Dc: The Brother of Superman

Follow our protagonist without memory of his past self he woke up in a normal family....wait isn't that Martha Kent.....why is she calling me son?. (Disclaimer, First fanfic to learn how to write.)

Refaim1992 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
73 Chs


On the Kent farm, a regal golden portal appeared out of nowhere, but the residents didn't panic; on the contrary, they smiled.

A person stepped out of the portal; it was wearing a long white and gold robe with a hood of the same colors, and it had a strange crown on his head.

One of the residents welcomed this person, a young man. He was wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt, but the remarkable thing was his physique; he was built like an absolute unit.

"Welcome back, little brother."

"I'm home, brother." Both of them hug each other, only for Jonathan and Martha to approach the two siblings.

"Are you guys done with your antics?"

"Jonathan, please; they haven't seen each other for a long time."

After Clark and Isaac hugged each other, they separated themselves, and with their parents, they walked towards the house.

They spent the whole day catching up with each other.

Clark talked about his real parents, what happened to Krypton, and his mission here.

Meanwhile, Isaac talked about his difficult times in the dungeons and his stay in Azarath.

All the chat lasted until night, so they decided to stay home for today.


"Do you have any plans, brother?"

"I want to help people, but first I think I want to finish college, then I want to be a reporter."

"Oh, I can support that. Where will you go?"

"Metropolis has Metropolis University; it also has the newspaper, The Daily Planet."

Clark and I were chatting in the old barn.

"I see. You know, sorry about Lana."

"Don't be; mom and dad told me what you told Lana, Chloe, and Pete; it is fine."


"Boys, the food is ready."


I stayed in Smallville for 2 more days. Clark said that he would stay for a couple more days, so I left, much to the disappointment of my mother.


[Status window]

[Name: Isaac Kent (LVL 37)]

[Class: [Wizard(lvl.15)] [Summoner(lvl.15)] [High Wizard(lvl.15)] [Forbidden Arts User (LVL.15)] [Sorcerer(lvl.5)] 

[Job: [Enhancer (lvl.30)]] [Scribe(lvl.20)] [Rune Crafter(lvl.7)] 

[Body:33] [Mind:80(+15)] [Soul:45] [Luck:15] [Faith:15] 

[Magic: Kèter'elyon] 

[Equipment: Expert Robe Set (Rare)] [Expert Staff(Rare)] [Ring of the Fighter (Unique) (left hand)] [Necklace of the Initiate (Rare)]


[Artifact: Unavailable] 

[Active Skills: [Fireball]] [Wind Slash] [Shadow Bind] [Rock Golem] [Sacrifice] [Dark Vision] [Lightning] [Ice Spear] [Repulsive Blast] [Drain Touch] [Dark Bargain] [Hex] [Minor Protection] [Flame Pillar (cooldown 10 seconds)] [Crackling Lance(cooldown 10 seconds)]

[Job Skills: [Enhance]] [Boost] Polyglot] [Photographic Memory] [Author] [Binding] [Infusion] [Carving] 

[Passive Skills: Damage Transfer] [Resistance(Poison, Bleeding, Element(Earth)] [Multicasting] 

I'm getting stronger, but it's not enough; I need to be at least LV 60 by the time Clark debuts as Superman.

Thinking that, I proceed to get ready to do my last Advance Dungeon, one that has a record of me dying fifteen times in a row.

The reason is that there's a huge ass dragon there, and I've given my all to killing it with no results. Hopefully, with my new class and skills, I could finally kill that huge lizard.


I'm now at the entrance of the dragon lair; it always teleports me to this location, and I had no other option but to press forward.

{No matter how many times I see it, it's still impressive}

At the end of a huge tunnel that took me to the heart of this mountain, there it was.

His appearance was interesting; it was a combination of an iguana and a crocodile, but if those two were of the size of a T-rex and a whale,

The most annoying part of this big fella was his skin. The bastard has a high resistance to physical and magic damage, not to mention that it can use [Earth Magic].

{It's useless to overthink; just do it}

"Let's begin", {[Rock Golem]+[Minor Protection]+[Enhance]}

{My new combo for this fella, making him more tanky}

{As for you lizard, [Hex]}

[Randomizing Curse of Stamina Granted]

{Hmm..better than nothing, now for talismans, I will use [Elemental] and [Mind]}

"Go, golem!" (Arrggghh!). When the golem used his skill [treat], the dragon that was peacefully sleeping woke up.

"Time to cast, [Ice Spear] [Crackling Lance], go fort." The spells launched themselves against the waking dragon and impacted his face.

 (Rawwuurgg)!!! Followed by the fist of my golem.

