DC: The Prince of the Underworld

A man found himself in a parallel earth without a family to protect him was adopted by a criminal. He was force into a life of crime to survive in the world's most dangerous universe. ... You can find up to 13 advanced chapters at my patreon patreon.com/Abyssuit Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Ps: Ccto to the book cover's owner... Crdt: Tangrin (Gabriel Henrique)

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Chapter 161

"What's he doing here?"

Roy asked while wearing his Red Arrow suit and aiming his arrow at Constantine's head.

They took the conversation inside, and the first thing Constantine did when he saw the kitchen was to try to make himself a sandwich.

After returning from his patrol, Red Arrow found them in this situation.

"An error I had to commit three years ago appeared, nothing major."

Dop replied while sitting in the chair in front of Constantine, who was standing on the other side of the table.

Constantine didn't care about the arrow pointed at his face and continued spreading peanut butter on his bread.

He's still the same Englishman with blond hair, a dress shirt, and a long raincoat, but his beard has grown.

"What error?"

Roy asked and lowered his weapon.

"When we recruited him, remember? I ended up promising a favor in exchange for his help, and here we are."

"Are you really going to help him? I mean, your 'help' in killing that vampire almost killed us all by unleashing a biblical curse on us."

"He has no choice."

Constantine spoke for the first time and raised his small knife to emphasize that.

"He's right, and I'll only be free from the contract if he dies."

"That can be arranged."

Roy attempted, but neither of them believed he would really do it.

"It's not a big deal, Speedy, all I'm going to do is give a little help."

Dio lied to himself, knowing that the idiot in front of him would somehow get him into a big mess.

Unfortunately, Dio had no choice but to keep his word with him even now that he could feel the magical contract they signed three years ago vibrating like a warning to disregard any idea of not fulfilling it.

It was a simple contract, but nothing like a simple magical contract, so he had to accept what might happen when he entered the underworld using his portal.

"There's something different about you."

Constantine commented while holding a sandwich in one hand and a silver flask in the other.

A peanut butter sandwich and whiskey make such a delicious combination.

"I've been working out."

Dio said, not wanting to talk further.

"No, you have that confident and powerful stance one uses right after fighting with a demon or villain's plan to conquer the world, or..."


Dio asked.

"You just had sex!"

"Are you an incubus or something? How the hell did you figure that out? I literally have super senses, and I'm not feeling anything in me."

Dio saw no reason to deny it and was not ashamed of what he had done.

"It's all in the posture, mate, all in the posture."

Constantine responded.


Red Arrow shouted, but Dio forgot he was there watching them while still holding his bow.

"So, does this mean Wonder Woman's golden boy finally lost his virginity?"

Red Arrow asked.

"An ex-virgin who deserves a celebration!"

Constantine exclaimed while raising his flask and drinking from it.

"I wasn't a virgin."

Dio reminded the two.

Dio may not feel embarrassed to discuss his recent sex, but for some reason, being a virgin is somewhat humiliating.

This is especially true given that he always added the years he spent in his previous life to his total age.


Red Arrow shouted once again, now lowering his bow and putting his hand on his thoughtful chin.

"You were on a mission without being able to leave for two weeks, so you slept with Deathstroke's daughter!?"

Dio chose not to answer; he stood up and went to the fridge to grab a drink.

"Wow, Kírix, you sure do things with style."

Roy gave him a thumbs up.

"Indeed, sleeping with the daughter of the world's greatest assassin, you certainly made your Greek divine lineage proud."

"One more word, and I'll throw both of you out the window."

That shut them up, but the smiles were still there.

Now that Red Arrow knows, everyone else will know.

That's not a problem; Dio would just have to endure more teasing from Dick and Wally.

Dio was sure Koriand'r would say this to Vanessa in one of their casual conversations. Vanessa will undoubtedly tell Diana, and Zatanna will definitely find out.

It looks like I'll have some issues. The biggest of these will be the uncomfortable talks about care and prevention.

Now, the idea of opening the portal for Constantine and going with him as a babysitter doesn't seem so bad.

