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A fantasy world, where people who gain magical powers are called Ascenders, the Ascenders are decades of fighting against the army of the demons, won, they defeated the demon king and an era of peace reigned. And their function and goal lost it's meaning. Now in a world where Ascenders fighting against monsters became enterteiment, a show for mundane people watch and enjoy, Ascenders became celebreties, where most only strive for fame and wealth. But an era of terror is coming, and the Ascenders are not ready to fight against it. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ That is the synpose of [Tales of Outer Worlds] the best novel that our main character has read, but unfortunaly for him, The ending of [Tales of Outer Worlds] was the worst that he could ever imagine. However, he is given a chance to change it when he is transmigrated into the body of Iske Grace, a second-rate villain from the novel. With a goal in mind, he is determined to alter that horrible ending. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ The art on the cover is not mine, if you are the owner just contact me and I will gladly take out. Discord: harry1315

HarrY · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
90 Chs


My life has been very good since I arrived at the World Academy. I'm thankful that I heard the old man's advice and decided to take the entrance exams, I would spend my life not knowing such a blessed place.

The people here are very welcoming, although that has been some problems, but overall everyone is very friendly to me, very different from those back in my hometown, those nasty rich kids.

I have made some friends already. On the first day of school I met a girl named Emily, and she helped me a lot. She introduced me to some of her friends, and they are a weird but funny group of people.

First there's of course Emily, she's a very funny and carefree person, I like to have her around, she seems to live in her own little world, and she's strong.

There's Lucas, he's a good guy, but he sometimes makes some dark comments, and is overly competitive over small things, but he's very funny, and he's strong, very strong.

There's also Ella, she's very talkative, and she's a very straightforward person, very sincere and honest, and also very strong.

And lastly, there's Julie, but I didn't talk to her much, she seems more closed, and lonely, she's strong, even though that's for the wrong reasons.

My days has been funnier because of them, and also many things changed once I arrived at the World Academy, one of them was training, often I would have to train alone, only a few times the old man showed up and helped me, but usually I was all alone, so I didn't had much education about anything.

But now that I'm here, I see that I was very behind other people, because I lived most of my life alone. I thought that I was strong, but I was wrong. There are many people like me here, people truly strong.

The students, the teachers, everything has been great for me, but there's something that was much more impressive and amazing about this place. The food.

For a long time it was just me and the old man, and he didn't know how to cook, and I thought that his food was normal. I never questioned why food was bland or sometimes too salty, but when I arrived here I realized that he was just a bad cook.

The cafeteria has countless options with many different foods that I never saw before. The first time I saw this I almost passed down in shock, it was just too much for me.

The food has been one of the most wonderful things about this school. But of course, in every place there are bad things, one of them that has been bothering the most is a guy named Aaron.

For some reason he dislikes me and has been harassing me around campus. Although I try to ignore and not pay attention to him, it has become difficult, because he and his friends are very loud and difficult to not pay attention to.

And today Aaron appeared once again to bother, but this time it was not me, he went to bother someone else. I was eating my food in the cafeteria in peace.

"Why is Vincent's class like that?" Ela asked indigent, "Isn't he supposed to be the strongest?"

Lucas answered bluntly, "He's the strongest not the best teacher"

Well, that makes sense, "But I like his classes"

Everyone in the group turned to me with a weird expression, "Liam, you're capable of liking math and Professor Douglas. Your opinion isn't exactly the most reliable"

"Why?" I asked.

But they only sighed and didn't answer, and before our talk could continue, we heard a louder voice speaking through the countless students within the cafeteria, and it was a voice I have heard much recently.

"Iske Grace, how you've been doing" Aaron said, faking a friendly voice.

We all turned around and saw Aaron approaching a boy with red eyes who looked at Aaron with a displeased face.

"Is that…?" I asked.

And Julie answered, "Yeah, he's Iske"

Oh, so he's the guy that Julie is obsessed over. I remember him, I talked to him during the entrance exam. In fact I stopped a fight between him and Julie, he doesn't seem that much, not threatening, not strong, but for some reason, I don't like him.

Must be because he's a murderer.

The whole cafeteria went quiet as Aaron approached Iske.

"What do you want, Aaron?" 

"Relax, we are all friends here, right?" He answered as he stood right in front of Iske.

Because Aaron was distracting Iske, he didn't see one of Aaron's friends approaching behind him, he only noticed when it was too late, the guy poured a whole can of soda on Iske's head.

Then he joined Aaron and started laughing, then they threw the can towards Iske who caught it, his face was pointed towards the ground, so I couldn't see his expression.

"Come on, laugh, it's just a joke" Aaron's friend whose name I don't remember said.

And it was when Iske looked at the guy and smiled. and then everything happened too fast. 

Iske put the can to his mouth, and in the same moment, punched him in the face. The guy fell on his butt with his nose broken and bleeding profusely. Before he could even recover, Iske's leg connected with his chin, rendering him unconscious.

While everyone was left speechless before the scene, Iske only said to the guy on the floor, "Come on, laugh, it's just a joke"

I saw as Aaron prepared his mana to punch Iske as well, but before anything could've been made, a person appeared and stopped the conflict.

"You two, stop this right now" A woman said.

She has long dark brown hair and golden eyes, she's wearing a different uniform compared to us, it's a black one, and it has a badge on her chest.

"The council," Emily said behind me.

"Who?" I asked.

"The council, it's a group made of the 6 strongest students of the academy, their job is to guarantee our safety within the school"

I glanced back towards the woman, and she does seem very strong, "And who is she?"

Emily stayed quiet, she seems to not know the woman, but Lucas did, "She's Natalie

Grace, the vice president of the council"

Natalie Grace… "Grace?"

This time it was Julie who answered, "Yeah, she's Iske's older sister"

Then I moved my eyes towards Iske and Natalie, looking for similarities, but found none, they are totally different from one another, but I noticed something else, Iske was looking at his sister with hostility in his eyes.

"They don't seem to like each other"

"Iske was born from a mistress, and because of that he doesn't get along with his siblings" Lucas answered me.

That doesn't make any sense, why would siblings hate each other just because they don't have the same mother?

That incident ended as I watched Iske leaving the cafeteria, and Natalie following him. As I was watching Iske's back walking away, I decided to use my ability on him, activating it. And I saw what I wanted, but it only made me confused.



"Are you sure that Iske murdered your brother in cold blood?" I asked her.

"Absolutely" She said, with no hesitation and hatred in her words, "Why?"

"No, nothing"

If he's really a murderer, why is he not 'Evil'? That doesn't make any sense, because he's not 'Good' either, is my Innate magic working? How can a person not be 'Evil' and neither 'Good'?

Iske Grace… "I don't like him"