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Chapter - 2: Project Typhoeus


Washington D.C. - 2010

[Cadmus Research Facility]

The klaxons' alarm was loud as the lights on the flashing screens shone. A brief glimpse of yellow followed by a splash of red lightning moved past the door to the laboratory room.

A young man finally opened his eyes as his pod made of thick glass around him began to drain the green suspension liquid in which he had spent all his time was finally gone. A small laugh could only escape his lips, and then another, until he was lamenting how messy this whole thing was that was happening to him.

If I'm completely honest, being in the DC Universe was not really the inspiration I wanted to follow in my life! Especially when I realized how difficult it was to focus on anything specific with the combination of memories swirling around in my head! Moreover, to make matters worse, I had also quickly lost track of how long I had been cooped up in this lousy lab!




I didn't know...

I knew I was alone in this shithole, with only a few memories my could comfort me with and try to keep my sanity. But having three different sets of memories of three different people wasn't really the best at first. Most of the time my head was throbbing with pain, and by the time I had awakened, all the information my old *human* had about the Dragon Ball and DC universe had gone through my head to try to help me somehow.

Unfortunately, I had already tried to escape a couple of times, but with poor results: every time I tried they introduced a strange green liquid into the capsule and I could only feel very weak, really like a dick. But fortunately it seemed that after all this time I received some resistance to the green liquid in question, which I had to admit was much appreciated.

But all that was not very important at this time....

A few times since I had awakened, it had felt like being in the middle of a storm in which the world was spinning and many people were screaming. A sandstorm in which I could feel every grain of sand assaulting me. I could feel my irritation skyrocketing, every time it happened, I had never been so angry in all my old life.

But deep down, I could feel the frustration and annoyance explode and then the rage, the burning fury and the paralyzing frenzy. I slammed and thrashed my whole body against the thick glass that contained me, with no concern for my body.

A machine at the top of the capsule pulled the feeding tube as the last fluid drained from the capsule. A pneumatic hiss was muffled by the loud alarm.

Then the various things attached to me were lifted and I could feel my whole body truly welcoming me as I felt its power in reality. A euphoric feeling that nothing else could have made me feel. I gradually lowered myself until my feet touched the bottom of the tub. Immediately I figured out how to adjust my body to stand and balance optimally as the glass of the capsule itself began to rise with a small hissing sound and I finally freed myself from the strange device, watching my surroundings with a cold look on my face as the alarm sounded once again in my ears with great I annoyance.

Taking several slow and steady breaths to control myself, after all it was my first full breath after an inaccurate time, I felt the cold air fill my lungs and after a while my mind had calmed down.

I observed how this room was the only thing still intact in the whole floor, it wasn't hard to tell that something had happened before I woke up.

I stood there for a long moment, processing what had just happened, dazed with disbelief, as sounds began to be more recognizable. Peaceful sounds of nature, the ones I had put on his phone to hear myself fall asleep.

I could only manage to look at my surroundings as I cast a small glance at my wrist, which was still bound by the straitjacket. My laughter subsided, my chest rumbled.

I was finally free...

I approached one of the screens flashing with different notifications, looking for information that might help me in this situation. I took a moment to try to understand the text, before reading it using my own voice for the first time since I had come into the world.

"Critical electrical failure. Sample storage protocol initiated. Sedation system is damaged, repair personnel have been contacted. Further diagnostic work is needed. Processing in progress..."

I turned away from the screen when I heard a loud crash down the corridor, followed by the sound of other impacts. A few seconds later, the piercing alarm vanished, leaving behind an eerie silence.

Returning to the screen, I used my tail to tap on the notification, which expanded into further details for which it had no context, then tapped three times near the bottom of the screen, once to delete it and twice on something labeled Project Typhoeus!

The file opened and a summary appeared: experimental tests with unusual genetic material leading to the fusion of some powerfuls DNA, with a human source to try to increase its latent potential with very promising results.

[Subject #0 as of the completion of the design showed superhuman levels of speed and strength and endurance, but this increase came at the expense of some of his mental abilities. Also it seemed that the ██ source was momentarily suppressed in Subject #0 we do not yet know the exact reason, but we have some theories that we should verify with several experiments.

