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Chapter - 5: Villains and future alliances


Who would have thought that a Gotham bar would have some sense of honor, I thought to myself as I looked at my surroundings filled with famous villains. And I couldn't stop thinking about what Gilotina had told me.... Kill Darkseid and take I place as king of Apokolips!

It was an idea that bordered on insanity! Darkseid was a superior being who ruled the entire universe with unparalleled power and cruelty...

*Sigh* Then there were his endless armies of Parademons and all his children, new gods who were not much weaker than he was. If he remembered correctly, Orion, who embodied the concept of war, had defeated him in some comic books.

Above all, he was not to forget that in the DC universe there were beings more powerful than even Darkseid!

Infinity Man - Parallax - Mister Mxyzptlk - Anti-Monitor - Perpetua - The Spectre -Lucifer Morningstar -Elaine Belloc - The Great Darkness - The Presence!

And so many others... His power that I possessed at this moment was really nothing compared to one of these cosmic beings.

But from another point of view, I couldn't help but get excited as hell, thinking about fighting such a being and maybe even having a chance to win so that I could crush Him and let him know the true meaning of power...

For example, Darkseid had already known that feeling when ad confronted Ultimate. Using the full power of his Omega beams, Darkseid believed the creature had been destroyed until it was mercilessly attacked from behind. Darkseid, badly defeated

However, the reality was that the Darkseid that Doomsday beat was one of his avatars and not the real Darkseid...

Above all, the only reason Darkseid lost to Doomsday was because of his ego.... So in the future I had to use that to my advantage and abuse, adaptation and my beloved zenkai to have a chance to win against him.

But at this time quite obvious that I was not strong enough to fight him in a head-on battle, at least not until I gained control over my Ikari form and some transformations *Ugh*

Maybe I should try to with a nice transformation into SSJ4.... I could discard the divine way and simply stay with the Saiyan way. One fan theory is that SSJ4 was more powerful than the divine forms of DBS however not including ultra instinct and ultra ego as these are universal states of being.

But I was already a god! So in theory I already possessed divine Ki, right? Divine Ki was more balanced, refined and of much higher quality, which is very necessary compared to normal Ki.

However theories aside there was another problem, if he remembered correctly, if Darkseid's real body dies, something worse will come.... The original God of Evil will come! *Sigh*


Suddenly I could only get up and go in a specific direction. While I could feel many looks on my back that I completely ignored along with the voices of the two little girls who were calling me with obvious confusion at my sudden decision.

"Name Croc, Killer Croc." Said the big man as he removed the cloak covering his large frame. "Are you coming for that drink or what?"

The first thought that came to my mind was: this is how people who watched the Hulk felt.... This man was huge. Killer Croc's arms were really big and muscular.

His skin was a shade of forest green on his back and forearms, while his chest, from what I could see under his shirt, was a lighter shade of green.

"Killer Croc is not a name, but you can call me Typhon," I replied as I held out a hand for a shake as he looked at me with obvious distrust.

"You're a weirdo, you know, and Waylon in my name," Waylon said as he returned my handshake. "Why don't I smell any fear from you?"

"Because I would easily kill you if you decided to have a snack with me," I replied with a shrug. "They are not heroes or one of the villains around. And I really hope people will figure that out quickly if they don't want to end up on my bad side."

Of course I was merely bluffing; I would never have done such a thing. But he certainly didn't need to know that.

We talked and chatted for a while, we were quite in sync. It was a good time, and I didn't expect these bad guys to be so cold, but since this is their relaxing place, I could understand.

There was a pause in the conversation as we both drank our beers and watched the game on the big TV. "Tell me, Waylon, where do you work?"

I thought I could get a small alliance for the future and he was the best candidate to be able to help me keep my Saiyan instincts at bay, after all, our situations were very similar.

The silence that greeted me from him was very significant. Turning toward the big man, I heard a soft growl escape him.

"Prisoner or not, this is Gotham and anyone can get a job, so why take offense at a simple question?" I asked the big man, then sent him a wave of Ki to calm him down, it was really interesting how every second I was finding new ways to use my powers....

Like I was adapting all the time.... It was pretty obvious that Doomsday's DNA centered in this whole issue, but I certainly couldn't complain about the advantages it was giving me.

With a hint of teeth, Waylon went back to giving the game most of his attention. For a moment, I watched as he mulled over what he wanted to say.

With a grunt he began, "No, after the military left me like that. I went around killing those who did this to me. After that, they blacklisted me everywhere."

"So, does this mean that you are currently free from work?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just say what you want boy..." Waylon growled before drinking the rest of his beer, then raised one hand and called out another.

"I need a sparring partner and someone I can trust when I do my business," I said before drinking what was left of the beer I had ordered. "You don't have to stay with me for long if you don't want to, but I would simply like you to pay attention to see if there are any people doing anything that could harm me in any way or even any heroes looking for information about me...."

Waylon looked down at me before giving a brief nod. "You want me to be your sparring partner, boy, even if I had a body like that I wouldn't be able to survive much against you...."

