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Chapter - 1: Monster Zero


Washington, D.C. - 2010.

[Research Facility - Cadmus]

Inside a laboratory in an unknown location on planet Earth, several pods could be seen with many kinds of deformed living things inside connected to a tube with some kind of unknown liquid inside.

Most of the lab personnel were making various changes, performing various checks, checking errors and making sure that the equipment in the room was fully operational without any malfunctions.

But suddenly, without warning, the lab doors opened and an older black woman, dressed professionally, entered the lab with slow steps and a cold, unyielding expression on her face.

All the scientists immediately stopped what they were doing and addressed the woman with obvious wariness and caution for fear of offending her, "Director, Waller!" One of the scientists stepped forward and greeted her with obvious respect and apprehension in his gaze. The man in question was in his early thirties, with short gray hair, black eyes, and wore a simple lab coat.

Dr. Hamilton was many things, a scientist, a genius, a man who pushed the boundaries of science whenever he could to achieve his goals. It was he who had used cloning technology to its fullest potential, it was he who had created Supergirl's clone and made it a viable weapon.

It was this achievement that saw him rise from a simple scientist to head of Cadmus Research thanks to the impression of the mysterious board of directors. Their identity was a mystery to him, but he didn't care, because the only thing he cared about was making sure he received the funding he needed to continue expanding the knowledge of science, and things were going splendidly.

The secrets he had uncovered by studying her body, the experiments he had been able to conduct, and the improvements made to other specimens through her genetic material were beyond anything he had imagined.

Amanda did not seem the least bit interested in their thoughts as she asked in a cold tone, "How is the Monster #0 project going?"

At the mention of the new project, the man showed a very nervous expression as he hesitantly replied "We are making a lot of progress, but we need more time Subject #0 could get out of control at the slightest carelessness-"

"Hamilton I am not paying you to waste my time. I want to see results we have already suffered enough losses after the failures of the Ultimate clone, Superboy and Galatea."

Hamilton remained silent at her words as he gave a small nod to one of the nearby scientists who immediately quickly presented a document to Waller.

"I see. Does the director remember what the trigger was for the start of the project?" asked Dr. Hamilton with curiosity about the woman's knowledge of information in front of him.

Amanda diverted her attention from the document in her hands as she responded with what she knew "I am aware that the project began with the discovery of a strange alien spaceship with findings, that could leave many people of this world shocked"

Dr. Hamilton nodded at his words as he added in an excited voice "To be more precise the origin of the spaceship has not yet been identified, moreover inside we found the body of a long deceased alien similar to a human being in terms of body structure, but there were important differences of our physiologies.

"First, we discovered a higher metabolism than any human, unnaturally high cerebral activity around its amygdala, pituitary gland and hippocampus. But the subject also exhibited remarkable bone density, muscle density, skin strength, as well as having a very impressive ratio of motor units to muscle fiber recruitment."

"But the most striking thing was definitely strange clusters of cells in his body, focused around around the lower back with an unprecedented level of flexibility and adaptability, but we don't know what long-term effects they might have on the subject#0 "

"What happened to the body of the alien in question?" asked Waller, intrigued by the fact that even she had not been able to find the exact details of this specific project and thus was very curious about its success.

Hearing her question, Dr. Hamilton showed an apologetic expression as he replied, "Unfortunately, we discovered the alien's body too late, it was already in too high a state of cellular decay, fortunately we were able to take some useful data and some of its DNA for further research."

Amanda merely nodded as she carefully read the file in her hands to try to learn more about what she was observing at that moment and especially to be able to come up with some plan that could put her in an advantageous position in the future.


[● File: Monster Zero]

Element: ██████████

Project ████: Report No. 2 Project leader Dr. Emil Hamilton

All initial attempts at genetic manipulation of the fetus failed, unlike the Superboy and Galatea projects, we are now trying to explore new ways to continue the creation of the subject ████.

But no matter how hard we try, the different subjects are unable to accept the foreign DNA, resulting in rapid cell destabilization and death. Eventually, with the agreement of all project leaders, we decided to move on to the proposal of using clones to gradually test the limits of a basic Homo Sapiens when exposed to foreign DNA in this subject. Afterwards, we will proceed with the data to attempt fetal genetics again.


● Report# 34 Project leader Dr. Emil Hamilton

We were able to get some results by mapping the limits of the malleability of human genomes when forced to fuse with foreign DNA. Each source offers different limits, with some samples showing that foreign sources are more dominant than expected.

We will now return to fetal genetic manipulation to test the results of earlier experiments. All project leaders expect a success rate of at least 30 percent when it comes to integrating a single source into subject #0.


● Report# 75 Project leader Dr. Emil Hamilton

The results became consistent when introducing the individual sources into the subjects. As expected, however, when a second set of DNA is introduced into the subjects, they undergo rapid destabilization and subsequently must be terminated. This problem has become an obstacle in the continuation of the project.

