1 Picnic Time

You know that jumpy kind of feeling when you

just can't keep still? You want to hop around or

run realy fast or do a crazy dance?

That's the feeling I had as I climbed onto the

camp bus. Yeah, my sister, Heather, and I were

totally psyehed.

Welove summer camp. We love being outdoors

and hanging out with other kids -and no par

ents around. Heather and I are really into

animals and learning about bugs and snakes and

all kinds of creatures.

We have two rabbits we kep in a pen behind

our garage. And we have a hamster and an old

box turtle and two dogs- Rusty and Max --

one for each of us, although they both like Heather

better than me.

Camp Hither is supposed to be an excellent

wilderness camp. At least, that's what Mom and

Dad said. So yes, Heather and I were excited,

My little sister I'm twelve and she's ten-

had only one complaint. "I'm always away from

home for my birthday," ghe said. "So I can never

?" I said. "Who told you to be born in the

have a birthday party."


She gave me that cold stare she always gives

me, with her eyes half closed and her mouth all

twisted. "Boone, give me a ding-dong break.

That's one of her favorite expressions. She

heard it from our grandmother. Mom and Dad

think she's a riot. I don't really get it. Who talks

like that who isn't, like, eighty years old?

Heather doesn't look like she's in the same

family as me. I'm tall and thin. I have short,

straight black hair and dark brown eyes.

I'majumpy kind of dude. I mean, I've got a lot

of energy. It's hard to sit still. Im always tap-

ping my fingers on something or bopping


Dad says I'm the original Energizer Bunny.

Ha-ha. Why does everyone in my family think

they're a comedian?

Heather has very curly hair and green gyes.

She's about a foot shorter than me, and a little

chubby. I'd never tell her that. I mean, I learned

my lesson.

Once I was kind of angry, and I called her

Chubs. I know. It was dumb.

She gave me a really hard punch in the stom-

ach. Which I still think about. I walked around

bent over, looking like the number seven, for

about a week.

Heather likes to punch people. She thinks she's

so cute, she can get away with it.

She's very strange. She likes to wear all kinds

of bracelets and rings and sparkly things and

dangly plastic earrings.

I told her no one else in her class wears that

stuff. And she stuck her tongue out at me and

made a loud spitting noise.

Anyway, we heaved our bags into the luggage

compartment of the yellow camp bus. Then we

.said good-bye to Mom and Dad, with hugs all


Heather gave me a push toward the bus door.

I told you, she's always pushing and punching

me. She's totally dangerous.

I climbed the three steps onto the bus. It took

a while for my eyes to adjust. I could see a lot of

kids were already on board.

Heather followed me as I started down the

narrow aisle to the back. And I heard the bus

driver mutter, "Two more victims" Then he shut

the door.

What did he mean by that?

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