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1 year with no news on his condition or even an activity, well his dead fam hey if u still alive answer me are u still want to writing ur stories or not


The chapters may seem to be a little short and a little quick paced but it is a very interesting story that will get many people excited for future chapters that are sure to come and be just as good as the past chapters


the concept of kaijus in marvel or dc is a great idea but it would have been nicer if the mc cant transform into a human and just be a kaiju that slumber deep in the ocean the waking up time to time when important things happen like the alien invasion in new York in in the mcu, invation of darksied in dcu, or when the eternal arrived in the earth


You are not allowed to drop until you make 100 chaps or find a realiable author to take your place


below average all around. if only the author would actually correct their MANY MANY MANY grammar, spelling, capitalization and many other mistakes. this could actually be a decent 4/5


The grammar is really bad. But it isn't the worst I've seen. The main problem I have with this novel is that its named Kaiju system but the mc isn't a Kaiju at all. He was zilla for like the first 2 chapters then he was a human. I really wanted a Kaiju novel not some off brand Beast Boy.


I lost brain cells reading this. The main character is so childish. B R U H . B R U H . B R U H H H H H H H H H H H H B R U H . B R U H . B R U H H H H H H H H H H H H B R U H . B R U H . B R U H H H H H H H H H H H H




calidad de la escritura (4/5); estabilidad de las actualizaciones (2/5); desarrollo de la historia (3/5); diseño de personaje (3/5); fondo mundial (3/5).


Reveal spoiler


keep up the great work i hope the next few chapters will be out soon i;m interested in how this story will go i wonder how the the avengers and the justice league would react to seeing king ghidorah.


This novel could've been better, if the gramma was fixed, the MC is actually a kaiju/human hybrid that grows over time, and the system 'guides' the MC Not some gacha that can basically give him everything and also stick to one superhero universe. I mean is it really that hard. I know a lot of people like the idea of both DC and marvel mixed, but to be honest, it's not plausible. It's like taking One piece, and trying to mash in together with Pirates of the Caribbean. It's like having Stars wars and Star trek in the same place. I feel like not so far in the future they will combine DC with the same universe as with where Invincible exists. It just doesn't make any sense.


i really like this fic actually, even though it is a crossover with Marvel x DC and most of them don't do that well you know... But i think this massive crossover is cool. Good Job author.


I really like this story, reading about kaiju bring me back when watching films back then. I hope you bring about even more kaiju. Though the only question i have is can his kaiju dna be used to create other kaiju. Like how space godzilla, Biollante, orga or maybe some other variant.


It’s not bad. I like the monster transformation concept. Yet the formatting flaws, sometimes off-the-shelf spelling, and some lack of logic prevent me from giving more than 4 stars. But it’s still acceptable as a pastime, I guess. Still, I wish a good continuation to the author and a lot of success


So good, but so frustrating, one chapter a week is unfair for such a good work, but I have to be understanding with the author because I know his life is not just about serving me this wonderful story, so I do what I can to encourage it. you to post it but giving you the most sincere compliments. what a wonderful story


Great story and are you going to make Chapter in the future ? Also can you name all the monsters and creatures in this story.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


I have just started to read this and already I am in love with the story and I really hope you take some inspiration from the great Godzilla the animated series tv show for future updates