Although it pains my pride as project leader, I must ask our employer for more time and resources for the continuation of the project; after all, we have long since reached the limits of what has been deemed possible with clones and fetuses.


● Report No. 104 Project manager Dr. Emil Hamilton

We did it!

After countless mistakes and failures, we finally created the subject ███

Alternatively, its new code name would be Monster #0.

In any case, subject #0 turned out to be the perfect solution for the ultimate goal of the project and was the only subject that not only survived the two sources it merged into, but has now survived the third one as well, moreover, the genetic abnormalities of the subject are impressive in our eyes with extraordinary development and adaptation.

We are not even sure if it was ever correct to call it truly human, the degree of genetic mutations the subject naturally develops are something more akin to a new life form.

Monstrous subject #0 has now survived the sources █████, █████ and █████ With optimism reigning in the labs, I had to restrain enthusiasts from breaking this precious guinea pig. We must give him time to adapt properly and not rush things or risk losing everything, the #0 subject is our hope to create the ultimate human with the advantages of the strongest races in the entire universe!

The next phase will be the cloning of subject #0. We need more subjects to work on and it offers the best possible base to achieve the ultimate goal of the project.


● Report# 126 Project leader Dr. Emil Hamilton

It would seem that our excitement created hopes that are now completely dashed. Subject Monster #0 has continued to be a miracle for the field of genetics, but it has also proved equally disastrous in the field of cloning.

The problem is that Subject #0 proved impossible to clone. We are not even sure how the subject came into being naturally at this point. Any attempt causes the cells to die too quickly or adapt to the operation, killing the clone before it can even fully form. Every other attempt becomes increasingly unsuccessful as we add more sources to subject #0.


● Report No. 166 Project manager Dr. Emil Hamilton

The ███ project was finally completed!

In the end it was impossible to recreate and clone subject #0 and we had to abandon this crazy thought! But we are confident that we can continue on this path in the future. We just have to wait and see how subject #0 evolves from here on to make further progress in our project.


Amanda Waller read the whole file in question with an indifferent expression that did not let her inner emotions show, after all if she wanted to achieve her goals she could not afford to do so.

But inwardly she was very shocked, after all from the beginning the project was considered impossible to accomplish, but contrary to expectations the result was right in front of her and she could not observe with interest the creature in question:

Inside a containment pod was a young man with a mask covering the lower part of his face, with long, wild black hair that reached to his back with a bulky, muscular body structure with its unique feature possessing a tail while wearing a straitjacket, which would not allow him to move his arms, wearing blue ripped pants with an orange belt and white boots.

Amanda Waller had no doubt in her mind: seeing Monster Zero, the Justice League's days were numbered!



[Pov: Monster Zero]

The first thing I felt when I opened my eyes were the vibrations around me, then the hum of various machines. The smell and taste of recycled air, as well as the feeling that my body was immersed in some kind of liquid that numbed my body and made me not move.

What the fuck was going on!

I couldn't see anything, which almost sent me into a panic attack thinking I had gone blind, but that soon changed as the pale red and blue light began to fill my narrow vision....

I found myself with white padded walls around me and eventually realized that it was some kind of laboratory, and slowly my gaze made its way to my surroundings, "Where am I?" I asked myself as I surveyed my surroundings, which were full of machines and scientists who seemed very busy.

My thoughts were spiraling in my head, panic only getting worse!

Have I been kidnapped? Someone is experimenting on me!

When I lowered my gaze to check my body, I realized that there was more to fear: I could not move, my body was locked in what looked like a straitjacket made of a metal I could not recognize, and the only thing I could do was observe the changes my body had undergone:

My body was very "different" in many ways, still mine, but blatantly different. So different that I stopped breathing altogether, panic rising to new heights as I absent-mindedly looked at muscles that had never been present on my body until I woke up.

My entire old body had been replaced by broad shoulders, defined pecs, and figure-eight abs. Biceps that would put Olympic champions to shame, forearms like steel beams encased in a leather sheath, and a semi-armor that for some reason looked very familiar...

"What the fuck happened to me!!!"

My lungs were burning and I realized that I still needed to breathe. This simple fact made me happier than I wanted to admit: I had not become some kind of monster. However, this did not stop the panic that still flooded my nervous system;

But at the same time I felt something "inside" of me, keeping me calm and telling me to behave with dignity, and without realizing it I could not help but listen to that unconscious suggestion.

I closed my eyes, and did my best to try to calm down and think logically about what I was here for. I was still very shaken by this unreal situation, but considerably calmer and The first thought that came to my mind was how fucking bad this whole situation was!

I don't know how and I don't know exactly it had happened to me to end up in this situation, especially it didn't help that my memories were blurry I couldn't remember anything too important from my life, just some minor things that wasn't really important in this situation.

But at some point, without warning my head started hurting as two different kinds of memories made their way through my mind without me being able to do anything to stop it:


The first life could be described as full of pain without ever finding a real purpose other than to destroy and annihilate everything without any distinction....