Subject #0 was then developed, destined to grow into a new being, currently beyond the various developmental tests...]

It was him... Was the being grown from this sample, developed from fused DNA, an image of I floating in the pod attached to the bottom of the file.

The result of Project Typhon! Using DNA, human as a base and then introducing the remaining sources into subject #0:




"What... kind of monster am I?" I could only mutter in a shocked tone as I read the information before my eyes.

I knew there was infinite potential within me, after all, I not only had Doomsday's DNA but also that and Saiyan already with these two I could already consider myself the strongest creature in the universe...

Doomsday, a prehistoric Kryptonian, a lethal machine of pure destructive carnage, a mindless beast is incredibly strong and almost unstoppable once he starts to go on a rampage.

A being of such grade power from having killed Superman and humiliated the new god , the ruler of apocalypse, Darkseid multiple times!

And I could say that without any hesitation after all i had his memories inside my head....

From what I could remember from the comics, Darkseid even managed to empathize with Superman for the first time in a long time, if not the first time ever. Doomsday's sheer commitment to slaughter and death also makes him an enemy that Darkseid has no chance of intimidating or controlling. Unlike Superman, Doomsday has no moral or emotional core to break, and he would certainly fight to the death. Darkseid's fear is prophetic, for Doomsday would go on from that day to kill Superman himself. There is a living being who could effectively end Darkseid forever, Doomsday being at the top of the list.

Then there were the Saiyans an alien race of proud fighters, violent, aggressive, and extremely proud beings, also very famous also for being warriors and conquerors of planets. The Saiyans have the reputation of being the most skilled and powerful warriors in the entire universe, known and feared almost everywhere.

Saiyans are a humanoid species; they are outwardly identical to Humans, except from whom they differ conspicuously only in the presence of a long, monkey-like tail, which has been present since birth and allows metamorphosis into Oozaru. They are also much stronger, faster and more resilient than normal Humans. Their DNA has the ability to take over the DNA of any other species.

As if that were not enough, Saiyans can also continually grow in strength, to the point that even the gods cannot do anything to really keep them in check, and at some point they will overtake them as well... They also have various power-ups that multiply their already terrifying power, even various divine forms can be achieved, either through training with the gods or through a ritual with 6 "good-hearted" members of their kind...

Truly the strongest race in the fictional world without any doubt! But there seemed to be much more potential in my body with that DNA inside my body....

I really wanted to know who was the group of idiots who had tried to create such a monster, plus what would happen if you didn't get control of this body soon!

I didn't even want to think about the possible consequences of what might have happened....

My decision not to take off the straitjacket solidified in my mind, after all I did not want to kill anyone by mistake or worse.... In this regard, I should find a good mental block so that I would not go wild at the first opportunity.... After all, mental blocks can be harmful if you have to fight against a strong opponent, but for me it is a good immediate solution.

But I don't think it will be a problem for someone like me, being a Saiyan, especially if I am angry one day no mental block will be able to resist." So, at least for the time being, I was not very concerned about this problem.

They are also in the DC, a world of high danger and equally high levels of power with various cosmic beings roaming the world...Well, once again nothing that will make me slap everyone, but I am already much stronger than most. At least I'm not going to die in some alley apparently, and even if I were I would only come back stronger....

"Instead I would have to worry about taking away my normal human sensitivity..."

The only good thing about this whole thing was that I had a bunch of memories to refer to, but the problem was that my body was very different from my memories.

So I still had to start all over from scratch....

The alarm had increased in volume as more notifications on the side of the screen, putting the issue aside for the moment.

[Intruders in the building! Do not confront! Shelter in place if in Section 6, otherwise head to nearest security center. Begin evacuation of Sections 1 and 2 after securing all active projects]

[ Protocol Ω activated! Deletion of all files affecting the current Project Typhoneus...]

[ Protocol Ω completed!]

I did not even have time to read the latest system notifications that I could hear from somewhere below me, a buzzing sound began to rise in my ear as I could hear several fights taking place not too far from my position.

Whatever this blood is, it can't be good, right? How can I get out of it? A few touches on the screen told him nothing, so I moved into the hallway. A glow to the right showed some crumpled shapes on the floor and several red spots dripping down the wall.

