The fall II: Worst Nightmare

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The buster sword in Samael's hand dragged through the void, as he walked steadily towards Michael who had seemingly lost all hope, after witnessing the brutal death of his fellow archangels.

"I warned you, didn't I?"

Samael smirked and placed the blade on his shoulders, in a victorious gait.

"I warned you to stay out of my way, Michael. Yet you were so confident in Father but now where is he to save you?"

Ridiculing the hopeless figure who was sorrowfully embracing the golden horn, Samael felt a sense of satisfaction.

"But don't worry. I'm not going to kill you, dear brother. I'm going to keep you alive, and after I destroy Father and everything he's built, I'll create a new multiverse, far different from this dammed one!"


Spinning around, Samael whipped out his leg and kicked out, smashing Michael right in the head and hurling him a few meters away.

Teleporting to the miserable and bleeding figure of Michael, Samael grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

"I'm not going to kill uou, but I'm going to strip you off that power that you are so proud of!!"

He then smashed him down grabbed his blade and lifted it above his head.


Covering the blade in demonic flames, he engaged the power of wrath and brought it down with all the power he could muster.

"Cease your actions Samael!!"

When his blade was inches away from severing Michael's wings and stripping him off his demiurgic power, a calm yet deep voice resounded across the multiverse, as golden light burst out in a moment.

Lifting his head up high, Samael squinted from the brilliance of the golden light which materialised into the figure of a white haired middle aged man.

His presence seemed to overshadow the dark void, with brilliance and holiness, as his golden eyes were full of love and tenderness. His pure white robes were stainless and spotless, and he walked barefooted, with his every step negating the damage to the multiverse and returning everything to its original state.

In an instant, golden light flashed and instantly, the destroyed bodies of the archangels immediately reformed and in a moment they were all brought back to life and surrounded him.

Meanwhile, Samael did not even spare a glance at his brothers who had been revived. Rather his eyes still remained on the figure of his father who was only a few meters away from them.

"You have greatly disappointed me my boy. I thought even with his arrival, things were going to be different, but it turns out this is who you were always meant to be.

I am not ashamed of who you are, or will be, and neither should you. I will always love you as my own."

The man waved his hand, and in the next moment, a whitish seal materialised in his hand, with which he looked towards Michael and handed it over with a sigh.

"For your crimes, I sentence you, Samael to banishment in the chaoplasm!"

Michael roared out, and an immensely powerful beam of holy light blasted towards Samael who had stopped resisting and had his eyes on his father.


'I never stood a chance, did I?'

Being hurled through multiple universes at speed that far eclipsed light, the only thing that remained on his mind was the pitiful look that his father watched him with, the disgust from his brethren and his failure.

'I'm sorry, Alan. In the end, even I was useless…'

Samael finally closed his eyes, as he soared through the void, like a streak of lightning, tearing through multiple planets and heavenly bodies.


Meanwhile, on earth, a white haired figure sat on a rock with his face buried in his palms and in great worry. Occasionally raising his head to the sky, he wondered, not wanting the foreordained events to come to pass.

True, there was nothing he could do about it, like Death had said, but the very thought of his first friend in the entire multiverse getting banished and sealed in Hell just for trying to get him home made him restless and full of guilt.

"Wheel, it's all my fault isn't it? If I hadn't told him about all of that then none of would have happened?!"

He scratched his hair angrily and turned to his imaginary friend with a sigh.

"You're right, wheel, even without my interference he still would've been banished to Hell. The only thing that has changed now is the motive for his attack on the Silver city."

Watching the golden dharma wheel's stone cold exterior, Alan finally nodded in understanding, yet he still couldn't get rid of the guilty feeling in his heart.

Sighing once more, he turned around, about to leave when he sensed something and raised his head to the sky.


Using his enhanced vision he noticed an injured figure wrapped in holy light streak smashing towards the earth with unreasonable speed.

'Shit! With his speed he's gonna obliterate the earth!!'

Alan roared and pushed out his arms, embalming the entire earth in a wave of life energy.


Like a meteor, the figure crashed into the earth, and even with Alan's intervention, a massive crater formed, followed by a wave of flames that swallowed nearly almost a third of the earth, a cataclysmic event that marked the end of one era, one that would forever be recorded in the annals of history.

Even Alan was not spared from the wave of flames, and was completely engulfed, and burnt to ashes, only to be resurrected about a minute later.

Turning in shock towards the earth that was now in ruins, he rushed to the site of collision, only for him to be shocked at the revelation.

Samael, who had gone to war against Heaven now lay in a crater with immense injuries while a golden seal covered his chest.

"Jesus! Samael, can you hear me?! Are you alright?"