For everyone, pain is probably the worst feeling one can experience. But for "him," pain was the first feeling he felt, from the moment he formed a divided consciousness it was the first thing he knew.

Going back through i memories, one could observe a child being continuously killed in various very gruesome ways, without his pain ever ending.

This endless process was just a small experiment to create "the perfect creature" that was unrivaled in the universe and that no one could stop or destroy.

Commonly, the child never died the same way. If it was not from the beast eating it, it was from the intense heat of the planet or the toxic air or some other reason

Then to continue the experiment, the child's DNA was recovered and then cloned to continue the process that was repeated again in an endless cycle with no end for him.

But unknown to everyone, the child remembered each and every one of his deaths. So for him, he was greeted with the same scene as before. The filling of being blasted then the sudden pain of being eaten by what he could identify as beasts.

As a process of what he eventually identifies as death and process of resurrection, he discovers something as he was being resurrected. One day during his resurrection, he discovered that he had built up an immunity to the temperature of the planet, and as this process was repeated, one word could describe it all:

"Adaptive Evolution."

The child remembered discovering that he felt he had gained a resistance to the planet's radiation. Following this logic he discovered that he could evolve, but more importantly, the more he wanted to, the faster he evolved. Thus began the process of evolution. As resurrection continued as a side effect from him developing various resistances his body began to mutate in order to more easily adapt to his infinite evolution.

So he began to push himself to become stronger and faster, but eventually, as the circle of death and resurrection progressed, he eventually no longer needed to breathe, eat or sleep.

All his basic needs had been completely eliminated and all that remained was an invincible killing machine.

After an unknown number of resurrections a continued to adapt until the end, to create the being at the pinnacle of evolution, known to the entire universe as:



Has unlike the first life, the second group of memories was much shorter and they were the easiest memories to reach and it seemed to me that they were much easier to see without being afraid to get lost among them.

An entire life as a conquering warrior, full of battles and pride put in the foreground with no primary need other than to satisfy his endless desire to be the strongest in the entire universe.

On a planet where strength reigned supreme, he could not afford to be weak and faced stronger and stronger opponents in order to succeed even by a small margin.

Never being able to know anything but battle!

Until one day a righteous-hearted being of the same species as the "evil warrior" decided together with his five companions that their species could not continue in this way....

A great rebellion had begun to decide the fate of the entire race. The righteous-hearted being together with his comrades began a ritual to ascend to godhood in order to succeed in defeating everyone, but to his misfortune he was eventually cornered and was still defeated when he exhausted the divine energy of his new form.

Super Saiyan God!

Eventually the "evil warrior" won the legendary battle together with his comrades and killed the pure-hearted being without any remorse and became the new god of his people:

His name was...

Typhon, The Evil Saiyan God!


The Monster #0 remained silent as he assimilated all these memories trying not to get lost among them, after all, he had no intention of becoming some kind of killing machine without any feeling.

"I'm beginning to understand-even if it all remains very unreal..."

Compared to before he was much calmer, he didn't know if this was a good thing? But at least now I felt that somehow I could do something to succeed in the situation I was in right now.

Dragon ball and DC Comics!

It must have been quite some time since I had finally put the pieces together and realized that I was now an alien. A Saiyan, to be exact, or at least something close enough to them.

That would explain why I didn't turn into a pile of rage and instead remained as calm as before, thanks to what I now imagined were Saiyan instincts forcing me to act like a warrior.

This whole situation is really messed up!"

I was resigned to whatever fate had in store for me. No doubt a Saiyan part of me was screaming for something to be done, but it soon fell silent as I turned to it in search of any useful answer.

"But..." I thought as it tried to look at my body, ".... Why did I become a Saiyan!"

I was fucking terrified to apparently be in the DC universe, but at the same time I was glad to be a Saiyan or at least an improved version of them....

I couldn't imagine how screwed I would have been if I had been a simple human being without any powers. Well, it certainly would have been better not to be a lab rat, but it seemed that at least I had gained something good from all this crap.

Because even though I complained that this new race had been imposed on me without my consent...even if they could turn me back, did I want that? To go back to the old human world? And in the DC universe to boot?

No. I quickly came to the conclusion that I didn't want it. Not because I was hungry for power or anything like that, but simply because I needed it to survive while I was here.

Now all that was left was to wait for the right opportunity to be able to get out of here....

With a body like this all it took was a simple carelessness or even a bit of confusion, after all from what I understood from the memories I had absorbed me had to be accurate in the world of DC comics.

By "luck," if I had been able to take full advantage of the new body at that time, it would have been easy for me to be free, and then we would have seen what the future held for a being like me....

But for the moment there was nothing I could do, after all I didn't even know what part of the planet I was in. All I could do in this situation was sleep and try to tidy up my memories and above all preserve enough of my humanity, which I could already feel slipping away with every passing second before I even thought about getting out of this lousy lab.


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