*Punch* *Crack* *Raawwwrrgg*

 {[Flame Pillar]} A huge fire pillar exploded from beneath the dragon, engulfing him and my golem. Luckily, I feel that my golem was fine, as was the dragon.

 (Raawwww!!!) He was pissed.

{[Shadow Bind]...[Lightning]}

*[Ra] [Tar] [Ko]* The dragon covered himself with Earth, creating an armor with her, and using his body, he slammed my golem to the side.

{it's coming straight to me; let's see if I can time this right}

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

{[Repulsive Blast]...[Crackling Lance]}

*Boom* *Crack* *Rawwwwwwrgg*

The dragon that was charging at me was pushed back, and my lance was inserted in his left eye.

Just in time for my golem to take a swing to his right side.


Moving myself to his left side, I continue my casting skills.

{[Boost]+[Flame Pillar]} 


A more intense pillar sprouted from the ground, and this one scorched the belly of the dragon.

{I can see that he is doing fewer movements than other times, which means that the hex was super effective..huh}

"Let's finish this, [Haste (Boost)]." {[Boost]+[Crackling Lance] [Shadow Bind] [Ice Spear] [Fireball] [Wind Slash]}

All my offensive spells were cast and impacted by the dragon.


"Ha..ha..ha..ha.ha.a j..just..di..die..you.. bastard."

[Dungeon Quest Complete]

"Ha.. finally"


I slept for two days straight. When I woke up, I was starving, and when I looked outside, it was dark.

*Nom* *nom* *nom*

"Are you okay over there?" {Huh?} I tilted my head to answer the question the waiter asked me.


"Yeah, I just didn't eat well today." I was eating in a restaurant in front of my hotel; although a little expensive, the food was good.

After paying the bill, I went back to my room to see the rewards.

 [Dungeon Quest]

[Kill the Earth Dragon...complete]

[Reward: [Skill: Stone Armor]] [Earth Dragon Core]

[Personal lvl +3] [Class Lvl +5]

[Funds (100,000)] 

"Ok, I will put 2 in the body, 5 in the mind, and 5 in the soul."

 [Body:35] [Mind:85(+15)] [Soul:50] 

[Warning: Initiating Soul Awakening]



I felt a burning sensation in my body; worse, I could feel that it wasn't my physical body but something deeper inside of me.

[Awakening... Complete, Granting the Skill Soul Sight]

"Ha..ha..ha..ah, what does that do?"

[Soul Sight: Allows the user to see what's under the veil of reality (ghosts, spirits, demons, etc.)]

{A pretty convenient skill, but it hurts too much for my taste}

{Hmm?..i maxed out my class already?}


{I thought that I would raise it until lvl 15}

[More powerful classes required more experience but fewer levels to rise.]

{So I can choose a new one?}


[Generating Classes Available... Complete]

[Common Classes]

 [Fighter] [Archer] 

[Uncommon Classes]

[Cleric] [Forest Mage] [High Summoner] [Shaman] [Dark Mage] 

[Rare Classes]


[Class Fusion Available]


 [Arcane Summoner(Unique)] 

[Sorcerer] + [Forbidden Arts User]

[Curse Caster(Rare)] 

{Eh?..right, there was that function, but it never appeared before}

There was no available fusion.

{I see, hmm...what to do..i guess I will pick Arcane summoner}

[Generating Skills: Complete]

 [Salamander(Fire)] [Gnome(Earth)] [Kelpie(Air)] [Siren(Water)] [Pixie(Light)] [Imp(Dark)] [Link] [Recall] 

{Hmm...what do link and recall do?}

[Link: Allows the user to communicate with your summoned creature]

[Recall: Allows the user to resummon your creature by your side when you are too far apart.]

{I see, then I choose pixie, link, and recall}

[Are you sure?]


[Please name your summoned creature.]

 {Hmm? This is new. Well, I will name you Nayru}

Suddenly a magic circle with arcane signs appeared before me, and in the middle, a huge flower sprouted out; it was pink and yellow.

When it finished growing, the petals opened up, revealing a little creature. It has pink hair, white skin, emerald blue eyes, and a pair of translucent wings in the back. She was wearing a dress made out of leaves.

{Is this a pixie?}

~Yes, master~ 

"What!?..who!?" I looked around for that voice.

~Me, master, in front of you.

{Ah?...right...the link skill, that means I can speak with you?}

~Yes, master~ 

I focus on her, only for a little screen to appear before me.

[Arcane Creature] 


[Level: 1]

 [Skills: [Dia(Heal)] [Companion(Permanent)]

{What is this? Why does she have her own screen unlike my golem?}

[Companion: Allows the arcane creature to exist in any reality as long as the user is alive]

{So you are stuck with me, huh?}

~Yes, master, please treat me well.~

 {Like wise}