Dear Author: Please Change The End

A fantasy world, where people who gain magical powers are called Ascenders, the Ascenders are decades of fighting against the army of the demons, won, they defeated the demon king and an era of peace reigned. And their function and goal lost it's meaning. Now in a world where Ascenders fighting against monsters became enterteiment, a show for mundane people watch and enjoy, Ascenders became celebreties, where most only strive for fame and wealth. But an era of terror is coming, and the Ascenders are not ready to fight against it. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ That is the synpose of [Tales of Outer Worlds] the best novel that our main character has read, but unfortunaly for him, The ending of [Tales of Outer Worlds] was the worst that he could ever imagine. However, he is given a chance to change it when he is transmigrated into the body of Iske Grace, a second-rate villain from the novel. With a goal in mind, he is determined to alter that horrible ending. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ The art on the cover is not mine, if you are the owner just contact me and I will gladly take out. Discord: harry1315

HarrY · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
90 Chs


Colossus, he's a grade 5 monster, three grades above me, in terms of combat, he's above the other five monsters, Night Wolf, White Whale, Serpent and Hidden Worm, all of them would be better matchups for me.

His whole body is made of sturdy rock, and his head is protected by an incredible resistant helmet.

There's no fucking way I can defeat him, especially in my current weak state with my innate magic not working

And not mentioning that I have to worry about Aaron.

The monster swung his fist once again towards us, but Aaron was simply not moving so I had to save him once again. I pushed him out of the strike and we both fell on the ground once again.

"Fireball" I said as two balls of fire left my hand and exploded on the creature's head.

Then I dragged Aaron away, but the creature suddenly appeared in front of us, and I unconsciously threw Aaron to the side, and I only saw as the creature's hand was about to touch me.

But something truly divine happened, for once in my life I had some luck. My innate magic returned.

I instantly switched myself with what I think was an item that I threw towards Aaron and his friends earlier.

Without wasting time I caught a sword that was in the ground together with a knife that probably belonged to Aaron's friend. In the same moment I saw the creature teleporting right in front of me, but I was prepared and threw the knife near Aaron and switched myself once again.

This creature's ability is broken, he can move so fast in a straight line that it seems like he's teleporting, if it was not for my innate magic, I would be dead now. And the same goes for anyone besides me.

The creature gave me some time, and I didn't question why, I just thanked god, knowing it wouldn't last long, I went towards Aaron and slapped him across his face.

"Wake up!"

I reinforced my hand with mana, so I bet it hurt a lot, "Got up right now, I'm not going to save your ass once again"

The slap brought some sense to him. I saw him swallow, likely blood from my blow, and his eyes started scanning the surroundings. He got up and saw the creature.

"You got a plan?" It was all he asked.

I threw the sword I took earlier towards him, "Take this, I'll distract it and you run, then I'll switch places"

He nodded and we didn't waste time. I threw two other fireballs towards the creature that caught his attention. The creature quickly went after me, but it didn't use the ability, he only came walking.

I knew something was wrong, so I changed tactics. I couldn't afford to be passive right now. I grabbed a rock from the floor and marked it, then I threw it towards the monster, aiming near its head. Then, I switched positions and appeared right in front of its eyes. With a reinforced fist, I struck its helmet.

And of course, the only thing that happened was that my attack broke my hand, the creature was intact. I felt pain radiating from my fist, where the strike tore my skin apart.

The Colossus caught me in the air with its hand and then threw me toward the ground. But before the impact, I switched myself once again with the rock, saving myself from harm.

On the ground I saw as Aaron was about to leave the surroundings, but before he could leave I saw the creature turn his body around and then instantly appeared behind Aaron in a flash.

I acted in the same moment, I switched myself with Aaron, and I saw as the Colossus fist was about to land directly on me, and I used my ability once again, switching with the sword I gave Aaron earlier.

I appeared beside him and immediately regretted my decision. I should have switched with the rock once again instead of the sword. I was too hasty.

Things are becoming complicated. I can keep switching myself and playing with the creature indefinitely, but if I consider Aaron in my calculations, I don't have all that time. I can only switch myself and another person a limited number of times.

