1 Well... this sucks

This sucks, it cold, dark, and quiet. I vaguely remember something, my gut, it burned, I saw red, on my gut, I mean... it hurt, I was bleeding, I got stabbed in the stomach. Now I'm here, in this place, probably close to death or dying right now.

After a minute of this dark, I hear a voice, all echoey and distant "look you gonna die in about a minute, so I will give you a choice, wonder purgatory for all eternity, or be reborn and Simmons to a world of monsters." It took me no time at all to process this information, I mean who hasn't heard of reincarnation or some other type of fantasy B.S.

I looked upon my life, my friends were mostly Hispanic, Asian, and black. Not many white friends though, I went to a pretty racist school, hated everyone there, I made friends with the good ones who had the same point of view on races and one even wanted to change their life and help them from out terrible system, to be very clear, I loath racist people, their all idiots, judging them from how they were born, I would like to add, they never had a choice in that matter.

I replied with the only logical answer in my self perceived "MC" status "yes I would very much like to be summoned" the mysterious voice asked another question " what starting ability would you enjoy having then?" I thought about it for a bit and realized that I would not understand the language "can I have language comprehension?" The voice replied with a simple "when you arrive you will already gain the skill language compression 10, choose something else please." He thought for a bit longer and said "mana control if that's possible." "Ok then, but I would like to warn you: this is a unique skill, that few have, this could be potentially dangerous, be careful with who you tell."


In a giant kingdom known as the kingdom of Luther, it was filled with gold, the economy was doing amazingly and everyone is happy, except for the elves, who are treated like garbage and are like a fantasy version of slaves, and I almost forgot to mention the dozens of beastmen and lizard people, who are shot on sight, these laws are orchestrated by the king Luther himself, who may I add, is in the middle of the summoning of a hero, in this world, you need to collect summoning shards by leveling up to summon, so only warriors, mages, and royalty can summon, it's not outlawed, just very hard to do and very unsuccessful, Sense humans had a mind of their own they end up gaining useless skills like sword use (1) which you gain by picking up a sword and swinging it a few times. The current king did not actually like the idea of these laws, as a kid, his maid, who might as well have been his mother was his favorite person, but soon realized as he got older if the nobles didn't approve of the anti-slave laws he'd be executed because as his late father said: "if a king does not have the support of the people, he might not be king for long."

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