Consequences I

The golden rays of light from the sun, shone across the earth, spreading rays of goodness along the globe.

Atop a small mountain, two figures lay in each other's embrace. Wearing only robes to cover his lower body, a golden haired handsome man, glared at the sky, while in deep thought. After a few moments, he turned towards the beautiful figure in his embrace and sighed, before a smile formed on his face.


After a moment, the woman in his arms slowly awoke, as their eyes met and they smiled to each other.

"You're awake already?"

The woman gently caressed his chin and propped herself up with her arms, staring at his angelic face.

"Sleep is more of a luxury rather than a necessity to me."

He smiled and gently caressed her hair, which brought a smile to her face, before she lay down on his chest.

"Thank you."

She whispered, while he smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"But, if the creator finds out about us, isn't he going to punish us for our disobeying him?"

She asked and sat up once more, looking towards him in worry.

"It's alright. My father will agree to our union once he realises what exists between us."

Samael spoke trying to calm Lilith down, however deep within his heart, he was only speaking those words to console himself, to try to see the bigger picture, after all, a father should always do what was best for his children right?

"I trust you." She closed her eyes and lay on his chest once more, while the smile on Samael's face slowly vanished. He could sense the premonitions of a danger that lay ahead, howver he was going to do whatever it took to keep her safe even if it meant going against his father.

Realm of Death…


The wasteland of Death stretched infinitely, with no beginning and almost no end, and right in the middle of it, a figure sat cross legged, with his eyes closed. His pure white hair was messy, his face and lips bruised, and his body battered. Above him was a golden dharma wheel, like a halo, that reflected a golden light onto his body, like a Buddha.

A second later, his lashes fluttered, as he took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes, revealing multicoloured irises, that seemed to see through the very secrets of reality.

"How long has it been?"

He gently arose to his feet, as his bones gave off cracking sounds. He had grown even taller and muscular compared to how he was previously. He looked down at his hands, directly seeing the immense amounts of energy flowing through them. He couldn't help but smile, noticing an increase in his strength.


In a burst of dark light, a beautiful pale skinned figure appeared behind him, and smiled in appreciation, like a artist admiring his creation.

"How long has it been?"

Alan asked, knowing who it was without the need to even turn back to look at the person.

"It's been only a day on earth, but it's been years here."

Death smiled and walked to him, before examining him with her hands on her chin.

"You've changed.."

She commented after sometime and looked towards Alan who merely sighed in response.

"Maybe I should consider giving up my responsibility as an Endless and have you take it up?"

Death smiled and waved her hand, and suddenly, another figure appeared before them, one that was the spitting image of Alan himself.

"Now you want me to fight myself?"

Alan asked and raised a brow while Death nodded in agreement.

"Yes. The copy has nearly all of your abilities with the exception of adaptation and immortality. It should prove to be quite the challenge. Also I want you to fight it without your blade."

She spoke, while Alan rolled his eyes in response and readied himself.



They moved in an instant, like rays of light and clashed, as their fists smashed towards each other in an epic battle, unleashing a massive energy wave.

"He's strong. But then again, I'm fighting me."

Alan whispered, and sidestepped to the left, dodging a mean hook from the copy, before he whipped out his leg with a spin and unleashed 360 degree kick that hurled it into the sky, along with a burst of power.

Without hesitation, Alan unleashed his wings and gave chase, clashing once more with the opponent in the sky, with each move unleashing terrifying destructive waves.

Simply stretching out its hand, the copy summoned a long golden green sword, while Alan fought barehanded.

Parrying most of the attacks, Alan continued unleashing punch and kick combos only for the copy to dodge all of them effortlessly.

Alan then sidestepped and dodged a kick, only for the copy to wave its sword and slash out, sending out a wave of energy that slashed off Alan's arm before he could even react.

Rather than blood, golden light bloomed from the wound, and Ines than a second, a new arm regenerated, stronger and durable compared to the previous one.

Both of them then descended on the ground and faced each other once more.

The copy waved its hand, as a golden green immense amount of life force burst out, summoning countless humanoid beings armed with weapons, with unparalleled might.

Without wasting a second, the humanoids rushed out under he command of the copy and blasted towards Alan at full speed, with their weapons raised.