Dio will go with him.

Dio didn't want him wandering around unsupervised where he was used to always go, a place he considers his second home.

"Constantine, let's just get this over with."

He didn't seem too eager for that, so he snatched his silver flask from his hand and poured it down the sink.

"What the hell?"

Dio asked him in confusion.

The flask kept pouring out the cheap drink despite being just over forty centimeters long.

"I asked an ice giant to enchant it; my flask is connected to a small beverage factory on the other side of the country. That's right, gentlemen, nearly unlimited drink supply in a small, simple flask."

Constantine said proudly.

Dio gave up, closed the flask, and placed it on the table.

"You traveled to the Nordic realms, encountered the ice giants, and had them create something for you. And what did you ask for? A flask with unlimited drinks?"

Dio asked while genuinely finding this the biggest waste he had ever seen.

"It was worth every penny, which, by the way, was one of the sex goddess's undergarments."

"Alright, I'm out."

Red Arrow put away his bow and turned his back to them to head upstairs, where the bedrooms are.

This ridiculousness was now even clearer to him, who knew very little about magic.

The ice giants aren't just a group of muscular and brutish beings. There are also powerful sorcerers among them.

According to legend, one of them tied a horn to the ocean, thus defeating Thor in a competition.

"Let's go, Constantine, let's just get this over with; I want to take a good shower and sleep."


"Άνοιξε, διατάζω!"

Dio opened a fissure in front of him with a movement of his sword.

The black cracks are expanding, and black smoke begins to emerge while slowly covering the ground.

The crack opens completely out of nowhere, and a stone portal appears in front of him, all carved with Greek letters, and the black doors have several white skulls attached to them.

In the center of the double doors is one of Hades' symbols, his trident, with a sculpture of Cerberus on top while looking down made of black stone.

Dio never tired of looking at this scene.

"That's a beautiful portal, perhaps the most beautiful I've ever seen."

Constantine complimented it while lighting a cigarette and placing it in his mouth.

They went to the Tower's back to avoid opening a magical portal near his secret laboratory.


The doors opened and revealed the pure darkness inside.

"Ready, you first."

Dio told him.

Constantine didn't walk up to the portal.

Instead, he reached into his long raincoat to search for something in the inner pockets with difficulty.

"What are you doing?"

Dio asked curiously.

"I'm looking for the materials to use your portal, of course!"

Constantine replied and took a clay pot from inside his coat.


"Don't worry about it; it's just a minor change in fate."

Constantine said calmly taking out an ancient Chinese brush measuring forty centimeters from his pocket again.

"Let's get started then,"

Constantine said this and walked up to the portal with the two items in his hands.

"That wasn't the deal, Constantine!"

Dio yelled at him furiously while grabbing his shoulder and stopping him.

"Of course it was."

Constantine said without looking at him.

"No, it wasn't. You shouldn't change anything in the portal."

"The deal was for me to use the portal; we never agreed on what the destination would be or whether I couldn't alter it."


Dio shouted angrily while squeezing his shoulder a bit.

Dio had been deceived by him.

Constantine was right; the deal has to be followed by the contract, but it can be interpreted in any way if there are no details.

The pact was simple, and Constantine could use his portal.

This means he can and will use it, and Dio can't stop him since that would go against the contract, meaning he can only stand here.

Dio let go of him, and without turning to him, Constantine went to the side of the portal with his blood-stained brush and began writing on it.

"When this contract is truly fulfilled, what do you think I'll do?"

Dio asked with his tone dripping with venom.

"Well, the contract will only end when I cross this portal, and I don't believe you're angry enough to follow me through it."

Constantine continued by putting another ancient letter on his portal with his brush.

Once again, he's right.

In other words, this despicable idiot planned this when he made the request.

The fact that he made that request three years ago and hasn't used it until now indicates that he didn't have a goal at the time.

But he rather wanted to have an option for the future, and he was perfectly prepared to use it.

He may be a despicable idiot, but he's a smart one.



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