Ignoring my growing annoyance and the urge to punch Waylon in the face for refusing without even thinking about it for a few seconds, I continued to try to convince him. "Maybe there is a chance to heal you from what the government has done to you."

"... Don't make claims about things you can't do, boy..."

"It's up to you whether you believe me or not.... I'm just giving you an opportunity. Look me up when you get the chance, now if you'll excuse me I have another person I'd like to converse with." I said as I looked at the red hair, the shape of the lict and the spotted coat.

Honestly, I thought I would have to wait more than a few months before I met her. Getting up from my table, I headed toward the bar. There were very few types of Cat women who could ever hold my interest....

But to my misfortune this was not Marvel, so Black Cat was off the table for me. That left me with two choices, Cat Woman, and the other would be Cheetah.

Cheetah was a bonafide super villainess: but who cared about all that. Dr. Barbra Minerva was a top archaeologist and anthropologist before the whole Hunting Goddess curse trapped her as a humanoid female cheetah.

Fortunately for me, brains and beauty, while both appealing, also coincided with my future plans. There were a lot of magical trinkets around that I would like to get my hands on, but only one person had the skills to get them that were not on the Justice League roster.

This particular person stood out the most among the three in that she had a body covered golden/yellowish fur with spots. The spots on her fur were black and were evenly distributed all over her body, including her arms, legs, and face.

From a distance one might think that this half-woman, half-beast was naked, but she was actually wearing a fur-trimmed bodysuit that left her arms and legs bare, which also had clawed boots and gloves to match.

Her long flowing brown hair was among the few features that still looked human, as her eyes and teeth also resembled those of a large cat.

I found charming brown eyes with auburn curls looking directly at me as I made my way to the empty seat next to her.

"So it was my beauty that attracted someone like you? Maybe you're already tired of those two little girls" She purred as she looked me up and down.

Ordering us both another round of whatever her was having I took a seat. "No, it was your intellect that caught my attention.... It's not often you get to meet the infamous Dr. Minerva, and I doubt you want me behind your tail, I'd rather not join the list of individuals"

With a hum and purr, Cheetah chuckled to herself before downing the drink I had ordered. "What do you want from me, then?" she asked after some silence.

"Would you like to become human again or stay as you are?" I asked in a calm tone as several thoughts raced through my mind.

At that question, Cheetah's gaze changed noticeably and I could sense all the shades of emotions that flashed through her.

Turning to get a drink, I allowed Cheetah a moment to collect herself. After a moment, Cheetah finally collected herself and turned on the bar stool to face me fully.

For a moment I paused as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Around Cheetahs neck was a beaded necklace that had cat motifs in the middle. The fur on the front was a lighter shade than the fur on her back.

Not only that, but her stomach also lacked stitches, while all over her body, she wore a spotted pattern. Cheetah's inner thighs and breasts also bore light sprays of spots on her fur; around her waist was another cat pattern on a string of beads in the shape of a belt.

"Can you get me back to normal?" Cheetah asked quietly, urgently, as she leaned into my personal space. Then with half-closed eyes, so asked the question of the night. "What is the price?"

"How many photos and videos do you have of Diana embarrassing? Having the princess pig tied up and in any other embarrassing situation would work really well for my needs" I replied with a smile on my face.

"Yes, I have some somewhere, why do you want them?" Cheetah asked with a smile before saying with obvious amusement. "No problem, everyone wants pictures of perfect little misses."

"Not so bad, look at it this way. She was the one who blocked you like this, and she will also be the one to help you improve." I said before putting the phone down on the counter. "Circe has it in for the Amazon Queen, but what makes her incredibly important to you is her skill in magic."

Cheetah went through the information I had gathered from my memories of DC and the information I had gathered since I had obtained this phone from Gilotina, so that I could contact her at any time if I needed her help.... She was really sincere in her words and totally devoted to me.

"Why her and not one of those good guys?" Cheetah asked as she caught up with my information.

With a shrug I replied, "Circe likes to turn people into animals for fun. So there's no reason she can't do the opposite, but I would suggest using that feline motif to transfer the powers of the Huntress goddess"

With her eyes completely focused on my phone, I watched them dart back and forth on information about the last known location in Greece. "Why?"

"Transferring the curse to the artifact will give you access to your powers anytime you want. Giving up power and going back to being human will wear off once you begin to miss the power. " I said without any change in expression.

"I understand, but you still haven't told me what you want to get for help toward me~~Maybe you want me lying in your big bed with a collar with your name on it~~"

I couldn't help but chuckle at the last statement "I don't want anything at all for the time being," I said calmly, causing Cheetah to raise an eyebrow "But speaking instead of the future I would like to form an alliance with you and also with Circe."

Although the latter would have been very difficult to convince to ally with me. But I certainly wasn't afraid of being turned into an animal or anything like that....

Above all, what I was most interested in was whether she could somehow help me with mywith her magic to control my Great Ape instincts that would allow me to more easily unlock any transformations.

"It's not good to go on two girls at once, bad boy,~" declared Cheetah as played with her drink, with an obvious playful air.