"Hehe. Okay, let's do this.."

Alan cracked his knuckles and placed his hands together, forming an intricate hand seal, like one of his favourite anime characters.

"Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine.."

The next moment, a mass of thick darkness enveloped the entire wasteland of death, completely encapsulating all the humanoids. The next moment, waves of death energy slashed out at immense speeds, ripping through all the death lines on each of the humanoids, eradicating them from reality in an instant.

A technique with the inspiration from the king of curses. Obviously, Alan didn't need to do the hand signs and neither did he need to say the name of the technique out loud, but he did it all for flex.

Seeing Alan pull out such a technique on the fly, even Death couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, praising him endlessly in her mind.

"You can copy my abilities, but not my experience and creativity!"

"Grim Reaper's Scythe.."

Alan scoffed, before he waved his hand, summoning a long black scythe adorned with skeletons and jewels.

He then zoomed out, reaching the copy in an instant and then he slashed out with his scythe, ripping through space itself.


Alan was unrelenting, utilizing his scythe like a spear and a staff, twirling, stabbing and sweeping in all directions, while increasing his speed with every movement.

He feigned a slash, and as the copy tried dodging, he punched out, catching him point blank, before he slashed out with his scythe cleaving off the arm of the clone and then he kicked out, sending it flying.

"Let's try this as well.."


He sent out a stream of inky black energy into his eyes and materialised a black flame that instantly landed on the body of the clone and began burning without any signs of stopping. Of course, another flex from Alan. He could just materialise the death flames by just employing death energy and channeling it through his arms, however just to look cool, he mimicked the Uchiha.

Watching the clone burn away, he grabbed his scythe and zoomed out, wanting to completely cleave through its death lines and destroy it, when he suddenly stopped and turned around.


A terrifying shockwave suddenly exploded forth, sending waves of destructive demiurgic force ripping through the pocket dimension of the wasteland of death, nearly tearing the whole place down.

"What the hell is that?!!"

Alan roared out and rushed to Death who was glaring at the sky with a curious expression.

"It would seem that two Archangels are battling it out, and the resulting waves of their battle is ripping through dimensions."

Death smiled and waved her hand, summoning a wave of energy that stabilised her realm.


The minute Alan heard those words, his reaction changed into fear, as he teleported away, disappearing from Death's realm in an instant.


Earth, Garden of Eden…

Meanwhile, the current state of the earth was nothing close to beautiful. Volcanic eruptions, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters had taken over, destroying nearly every life form on the planet.

Within the garden of Eden, multiple angelic figures stood in their glory, and before them was a blonde haired naked man with an evil smile on his face.

"I warned you, didn't I, Lilith. I warned you to stay away from them, yet you refused, now pay the price!"

The man monologued, while he glared at the pitiful figure of the woman lying before him. Her face was bruised, and her lips were burst.

The angelic beings looks towards each other with raised brows, as the man spoke, but none of them made a move to harm him.


Within the void, about 3 beings were engaged in a brutal battle, sending waves of terrifying demiurgic power that ripped through the fabric of reality.


One figure was hurled far away into the void, as his body moved through the void at light speed.

After seconds of flying, he stabilised himself and wiped the golden drops of blood that flowed to his chin.

"How pitiful. You couldn't defeat me yourself, so you brought help?"

The golden haired figure with six golden wings spat out and hoisted his broadsword onto his shoulders, before smirking.

"I'm sorry, brother. You should not have touched that mortal woman. You just committed an abomination, and father demands she be punished and you brought back to the silver city!"

Before him, a man with six glowing white wings stood with his flaming sword, and beside him was a rather quiet Angel with six white wings, dressed in a brown robe. His eyes were the most beautiful things the multiverse had ever seen. It was as if they were constructed from pure jewels.

He was Camael, the all seeing one.

"That mortal woman is someone I cherish! And you will not touch her with your filthy hands!"

Samael moved in an instant, slashing out his blade and sending out a wave of demiurgic power, that even Michael had to evade.

Camael also disappeared, and reappeared behind Samael, while Michael appeared before him. The next moment, the three of them clashed in an multiverse shaking battle of which ripped through the fabric of reality.

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