Alan rushed to him, but the moment he touched the seal, a massive force blew him back a few meters.


Finally opening his eyes, Samael turned his head towards Alan with tears in his eyes.

"I-I failed. You have to leave now. They are coming…"

With a frail and weak voice, Samael beckoned, but Alan refused to listen.

"Calm down, okay, it's gonna be alright.."

He encouraged with tears in his eyes, as he grasped tightly onto the arm of his best friend.

"Leave now!!! They're here…"

Samael's voice was raised in fear, and in the next moment, multiple glowing figures materialised in the sky before them.

"The gates to the chaoplasm can only be accessed on this planet. It's no wonder father created those humans. It was for them to protect those gates…"

Michael levitated towards Samael and Alan with the seal of the Holy one in his hands.

He was about to address Samael when he noticed Alan's figure immediately and ceased for a moment.

"Leave now!!!"

Samael roared to Alan who was completely immobilised by a gaze from the demiurge.

"Even up till now, I don't understand you brother. Why in Father's name would you choose to protect someone like him. A being whose main purpose of existence is to threaten the order of the Heavens? Why?!!"

Michael roared out, as his flaming sword materialised in his hand.

"Listen to my you bastard. If you dare touch him, I'm going to tear you apart limb from limb! Don't you dare!!!"

Samael roared out, but his words were spoken in fear and panic rather than wrath.

"Don't worry brother, I won't kill him, since Father ordered me not to, but there are fates worse than death!"

Michael waved his blade and tore a rift in space, before he grabbed Alan by the neck.

"You're going to suffer oh fateless one. A fate worse than death. Where none of your powers remain. A realm where your worst fears become reality…"

Looking towards Alan with disgust, Michael then tossed him into the rift and closed it with his bare hands.


Samael roared in fury, as he struggled and thrashed about on the ground, trying to rid himself off the seal, yet his efforts were futile.

Some of archangels watched him in pity, others in disgust and some regret.

"It's time for your punishment brother.."

Michael waved his hand and tore another rift in space before he grabbed Samael by the hair and looked him right in the eye.

"Goodbye brother!"

"I'm going to kill all of you!!! I'll kill you!!

Hurling him into the rift, it closed slowly, as Samael's resentful screams reverberated across the void.



Crashing down within the bottomless pit of darkness, Samael looked around, trying to locate his surroundings when a couple of footsteps rang out.

"Who are you?!"

Samael roared in anger and turned around, as a blazing flame erupted from his body, illuminating the entire chaoplasm and continued burning endlessly.

The figure rushed out to him and embraced his figure as gentle sobs rang out, and tears wet his chest. As he figure slowly revealed itself, a beautiful black robed figure who was still as beautiful as ever came into the light.


Instantly realising who it was, Samael embraced her back and finally cried out, letting out all of the pent up feelings in his heart.

"I failed, Lilith. I failed you, and I failed…I failed

him. Because of me, he-he's…"

Crying out, he embraced her even more, as she patted his back.

"It's not your fault, Samael, it's not…"

Lilith sighed and raised her head above, as resentment flashed within.


Alan's Hell….


The midday sun shone onto the lands of New York City, as pedestrians went about their daily lives. Groaning, a figure awoke in the middle of an dark alleyway, and sat up while rubbing his eyes.

As his brain slowly reset, he finally remembered what had happened previously and he rushed out of the alley, only to halt furiously before a road, nearly hit by a car, as the furious driver roared out insults.

"I-Im home?"

Alan roared out and watched his reflection in the mirror. He was dressed in his school uniform and held onto his school bag, however he noticed the golden dharma wheel still hanging behind him.


He was about to comment, when he suddenly heard a scream within the alley. He immediately rushed inside of the alley only to halt seeing the familiar nightmarish scene playing out before his eyes.

He saw her, once more, the closest person to his heart. Her slightly wrinkled face denoted the effects of aging on her beautiful visage.

Her clothes were torn apart and her body was bruised, and before her a couple of thugs stood holding guns and pointing them at her.

Behind her, a miniature version of himself lay unconscious as she stood with her arms spread apart like a lioness protecting her cub.


Alan uttered shakily, as the woman turned around to face him in surprise, only for him to be brought back to senses by the sound of a bullet ripping through human flesh.

Blood spurted onto his face, although he was further away from the scene.

Being speechless for a while, tears ran down his cheeks, and he immediately rushed towards her.

A few meters away from his body, time seemed to reverse, bringing him back to his original position. And once more the nightmarish sound of bullet reverberated once more, and blood spurted onto his face.

Alan took a step forward as tears rushed down his face, only for time to reverse once more as the scene played out before his eyes.

He dropped to his knees, getting drowned in the blood from his mother over and over and over.

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