DC: The Prince of the Underworld

A man found himself in a parallel earth without a family to protect him was adopted by a criminal. He was force into a life of crime to survive in the world's most dangerous universe. ... You can find up to 13 advanced chapters at my patreon patreon.com/Abyssuit Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Ps: Ccto to the book cover's owner... Crdt: Tangrin (Gabriel Henrique)

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Chapter 104

Dio is used to moving in the dark now, and it doesn't tire him out as much as it used to.

But moving three at once with him is something he has never done before, not even with one. Dio only knows it's possible.

He used what was left of his ectoplasm to get a little more energized to be sure.

It works; Dio felt the displacement, and the shadows disappeared.

They find themselves at the entrance of Wonder City in the abandoned building used by addicts and homeless people.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!"

There is a price for moving so many.

Dio vomited on the ground, trying to get used to the pain.

"Jesus, are you okay, kid?"

Catwoman asked.

The only thing Dio can do to answer is raise his thumb.

After ten minutes, Dio was in better condition to interact with everyone.

They move to the roof of the GPD headquarters, where they tell old Gordon about everything that happened since the tremors in Wonder City can cause some incidents on the surface.

"So, is this the same kid who climbed up here years ago and locked my door?"

Jim Gordon asked while looking at Dio.

"Long time no see, Commissioner Gordon."

Dio replied.

He's someone very trustworthy, and since Batman erased his records, it's not a problem for him to know who he was.

Jim looked at Dio sitting on the edge of the roof while still recovering his energy until he sighed and spoke.

"I'm getting old. It's good to see that you managed to get out of that hell, Kid."

Dio just nodded in acknowledgment.

"There's something I want to know too. Do we know each other?"

Catwoman asked while standing on the other end of the edge and here just to satisfy her curiosity.

She now covered her face with the leather mask with two cat ears above her head and her large goggles.

"Let's talk somewhere else."

Dio pointed to the building next door, and she followed him.

"Why do you think we know each other?"

Dio asked when they reached another rooftop.

"The way you looked at me the first time, I found it strange since most men and women, when they see me for the first time look at me with lust, but you didn't. So you must know me in some way."

"Were you thinking about that while we were fighting?"

"I'm multitasking."

"Well, it's not like it's a secret. We know each other; you saved my life when I was just a kid."

"Hahaha, you sure must be confusing me with someone else. I'm not a hero, kid. That's Batman's fetish, not mine."

"There are many ways to save a life, like teaching a kid to pickpocket after he got caught trying to steal from a woman he thought was a prostitute."

She fell silent for a few seconds while trying to remember.

"You're that kid? Wait, you thought I was a prostitute?"

She shouted and finally remembered.

"I don't judge anyone by appearance, but a woman walking through the alleys of Gotham in the middle of winter with a miniskirt and a crop top could only be a prostitute."

"They were designer clothes!"

Catwoman shouted.

"How the hell was I supposed to know that?"

The shouting continued for a few seconds until she calmed down.

"Good to know you made it out of that hellhole alive, kid."

She probably thought Dio was a homeless kid back then, and being a homeless child in Gotham is extremely dangerous, as there are many ways to gain from a child in this city.

"Well, now that my curiosity has been satisfied, let's talk business."


Dio asked with confusion.

"How cute. You really thought I came directly to Gotham's police station just to ask about that?"

Catwoman said it with a smirk.

"Of course not. I thought you were following Batman."

Dio lied and tried to hide his embarrassment.

"To the police station? They surely can't arrest me, but that's no reason to toy with them."

Catwoman said this while clearly enjoying this fact.

It is well known that Catwoman is the most infamous thief in Gotham, but the police don't know who she is or have any proof that she is responsible for the theft—not even video or photos from the crime scenes.

When she first started her career, Batman almost caught her, but the court threw out the evidence because her lawyer was able to show that the evidence used to arrest her came from outside of the police's legal procedures.

"Let's talk business, kid."

"What business?"

"The gray whip you gave me—I want one for myself."

That made Dio laugh, and after explaining that the whip was just a temporary energy construct and that he couldn't keep it when he was away, she seemed genuinely disappointed.

"Oh well."

Catwoman said while recovering and walking toward the edge.

"See you later, kid."

Catwoman bids farewell with a kiss and a wink while jumping off the rooftop.

These kinds of encounters make Dio wonder about the sanity of all DC heroines and villains.

Dio returned to the police station rooftop, where Batman and Robin were waiting for him while chatting in low voices.

The commissioner had already left.

"What happened?"

Dio asked while noticing the seriousness on their faces during their private conversation.

"During my capture, Ra's al Ghul gave me some details about the disappearances that are happening. I just confirmed that information."

Batman replied and turned towards him.

"It's very serious?"

Dio asked.

"It seems your previous hint about vampires was more important than we thought."

Robin continued.

'The previous hint?'

Then Dio remembered the words Emily told him at the bar and passed them on to Robin shortly after.

"So, it's the vampires."


Robin confirmed.

The attacks had always seemed strange, but now that vampires are involved, everything makes sense.

The abductors were never shown; there were no bodies or blood, and the attacks happened at night.

"It seems there's a new leader with an unknown objective in charge of them, but she was definitely building an army."

Batman said this while walking to the edge and looking at his city.

"What do we do then?"

Dio asked him.

This is definitely a serious matter, and the League probably doesn't want their involvement, but Batman's response surprises him.

"You and Robin will find your contact. The vampire might have more information, and her companion works with her. This will help us get answers."

"Are we working together with the League?"

Robin asked while also being surprised by Batman's orders.

"Yes, many members are busy, so the Teen Titans will assist us under my command."

If Batman weren't here, Robin would be jumping for joy.

Robin has always wanted to prove his worth to Batman, and this is a golden opportunity to do so by working with the big players.

Dio was excited too, but not as much. First, he should gather some information.

"What is the name of the new leader of the vampires?"

Dio asked Batman.

"We only have her alias, Blood Queen."



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