DC: The Prince of the Underworld

A man found himself in a parallel earth without a family to protect him was adopted by a criminal. He was force into a life of crime to survive in the world's most dangerous universe. ... You can find up to 13 advanced chapters at my patreon patreon.com/Abyssuit Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Ps: Ccto to the book cover's owner... Crdt: Tangrin (Gabriel Henrique)

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Chapter 163

One more hour later

Dio finally encountered the first living beings in this dimension.

They were flying around in a place where flowers of all different colors had completely taken over, so at first he thought they were fireflies.

They grew uncontrollably on the trunks and ground of the forest, and these small fireflies were flying among them and sometimes approaching to do something to them.

Unlike common fireflies that glow with a yellow light, they have more colors and emit more light.

Dio went closer to realize that they were not fireflies but humanoid creatures with gray skin, no hair, round eyes, pointed ears, and butterfly wings emitting light.


But a different type from the intelligent ones. These flew and acted like bees.

There are various types of fairies. The most well-known ones are those present and active in the time of King Arthur.

After mortals begin to lose faith in them, the fairies make a pact with Lucifer to get a place in hell, where they build the Fairy Lands, which is the only acceptable place to live in hell.

It is in this place that the most famous magic merchant is found, which literally claims to have everything for sale at a price.

A place that Dio had always wanted to visit.

The fairies continued doing what they were doing while Dio approached the flowers.

He picked up more of them while looking at the fairies, who did nothing to protect the one he was picking up.

They are just regular roses, but supernatural beings have touched and cared for them, so they must be useful for research.

In the end, Dio picked a small bouquet of flowers, each one a different color, and stored them away to study later.

After everything was done, he retreated and circled around the entire territory of the fairies to avoid trespassing.

After a few more hours at his maximum speed, Dio encountered the second living being in this place.

A small herd of deer.

But not common deer.

They were five meters tall, their fur was white, and their long horns looked like transparent glass.

Unlike the fairies, they were bothered by his presence in their territory.

The alpha male of the group attacked Dio and ended up hitting a tree beside him, but the tree broke with his strength.

A tree that was at least one meter wide in its trunk.

Dio ran away as quickly as he could to avoid bothering them more.

He also saw some strange birds that were literally on fire as they flew.

Like a good dream, Dio saw everything as unique, unbelievable, and wonderful.

Unfortunately, not everything here was beautiful.

"I'm really sorry. I'm new to this dimension, and I know absolutely nothing. It wasn't my intention to invade your territory."

Dio apologized to the being standing in front of him.

After leaving the forest, Dio faced another plain, but the weather changed this time.

There was no grass, and the entire ground was covered with two centimeters of snow, which kept falling from the heavy clouds above.

There was also a snow-covered mountain on the horizon that was larger than any he had ever seen, with its slender peak pointing upwards like a sword.

The mountain was his new destination. He could see everything here more clearly after climbing to a high spot.

The being Dio was trying to talk to was standing in front of a cave as soon as Dio got to it and started to climb.

The being was two meters tall, had a broad, muscular body, and was slime green, whether it was shirtless or wearing other clothes.

Dio tried to speak with him since he is humanoid and may have intelligence, but his crouching on the ground like a gorilla looking at him made him lose hope.

As Dio thought, as soon as he finished speaking, he raised his two arms in the air and slammed them into the snow.


The snow exploded upward with the force of his blow.

He has superhuman strength.

He jumps toward Dio like an animal.

Dio could now see the lack of his face at this point.

The monster in front of him had no eyes, mouth, or nose, only a straight surface where his face should be.

"I don't want to fight."

Dio tried once more as he dodged to the left to let him pass by him and roll in the snow.

He attacked again and threw himself at Dio.

"I have no intention..."

The green monster opened his arms and tried to grab his neck to force Dio to hop back to escape.

'This won't lead anywhere like this.'

Dio thought while watching him rise again from the ground.

Dio knocked him down this time as his cloak of pure darkness moved on its own while turning his side on the ground into a tendril that lightly hit his knee.

Before he could rise again, Dio extended his hand with the palm facing down, and the fingers spread and curled as he conjured the spell.

Then, a skeleton hand larger than his body emerged.

The hand had black bones and gray energy around it, and it seemed to vibrate and alternate between a solid state and energy.

With a movement of his real hand, the skeleton hand plunged into the ground right above him.

Dio lowered his hand, and the fingers of the skeleton in front of him pierced the snow to reach the ground, and trapped him in his own prison.

He tried to slam his body against the giant skeleton's hand but didn't have enough space to gain momentum.

After three years, Dui finally managed to adapt Ravena's spell, the Soul-self and create his own version, which was also incredibly useful.

The first one had the power to interact with both the physical and spiritual worlds.

This meant she could attack or move physical objects and also use it to teleport and pass through walls.

Dio's only has the physical side, but it can also be used to perform certain spells like the Soul-self.

"It will disappear in two hours."

Dio told him, and he continued trying to escape.

He was about to continue climbing when he saw a quick glow inside the cave that attacked him.

Dio entered it curiously, without fear of the dark.

The cave is neither special nor very large, just a hole in the wall, but it had a second exit, and the environment changed again after passing through it.

From the snow, Dio ended up in another open field.

Dio was on top of a small green hill with grass under his feet and plants everywhere.

He could see a road made of very old stone on the side of the hill.

Dio walks along it slowly, as where there is a road, at its end, there must be a civilization.

It didn't take long to find it.

After a curve in the road, on its side, there was a house taken from the fantasy world.

It looked more like a cottage and was made of wood, with a three-meter-high chimney sticking out from the roof covered in grass.

There was another road leading from the main one to it, but unlike the stone one he was walking on earlier, this one had bricks as yellow as gold.

The front door was open, and there were two people drinking tea at a table in front of it.

One of them was an extremely old woman with a big nose, long, messy white hair, an eyepatch, and lines all over her face.

She was wearing an old blue dress that covered her whole body.

She was shaking so much that it was hard for her thin, long fingers with long nails to hold on to the white cup.

She exuded witchcraft.

"You're late."

Constantine said while sitting next to the old man with a cup in his hand and gave him a big, smug smile.

Then Dio drew his sword.



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