1 Chapter 1: The Void (edit)

My name is Max I love monster and superhero movies, especially Godzilla and all his rogue's gallery my life has always been normal and I strove to be the best I could in everything I do taking "with great power comes great responsibility" to heart in my life.

But one day I and my family take a cruise out into the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii on our way to Japan but while on our journey a massive storm hits the ship and knocks me overboard where I died and where I was reborn.

Max: "Were... where am I.....the ship....my parents..."

'All I see around me is the darkness and the shadow of a large object sinking beneath me and the waves of the ocean above'.

???: "Hello" suddenly the void consumes me and I hear a voice deep an powerful and sounded ancient, I quickly turned to face where I heard the voice but I see only the darkness of the Ocean.

Max: "Who said that?" I turn my head the only part of my body that will head my will the rest is paralyzed like I'm asleep.

???: "Do you want to live young man?" it said not answering my question and this time it sounded like it was right next to my ear I turn but still nothing.

Max: "What do you mean where are you who are you?" I shout out hoping for an answer to this confusing situation but for a moment wondered how I was even speaking.

???: "Well isn't it obvious don't tell me you don't remember I've been watching you for some time so I know how smart you can be." I think for a moment looking at my situation and what the voice said. Then it hits me like a truck the memories of the storm the lightning the wind and the fall of the deck rails.

max: "I'm dead... you brought me here" realization and sadness in my voice.

???: "Yes now answer me this do you know who I am?" it sounded excited almost expecting me to know who it was, I took what context I could from its earlier statements and the environment around me and pulled it all together.

Max: "Your some kind of cosmic being" I couldn't guess who specifically since there were so many different entities but I hoped a vague answer would suffice.

???: "Correct a bit vague but still correct I knew you were smart and the right choice to give the offer to."

Max: "What kind of offer," I noticed it avoided giving me its name I wonder who I'm talking to and again wondered how I was so calm I was just told I'm dead and now I'm casually having a conversation to possibly god and I'm calm I should be freaking out.

???: " I offer you a chance to be reborn in a new world of the greatest of marvels and the craftiest of Beings with powers of your own and to do with as you please." its voice echoed and sounded like it was coming from all directions.

Max: "I accept" without hesitation, my voice echoed but nothing was said back to me and for a few seconds I was left in darkness but, then my vision shifted as if my eyes just crossed for a moment. I closed my eyes close and rubbed them, and immediately recognized I had control of my body again and the message in front of my face.

[kaiju system installed hello user]

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