DC: The Prince of the Underworld

A man found himself in a parallel earth without a family to protect him was adopted by a criminal. He was force into a life of crime to survive in the world's most dangerous universe. ... You can find up to 13 advanced chapters at my patreon patreon.com/Abyssuit Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Ps: Ccto to the book cover's owner... Crdt: Tangrin (Gabriel Henrique)

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Chapter 137

The legs and hips fell to the left, and the upper part of the body to the right, where they spread blood on the ground while she screamed with all her lungs.

When Robin and Batman came from the left and right, Dio put his sword on his back while merging his ectoplasm and then separated them, which created two spear-like objects floating in front of him.

Then, Dio solidified this energy and turned them into actual spears.

The droplet healed him, and Dio also got his strength back.

Dio lost nearly forty percent of them just by conjuring these two spears because of the red energy.

"Now, Boston!"

Dio shouted to Boston while holding a spear in each hand.

"It's done!"

Boston shouted from above and entered Cain.

When Boston said that, Cain's body stopped and trembled.

Dio raised the spear above his head and jumped. In the air, he threw it with all his strength.

Boston was expelled from Cain's body at the same time, but he had enough time for the gray spear to cut Cain's shoulder to the ground and pin him down.

Dio raised the second spear and plunged it into the other shoulder while still falling and piercing the ground.

"Επικαλούμαι το κρύο της θλίψης του ποταμού koʊˈsaɪtəs!"

(I Summon the Cold of Wailing from the River Cocytus!)

Cain's feet were covered in black mist, which made him freeze.

Starfire landed behind Cain, and with her two hands covered in her energy, she held the two spears to prevent Cain from moving.

Dio let go of his sword and stepped back in time to see his only good arm coming towards him.

Robin fired his grappling hook from the left, and it caught Cain's wrist.

Robin tried to pull him, but Cain was stronger than Robin.

Robin was dragged a few meters until Batman showed up and held the line with Robin.

The two of them worked hard to pull Cain's arm.

The spears were made of pure ectoplasm, an energy that affects spiritual beings.

They were intended to stop him from shape-shifting, and it seemed to work perfectly.


Dio felt the familiar magical power of Raven behind him, who floated a few meters above the ground.

Constantine with a cigarette came down below her.

"Hezberek Et Morine, Gost Wenthen..."

Raven in the sky started to chant her spell with her most powerful voice.


On the other hand, Constantine spoke in a low voice.

"Verbis Nex, Ind Obrium..."

The air around Raven distorted like a black vortex sucking in the light and Cain's red energy.


Cain sensed something was wrong and screamed while struggling to escape.

Robin's cable around his wrist cut his hand, and Batman and Robin fell to the ground.

After cutting off Cain's wrist, he tried to stab Starfire from behind, but Dio quickly grabbed his arm and stretched it to the left.

They didn't have much time left, and his other arm, which had been cut off and was almost fully healed.


Constantine said another word, but unlike Raven, he didn't have such a significant effect on him.

Raven in the air had a dark force swirling on her back.

"Bis Pendrule, Paran Sic Cortis, Rex!"

She shouted finally.

The black vortex expanded and covered everything around them.

In the total darkness, Dio could see Cain's red energy rings around the singularity.

Raven created a magical black hole that sucked up all of Cain's red energy.

This let the energy rush back into the area, which had almost evaporated.

It was like fresh air entering a place that had been closed off.

The sensation was incredible.

She was incredible.

Constantine also felt the magic and ran to close the gap between them.

Constantine put his hand on Cain's face in front of him, and Dio could see a bright red triangle on top of it.

Then Cain screamed with all his might, and his voice resonated with pure power.


Dio couldn't feel anything after that; it was like a magical nuclear bomb, a flash of a light grenade that even blinded his eyes.

Raven's spell was both elegant and powerful, but Constantine's was like a magical nuclear bomb—it didn't have any beauty in it, just deadly power that was directed toward Cain by his body.

When Dio came to his senses, he found himself on the other side of the street, just like everyone else.

Constantine ended up on top of a car, with smoke coming from his entire body.

The others didn't seem injured, unlike Cain.

The location where Constantine's spell was cast exploded.

After ten kilometers, the ground, stores, and vehicles around Cain became black, and his body lay in the center.

There was only smoke, like a thousand-year-old mummy set on fire and then extinguished.


There was no need to shout.

Zatanna had already moved and reached the center of the explosion where Cain was.

She moved her wand around in the air in different ways, drawing shapes with her blue magic.

The shapes joined together to make a beautiful pentagram above their heads, but she wasn't done yet—the shapes on the pentagram kept getting bigger.

Dio conjured his sword, which flew away during the explosion and approached them to help if necessary.

Boston, Starfire, Batman, and Robin did the same.

Starfire didn't seem injured, but Batman was holding his shoulder, and Robin suffered a nasty cut on his forehead, which was bleeding a lot.

They couldn't treat injuries now because everyone was focused on Zatanna, but none of them dared enter under the blue pentagram above them to disrupt the magic that would win them.

Dio knew something was wrong even though he could only see Zatanna's back. She seemed to be exerting too much, which was not normal for her.

"Something is wrong,"

Dio told the others while watching Zatanna still wave her wand while uttering things in a low voice.

"Something is wrong!"

Zatanna screamed shortly after.

"What's happening?"

Robin asked her.

"Something was preventing his banishment; I don't know if I could do this!"

Zatanna shouted very frightened.


Cain lifted his face upward and screamed.

The blue pentagram on his head was destroyed when red energy started to come out of his body and explode like an explosion.

The force of the explosion was so great that Zatanna flew in Dio's direction; Dio caught her in the air and set her down on the ground.

In front of them, Cain rose from his dead state, and the wounds started to heal at an amazing speed.


Cain screamed again with his body fully restored to his monstrous form.

A huge red stream of his energy reached the sky and spread while turning the world red and sucking all the mana faster than before.

Dio pulled out his shield and placed it in front of the injured part of his body.

"Jesus Christ, we need help!"

Zatanna said this while looking at this scene.

Dio agreed with her.

They need a lot of help like from the very Lord of Order himself.

There was a strong magic behind him that made him feel like they heard their help.

Dio turned around and saw a green energy portal opening, and then a woman came out of it.

"Don't worry,"

She said this while looking at all of them with a gentle smile.

"I came here to save the world of magic because that is the role of Madame Xanadu!"



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