I followed the signs that led to several doors I had to open, each of which took several seconds to close. After a minute, I was led to an area that could be described as fantastic in its old *human* life, as my could see two young girls about 16 years old making small slaughters while fighting several deformed beasts that looked like a cross between an Alien and a Predator!

What a strange situation...

But I don't think I should be so surprised, after all it was in the fucking DC world, where even a normal human being can become a multiversal menace or even worse...

I look at you, Batman Who Laughs...

However shaking my head from unnecessary thoughts I focused my attention on the first girl who was a beautiful fair-skinned young woman with long platinum blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and cold dark grayish-blue eyes with Wearing a mask that covered her left eye and exposed her right eye, but partially obscured the upper part of her face and tied like a bandana. She wore a light gray bodysuit with a white collar covering her entire torso and arms, but with a black bikini-style tank top with gray straps, shoulder pads, black and gray gloves, tight black pants that exept her sexy figure with armor on her thighs, knee pads and black boots with gray soles and plating on the back of her feet.

She was killing all the abominations in front of her without any emotion being shown in her indifferent face, the only reason she was the first one I paid attention to was because I was fascinated by her fighting style....

I don't know why, but for some strange reason I felt that I could easily replicate her fighting style and improve it to suit me....

In any case, the gun in her hand moved incredibly as all the bullets ripped through the air and the rhythmic sound of gunfire echoed in rapid succession. Each bullet was perfectly aimed, hitting numerous targets with headshots, precise shots that hit even moving targets with frightening accuracy.

In contrast, the second girl had a pale white complexion, long orange hair with small red locks, and wore a black and green spadex that appeared to be made of an unknown material, apart from her sexy, eye-catching figure that made her look like a little goddess not yet mature.

She seemed to possess powers that included precognition for how she easily dodged various attacks without even looking and also many different Psionics abilities, she couldn't help but remind me of Marvel's Sue Storm as she created a telekinetic field to protect her and Rose.

I had to admit that my knowledge of the DC universe was very limited ha unlike what I knew about the world of Dragon ball to my misfortune. But I had managed to recognize at least one of the two girls, after all, how could I not when she had appeared in one of my favorite series as a child...

Teen Titans - Ravager!

Quickly discarding my Fanboy thoughts, seeing her figure as I noticed that there were no noises other than several agonized groans that the beasts emitted that seemed to excite the white-haired girl for some mysterious reason...

But suddenly a scientist stepped forward as he held he injured arm with obvious anger and frustration her face. "No, no! This cannot happen. We were making progress, I'm sure of it! More time and we could have made it. But these little girls have to get in the way of my work!" Dr. Hamilton in charge of this post roared furiously.

"Old man, it's not our fault that you have performance problems!" shouted the Rose with a smile on her face as she continued to fight with no intention of stopping.

"Come on Rose, don't be so mean, no one taught you to respect your elders," the orange-haired girl asked as she sent another monster flying with a psychic attack.

Hearing her "friend's" words, Rose could only roll her eyes dismissively as she used her katana to pierce the head of another abomination and replied in a scornful tone, "And they never taught you to shut up and suck Lilith!"

"No, not yet," replied Lilith with the ever-present smile on her face as she continued, "Maybe I wasn't as lucky as you, I'm sure you have more experience than me in this field, after all I know you like big, muscular man"



Rose and Lilith continued to fight as they hurled dirty insults at each other, but even so their teamwork was still very good with no monsters able to stop their advance.

Dr. Hamilton could not believe his ears, his perfect project was being ruined by two teenage girls who were fighting for stupid reasons! And at that moment that hope had appeared before Dr. Hamilton as he finally realized the awakening of his greatest creation!

"Hahaha! I am not the one to die today! You will face the last soldier of this universe firsthand! You woke up too early, but at this moment it is no longer important, attack #0!" Dr. Hamilton replied maniacally, confusing the two girls who finally noticed my presence.


But against Dr. Hamilton's expectations. Subject#0 did not move from his position, completely ignoring the order he had received, continuing only to observe the women in front of him with interest.