I could easily escape if I was alone, but Aaron is with me, and he's not someone I can let die right now. I'll need him in the future.

I need a plan, fighting against it is out of question, I need a plan to escape with Aaron alive…

"Can you bring me near its head?" Aaron took me out of my thoughts.

Yeah, his ability negates defense, he will be able to damage it, it would be very useful, but it doesn't matter right now, it will be needed more than the two of us to kill it. His attack won't be enough.

"It doesn't matter, that thing is much stronger than us, we can't kill it by ourselves"

"Not that, lure him towards the cliff, with that we can escape" He said as he took a flower from the ground and gave it to me.

I understood what he wanted to do, and marked the flower, and marked him as well.

"I'll lure him, you better pull this off"

He only nodded and then I prepared myself, grabbed some rocks from the ground and went towards the Colossus.

I ran around it while throwing fireballs to get his attention. It was a success, his focus came towards me as he moved trying to close the distance between us without using the ability.

I lured the creature towards the cliff as I used my ability to keep dodging its attacks, but for some reason, before the monster could reach the cliff, it retreated, as if it noticed our plan.

So I decided to do a risky move, to do something that the creature couldn't ignore. I increased my output, releasing 100% of my mana, as I did that my body became surrounded by a red hue.

The creature's attention toward me intensified, as if it had found delicious prey. Then I did the most reckless thing I've ever done in my life: I jumped backward toward the cliff, totally exposed to the monster in midair.

The creature, not so intelligent, took the bait, and used his ability, determined to end me in a single attack, in the air as I saw its fist coming towards me, I gently threw one of the rocks I had aiming to the side of his head.

Then I said, "Exchange"

Aaron appeared in the air and simultaneously struck the side of the creature's head with all his might. His attack bypassed the monster's defenses and inflicted damage. It was so effective that the force of the blow caused the monster's body to tilt to the side, causing it to miss its attack that was aimed at me.

And though we didn't manage to throw the creature against the cliff, our plan worked. Aaron landed on the monster's shoulder and then climbed on his head, and with a great leap, he reached the edge of the cliff and escaped from the monster's.

As I saw that I focused on the flower I marked before that was with Aaron, but because I used too much mana to release 100% output and because I switched Aaron with an object, my mana output decreased a lot. So I had to use chants to be able to switch.

And that was the time that the monster used to reach me, the second of saying a single word. I only saw as his fist came towards me. It was a mere second, a mere second. Because of a mere second, because my output was low, because I was too tired, because I had to save Aaron. Because I was weak.

His fist reached me.

All I managed to do was to protect my head as his immense fist made of rock hit my entire body and sent me flying. I felt my body hitting the edge of the cliff and then I started spinning uncontrollably in the air until I fell on the ground dozens of meters away from the edge.

All I could register on my body was the pain, everything was burning in pain, my head, arms, legs, chest, every single cell of my body was screaming in agony. My vision was blurry in red which I think it's my blood.

All I could see was a red blurry sky on the horizon.

For whom am I doing this? What am I trying to prove? Change the end? You say Liam is a hypocrite, when the hypocrite is yourself, you could have sacrificed Aaron and saved yourself, but no, you love this story too much to let any character die, right?

And you will use the excuse that you need them, but the truth is that you could have thrown them aside, you could have simply threatened Ian and used him, but no, you gave yourself all the trouble of making him enter the World academy. The same goes for Aaron, you know you don't need him, and yet you insisted on saving him.

Why won't you just admit? That you are not this intelligent person you pretend to be, this cold hearted, sarcastic and strong person, you are simply a weak boy who read a novel to escape reality.

All is just an excuse you used to escape from your reality. You knew this from the beginning, you read that novel as an excuse to escape reality, and now you are fighting a whole fucking monster because you wanted to ran away.

And now you're here, running away again. Save us the trouble, and just admit it. Admit it and move on, you know what you need to do.

I'm tired. I want to rest.

You're fucking pathetic.

You won't even acknowledge me and answer me properly, do it your way, but know this, your suffering won't end here. You remember right?

You promised to change the end.