to day on your third life haha


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