Both Rose and Lilith watched the spectacle unfolding before them with no intention of intervening for fear of becoming the target of my attention.

"What are you waiting for #0 kill them and then escort me out of here! You are my creation, you must listen to my orders! " Ordered Dr. Hamilton savagely, with a certain fear on his face.

I turned my head and looked silently at the man, as discomfort rose again inside me, but I kept myself under control. The last thing I needed was to lose my mind. If I were normal, that would be fine. But as a Saiyan, a member of a warrior race, it could get worse if I decided to say "Fuck it." I didn't want to hurt anyone, but I also didn't want to be put back in a container that they would then decide to throw away the key.

*Sigh* Sometimes you have to go against your morals to be able to survive and to live in peace of mind without anyone trying to use you to take over the world or something...

This perspective will probably change with time. Just as the mind can influence the body, so the body can influence the mind. In fact, it has already changed me.

I'm not even sure if it was my Saiyan body that influenced me or is it just my new mindset? Well, since I have the memories of a Saiyan and Ultimate, they should be part of my mindset now, right?

I looked at the trembling form of fear of the man in front of me, "I was created by a rather pathetic man, eh," I managed to think as I approached in slow steps, after all he had nowhere to hide from me.

In the meantime, my eyes met beautiful blue eyes for a few seconds as a small smile appeared on Rose's lips, who said with obvious amusement in her tone, "And a different completion than I could have imagined. He looks almost perfectly human, nothing like these twisted corpses."

"I guess that's why they were so excited about him," replied the orange-haired girl looking at me with obvious curiosity and a bit of expectation?


But they did not move, I am sure they felt the threat I posed to them, if they decided for some reason to attack me they could not have made a bigger mistake than this.

"Monster #0, I command you to kill them!" shouted Dr. Hamilton madly at the still immobile man, but he was completely ignored like the little ant he was.

"It seems they were not able to indoctrinate him as they thought in those research notes." She commented, the orange-haired girl as she shifted her lens toward the doctor. "At least not completely, what do we do?"

"The mission does not change we are bringing him back. When he's done with his lookout or whatever he's going to do with the old fossil and then we're out of here I don't want the chick squad."

"Yes, it would be a great pain in the ass if they come too " Easily concur Lilith to her friend's opinion, but she still didn't have some doubts in her mind "But what if he doesn't want to come with us?"

"If he wants to have the full story about his creation then he will come with us" stated Rose in a tone that left no argument, but if you paid enough attention you could see some nervousness on her face.

I was ignoring the discussion of the two girls that I could hear clearly as I stood in front of my creator? Honestly, my instincts told me that the person in front of me was just one of many pawns involved, and that there was much more to the depths of the creation of this project.

But at the same time, I did not want someone who knew me so well to go and tell them all my secrets just to get a good workshop....

But it was also true that I did not want to rebel against my straitjacket, and I did not want to be even more indebted to the two girls after the mess they had made in the workshop, consequently causing my release.

Suddenly, as if something answered my doubts, I felt an invisible literal energy floating over my body, covering me like flames and acting as such as they swayed back and forth.

Not only could I feel this energy, was not only on my skin. It was also underneath it. Under my muscles. In my bones. Flooding my organs. Running alongside the signals traveling along my nervous system.

Trying to manipulate this energy out of my body, I could feel an abnormal energy that I had never had before buzzing through my body as if it had always been there waiting for me to use it for my benefits.

"Floating Shadow Hand"

Referring back to my memories a large shadow hand formed near my body as I could feel a nostalgic feeling envelop me while using this technique as if I had actually used it several times in my long life.

"No! NO! Stay away from me, I am your creator you must do as I say!" Dr. Hamilton shouted as he desperately tried to escape, but to his misfortune I manipulated my Ki as the shadow hand reached out and grabbed him with ease and tightened around his body to knock him out.

Now I could only hope that when he wakes up he will be so kind as to answer my questions....

However, having a scientist on one's side could be quite useful if I really intended to live a good and long life in this new world.

Anyway now all I had to do was entertain the two girls who seemed to have some important information or at least I had a hunch that their superiors knew a lot more than they had really told them.


Ravanger - Rose Wilson

Lilith Clay

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