Dear Author: Please Change The End

A fantasy world, where people who gain magical powers are called Ascenders, the Ascenders are decades of fighting against the army of the demons, won, they defeated the demon king and an era of peace reigned. And their function and goal lost it's meaning. Now in a world where Ascenders fighting against monsters became enterteiment, a show for mundane people watch and enjoy, Ascenders became celebreties, where most only strive for fame and wealth. But an era of terror is coming, and the Ascenders are not ready to fight against it. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ That is the synpose of [Tales of Outer Worlds] the best novel that our main character has read, but unfortunaly for him, The ending of [Tales of Outer Worlds] was the worst that he could ever imagine. However, he is given a chance to change it when he is transmigrated into the body of Iske Grace, a second-rate villain from the novel. With a goal in mind, he is determined to alter that horrible ending. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ The art on the cover is not mine, if you are the owner just contact me and I will gladly take out. Discord: harry1315

HarrY · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
90 Chs


Vincent Taylor, the strongest ascender there is, the person considered being the apex of strength in this world, the man who sits at the top and looks down at everyone. When you hear that someone like that will be your teacher, you become excited.

You expect to learn a lot from the strongest, countless ascenders would want the chance to be taught by Vincent, and all the first years of the World Academy were thrilled to be able to learn from him.

That was until his classes began, then the students' excitement became something else differently, they first became confused, and later became mad, and now is a mix of these two emotions.

The reason for that is because Vincent's class is not what anyone was expecting, and his attitude doesn't make it any better.

"Draw again" He paused a second to yawn, "Draw what's on your mind"

After saying that he gives us all a piece of paper and a pencil, nothing else, then he comfortably sat on his table and started scrolling through his phone. And I could see the angry looks he was receiving, though he was oblivious to it.

For the past month since we arrived at the World Academy, Vincent's class has been the same. He would show up, hand out a piece of paper, then sit at his desk to either sleep or use his phone. Once he finished, he would collect all the drawings and leave.

For anyone this may seem a little disappointing, everyone was expecting something more breathtaking I guess, nothing like this, something that would actually make them stronger.

They are mad thinking that this is some sort of prank, or that Vincent is an irresponsible guy, but that's not true, this is not a prank.

This class of his is teaching us something crucial for our lives as Ascenders, one of the mana control techniques, the last phase of the mana techniques as well the most powerful technique there is.

The World.

At a certain level as an ascender, we gain or develop the ability to imbue our intentions into our mana. For example, to instill fear in an enemy, an ascender can use mana imbued with a murderous intention.

That's just an example, but not only murderous intention, any type of intention we can imbue in our mana, it's a very useful type of technique, for example if I imbue a desire to hurt in my mana, my attacks won't get more powerful but they will make my strikes more painful, all because of my intention.

And that's the World, a technique that controls our intention, but that's not what makes the World strong, the World has three phases, Intention, which I explained, Abstract, and Materialization.

In Intention you learn how to control your intentions and use them, Abstract makes you able to understand these ideas, your concepts, visions and opinions, and Materialization makes you able to pour all that on the real world.

These three combined make the World, an ultimate technique, the pinnacle of the ascenders. 

I feel embarrassed to say that I never read too much explanation in this novel. Flow and Release was easy to understand, but World was not and there were countless paragraphs explaining it, and I jumped through a lot of them. So I can't explain what it does, but it's really cool and powerful.

But one thing I recall about the World was a conversation that Liam had in the future, where he mentioned that Vincent's classes helped him understand his World, and he only realized this after years had passed.

So even though I don't understand what the purpose of this class is, I need to do it.

While everyone was slacking off and doing anything but drawing, I grabbed the pencil and started drawing exactly what I was on my mind. But soon I discovered how difficult that truly is.

How do I draw my thoughts? Not to forget about that, what are my thoughts?

I found myself questioning my thoughts as well as what they represent, and to help with everything, I didn't know how to draw, so I was just doodling with my pencil through the white paper.

I couldn't decipher what my thoughts truly meant, what they truly are, much less draw what's on my mind at this moment. Usually my mind has millions of useless thoughts, but now that I'm drawing it, I can't have a single decent one.

In the end, the class ended and I didn't draw anything but a few doodles, black scribbles without any type of connection or correlation with one another. It was just a bunch of black marks around a white paper.

The same thing that I've been drawing for the last couple of classes I had with Vincent.

As the class ended, Vincent passed through the classroom collecting the drawings of the students. He stopped by a chair, grabbed the paper, looked at it, then glanced at the students and walked away to the next one.

He stopped by Liam and looked at his drawing, I couldn't see what it was, and he said "You're a simple thinker"

His tone was even, so I didn't know if he was mocking or praising Liam, but I guess it should be the latter since in the novel, Liam was the most talented when it came to the World.

He didn't comment on a single other student besides Liam, until he looked at my drawing.

"You think too much" It was all he said before walking away.

Oh really? Thank god you told me, I would die without knowing that about myself.

After grabbing my drawing he left the classroom without even saying goodbye, and as the class ended, every student left the classroom heading to the cafeteria.