A century ago, the armies of man marched to the Lands of Hausdorff, a beautiful realm filled with forests, hills, lakes and mellowfields.

600,000 soldiers filled the fields, making the very ground tremble. Six opposing armies faced off in the Contest of Crowns. The Holy men, the Vikings, the Japanese, The Chinese, The Sugelanders, and the Romans.

The bright blue sky overflowed with darkness as Chinese bolts flew.

Lighting cracked upon foe from Japanese katanas.

Winds blew, sweeping fellow far and wide from Viking axe.

Mass cannonballs smashed and Sugelan claymores broke lines.

Tanks crumbled and Templar cavalry trampled.

Endless legions swarmed and outmanoeuvred while ballista pinned.

The battle was equal, with no side giving quarter, 500,000 men dead and dying. It was apparent they would fight to the very end.

The fields had turned dark red, soldiers were suffocated under friend and foe. Four feet of man, lay under them until eventually all but six remained.

Six champions watched each other, difficult to tread over the mass grave. Six opposing men and women, who would be the final soldier standing? Who was the deadliest warrior? who would claim the Contest of Crown and rule the continent of Theia?

They charged, and let bolt fly, swinging, smashing and chopping. Cracking, thudding and rolling, yet they still stood, barely, greatly injured, but their iron will remained.

Then the unthinkable happened. The dead and dying were swallowed up by the grounds of Hausdorff. They sunk into the soil, turning the grasslands in to a volcanic ash field, blackened and barren. The black storms swept over Hausdorff, never to be the same again.

The six champions faced a greater foe now, they withdraw, traversing as fast as their feet would allow, outrunning the earth that wished to devour them.

Returning their motherlands, their councils called Hausdorff an unholy realm, yet no truce was made between the nations.

Generations have past, battle and skirmishes are frequent and bandits and beast roam the region.

From the ash-fields of Hausdorff, witchcraft manifested, growing vicious and potent. An army grew from the fallen, creating a legion of Hell-spawn. Leading the horde is a powerful sorceress, she curses the land and transforms man to beast, and dead to undead.

No end is in sight, no peace, only the grim void is certain.

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