3 Clairvoyance ?


Eyelashes fluttering open, our mc's sky blue eyes snapped open, as he arose from the ground with a painful groan.

'I just had one of the wildest dreams. Getting stomped to death by a group of large T-Rex's, Tsk. He thinks he can scare me with some measly nightmares..'

He rolled his eyes, turned around and jumped, crossing the threshold for a vertical jump that was impossible for even the most skilled athlete, before he grabbed into multiple leaves and landed gracefully on his feet.

"Damn. I'm really light on my feet. I could easily become a word class athlete with just this feat."

Laughing to himself, he picked up a couple of strings and began making makeshift clothes with the leaves in hand, and after about an hour, he was done.

Walking up to the waterfall again, he admired himself with a smirk and walked back to the tree.

'No some food..'

Picking up a large wooden stick on the floor, he placed it on his shoulder and began searching through the forest for some fruits or even dead animals for meat.

After walking for a few kilometres, he stopped before another large tree and decided to take a rest, while continuously patting his rumbling stomach.

Looking around in exhaustion, he noticed three ripe foreign fruits that resembled apples, but with a purplish colour. As his eyes gleamed in excitement, he wasted no time and rushed towards the three juicy fruits with his wooden stick in hand, however right then, his body entered the trance like state once more, and there, he saw himself getting swatted away like a mosquito by a large tail, after which a massive python hidden atop the trees bearing the ripe fruits descended.

'These visions again? First a dinosaur and now a giant snake?'

He scoffed, but still kept his guard up and began moving towards the fruit slowly. Using the wooden stick, he tapped on the tree once, hoping to get some sort of reaction from the 'giant python' that was revealed to be hiding atop the tree.

Upon no response, he tapped twice and then thrice, and after confirming safety, he coldly chuckled and jumped, wanting to use his unnatural ability to quickly seize the fruits and escape.

As he leapt into the sky, his body was completely vulnerable while his two hands reached out for the fruits, and just like that, two large emerald eyes that had been stalking him from the shadows gleamed murderously, before a massive tail smashed into his body, sending him flying across a couple of trees, before inevitably crashing into a large tree and breaking it through with his body.

Falling to the ground face first, Alan raised his head to see what hit him only for his him to widen his eyes in shock and fear.

Slithering down the tree was a python that even the words humongous was an understatement in describing it. About 13 meters in length, and nearly 1140 kg in weight.

Alan estimated, and slowly backed away in fear, as the massive snake slithered towards him, waving out its long tongue like a fork.


Alana screamed and grabbed his wooden stick, before exploding forth with immense speed that was nearly impossible for an average human, and almost outrun the massive snake, which was a bit shocking, considering he had no training whatsoever and had only been stomped to death by a horde of Tyrannosaurus rex, running at their full speed.

Continuously running through the forest non stop, he accidentally slipped on a tree branch and nearly fell to the ground, however he quickly manoeuvered and hid behind a tree.

'How the hell is this possible?! Could it be that the dream of the being stomped to death by the T- Rex's was also true, then how the hell am I alive?! Is this some sort of game?!'

Taking in deep breaths, his instincts began screaming to him, as if a predator was lurking in the shadows, and lo and behold, he finally heard the slithering sound of the massive snake.

Taking in a deep breath, he covered his mouth and held his breath, waiting for the snake to pass, so he could escape. His body was drenched in sweat and his heart felt like it could escape his body at any time.

Then and there he entered another trance, and in this vision, he saw himself getting swallowed by the massive snake which seemed to have coiled itself around the tree he was hiding behind.

Snapping out of the trance, he decided to take a gamble, and jumped with all of his might, trusting his gut.

And right as he did, the snake's massive body dropped from above and landed where he previously stood.

Nearly thanking the God he very much hated in his heart, Alan took to his heels, running with all of his might, but after reaching several meters away from the snake he entered another trance, and right then, he ducked, as the snake shot over his head like an arrow and landed beside him.

'Okay, this feels kinda awesome. It's like some sort of clairvoyance…'

Letting out a smile, he was so engrossed in his newfound ability and he unsuspectingky crashed into a tree face first, smashing his nose and mouth.

The snake wasted no time, and moved like a lightning bolt, before it extended its jaw devoured the poor Alan amidst cries and screams of plea.

His body and bones were crushed to death under the massive jaws of the snake, before getting swallowed whole, and while all of this happened, the illusory dharma wheel rotated twice before it vanished into the body of the snake along with Alan himself.


After several hours, his eyes fluttered open once more, along with a headache, and this time, when his eyes snapped open the only things he saw was darkness, along with a fishy smell, and a searing pain.

As if his body was being cooked alive by whatever fluid was before him, he quickly backed away, but found out he was trapped in some sort of sticky substance.

And in about the span of an hour, his entire body was cooked alive, by the acidic fluid, as the dharma wheel rotated once more.

A few minutes later, he awoke, still in the same darkness with the same fishy smell, except this time, although he could feel himself nearly submerged in the fluid, he did not feel any pain or heat.

It was almost as if he had completely adapted to the acidic fluid and felt no pain whatsoever.

Trying to see through his surroundings, he couldn't help but notice the dharma wheel behind him, illuminating quite a bit of the area. Watching it intently, he saw it rotate just once, and suddenly, his eyesight transcended human limits. All of a sudden, the thick darkness transformed before his eyes, and he could see as naturally as if it was deep in the afternoon.

'This stupid halo? Could it be that it has been responsible for bringing me back to life despite the number of times I've lost my life?'

Watching the wheel with his new eyesight, he couldn't help but detect the intricate symbols in it.

'It means the dinosaur stomp parade was actually true and I did die. And now it looks like I'm in the belly of a 30 meter long snake.'

Sighing to himself, Alan who could now see clearly like it was daytime began to navigate himself through the swirling gastric juices and intestines, trying to find his way out.

'I'm stuck.' However after a few minutes, he gave up and shook his head.

'No! No. I need to create a good enough commotion on the inside so that this stupid snake brings me out naturally by itself, or it could cause irreparable damage to it so that it dies right after regurgitation?'

He thought and slowly plucked the horns of a rather large freshly killed reindeer that was nearly swallowed up by the gastric juices.

'Okay, here goes nothing.' Summoning all the strength within, he pierced into the outer membrane that encompassed him, and proceeded to rip through any mass of flesh or skin in sight.

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