I simply shrugged in response "I am realizing more and more that it is better to follow my instincts instead of continuing to suppress them..."

"Ohhh ~ Very Interesting ~~" she affirmed in my ear in a seductive, flirtatious voice as she pressed her large breasts into my chest, where I could see all of her cleavage.

But before she could do anything more a ringing could be heard it was Cheetah's phone....

This caught my attention because where the hell did she keep that cell phone on her person when she was all fur and a simple leotard? Ignoring it, I had to call her before she left the bar. "Don't forget things with Diana. This will be the currency to get you back."

"Of course, I won't forget you so easily, big boy~~"

With a small sigh to myself, I turned to the bartender standing and waiting for me, "So what was it? trying to get some tail? Honestly speaking I expected you to like younger girls the way Rose and Lilith are looking at you right now" Mary asked as she wiped down the bar.

"Yes, but not that bad. As a man I can't help admitting that it would be nice to shake her with or without fur.... But I think it was better to help fix the bad hand she was dealt. Above all, too many people in this world get 'curses' like this and then are labeled as bad and such and left to their own devices to become misunderstood monsters...." I reply before I drank and stood up I had already said enough for my taste. I tried to do something to change their fate and felt better about myself, now it was all their decision to figure out which path to choose.

Mary nodded in return as she took my empty cup. "That's why I insist on this bar being neutral.... Too many people need a place to relax."

Before I could get halfway across the bar, someone hit me with enough force that it sent me flying into the wall. Instantly, I recovered before seeing a blue giant coming toward me.

There was nothing to describe the feeling of instant rage that swept over me at that moment. Before I could retaliate, my face was smashed on the floor of the bar with an overwhelming force far superior to the one that had fought those two Justice League girls!

My instinct was screaming for revenge and to crush this insect, my will was screaming for me to attack. How dare this stupid zombie imitation try to bring me to my knees....

As if my body was going on autopilot, I grabbed his leg and squeezed him with all my strength and adding some Ki into the mix to increase my physical strength even more.

Several sounds of *Clack* could be heard as I broke his leg, but the zombie monster in question remained indifferent to all this. But this action had been more than enough to succeed in freeing me from him and sending him flying into a bar wall.

And instantly I was on him, as I drove my Ki-clad knee into his sternum and smashed his face on the table to the one who thought he could subdue and kill me with such weakness.

Weapon! I needed a weapon to accomplish the task, but what could I use? Anything would have worked, but I wanted to use something that would reveal all my core skills.

With a vicious punch, I smashed his face on the bar counter, drawing blood as I raised my left hand that pulled out a sharp piece of wood, which I immediately coated with Ki to make it much stronger and tougher.

Before I could use my wooden spear to kill him in a bloody way, a giant clawed hand wrapped around mine and snatched me away from Grundy's slumped form.

"Grrrr!?" I roared turning around to find the large form of Killer Croc looming over me trying to block me.

"You have already won, boy. There's no need to shed more useless blood. And it's useless to try to kill him, he is immortal." Waylon said, putting himself between me and the slumped form of Solomon Grundy.

"I don't care... Move over!" I said without even wading through it as my attention was focused on the target in front of my.

"Boy-" Waylon tried to say something to calm the situation. But he was simply sent flying until he crashed into the wall of the bar.

"You are immortal, right? Then let's see what happens what happens if I disintegrate your body into many small particles! Gigantic Omega-" I stated as a large ball of energy formed in my right hand that emitted a very perilous sensation.

But before I could deliver my energy blow that would finally eliminate the discomfort I was feeling. I could feel both of my arms grasped tightly to prevent me from continuing my attack.

"Typhon! Stop please!"

"Yes, you overgrown monkey you are overreacting! What do you think would happen to all of us if that thing explodes in this small space!"

Hearing the voices of the two girls, the discomfort inside my head subsided slightly as clarity returned and I quickly dissipated the energy sphere before something happened that I would regret...

With all the Ki I had added in that sphere.... If it had really exploded not to mention the bar the entire city of Gotham would have been completely annihilated or even the entire continent...

"Well, somehow the situation was resolved, thank you little girls..... It was a stupid move even for you Grundy, now you have to pay a round for everyone and replace the things that broke during the confusion. It's a good thing I asked my friends to enchant this place to make it more durable...," said Mary, as she continued, "Tell me, boy, who are you really?"

"I'm just a monster... I'm not afraid. I just get angry and attack with an overwhelming power" I growled as I stared at Grundy's broken form....

After my words, tension had built up around me that seemed bound to result in a fight.

"There's no need to charge him for the damages.. My father will pay for all of this accident. It was allowed to happen due to lack of awareness while I was distracted. Now, here we go!" Rose interjected as she grabbed my hand and Lilith, carried us out of the bar.

And after a few minutes The bar immediately reverted to its loud and rowdy nature, after all these were normal occurrences in this town as I stepped over the broken table and more splinters littering the ground… But if you paid enough attention in the eyes of most villains a very familiar emotion could be seen.

The Fear...


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