DC: System Shock (COMPLETED)

Well, if I had plans for a wild adventure, this wasn’t what I had in mind. One moment I’m crashing on the couch, thumbing through my dog-eared DC Comics collection, and the next... Boom! I’m smack dab in the middle of Metropolis, and let me tell you, it's not the Metropolis you see on postcards. Imagine, the skyscrapers you dream about from movies and comics, now they're crumbling. Flashing lights and explosions paint the skyline. No, it's not some fancy holographic display; this is real, alarmingly real. There I was, regular old me, standing in all my awkwardness in a city under siege by god-knows-what-and-who. Superman is up there, cape fluttering and all, throwing down with these ominous-looking entities. And me? I'm over here, equal parts stunned and terrified. As debris rains down like a disaster movie on steroids, I’m diving for cover behind a partially collapsed building. The dusty, shredded pages of my comic collection flutter around me, a stark contrast to this gritty, chaotic reality. Then, out of nowhere, this shimmering interface pops up, hanging in the air like a neon sign in Times Square. It’s like some cosmic computer screen offering me options like I’m about to pick a new phone plan. I poke at it because what else do you do when you’re yanked from your comfy world and dropped into a super-powered showdown? The thing offers guidance, quests, and, get this, points. Points! Like I’m suddenly part of some cosmic rewards program. So here I am, taking cover, trying not to stick out like a sore thumb in my jeans and old band t-shirt, while navigating an interface that might as well be from a sci-fi flick. “Welcome to the Universal Network System,” it says. And I’m thinking, “Yeah, thanks for the warm welcome, but can I get a ticket back to my couch?”

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Livewire's Grand Entrance #5

So there I was, jogging through the chaos-ridden streets of Metropolis, ducking behind corners and dodging the superhero showdowns and alien invasions like I was trying to dodge a raging bull, which was an understatement since they were probably way more dangerous than some dumb farm animal. 

I made sure to keep myself hidden, steering clear of anyone who looked like they could throw a punch or shoot laser beams from their eyes.

 I mean, who wants to be collateral damage in a superhero brawl on their first day on the job, if you can even call it that? I did my best to slink around unnoticed, but in the middle of this utter chaos, you never knew if someone had their eyes on you.

The street corner I stumbled upon was just your average mess, if you discount the flipped-over cars, the ground craters that looked like they could swallow you whole, and the eerie absence of life thanks to everyone hightailing it or cowering in hiding. 

Casually slipping into a nearby shop, I took a minute to scan the surroundings, eyes peeled for any sign of Livewire. This was ground zero for that prickling sensation of electricity that led me here, after all.

Then, right on cue, the crossing lights started flickering like they were having an electric seizure, and the wires above began spitting out these wild, frenzied sparks. Before I could say "What the heck," one of those crackling bolts shot up and landed with a zapping sound, morphing into a woman right before my eyes. 

She sported a cool light-blue skin tone that matched her short, spikey hair, decked out in a snug black leotard and thigh-high boots that could probably kick a hole through a brick wall.

I suddenly found myself wide-eyed, staring at Livewire, the very woman I'd been trying to track down amidst the chaotic metropolis. As soon as she emerged, she was throwing her own personal victory party, hooting and fist-pumping like she'd just won the lottery. 

"Free at last! That super jerk is so going to get it!" she yelled, an odd mix of excitement and seething anger.

Figuring it was as good a time as any to make my presence known, I called out, "Miss Willis!" Her head snapped towards me faster than a lightning strike, her hands crackling with menacing electricity. 

"I go by Livewire now, pal," she retorted, a clear hint of annoyance in her tone. "Who are you anyway?" Her eyes glinted, giving me the impression that my answer could result in a shocking experience.

I tried to play it cool. "Ah, my bad... Livewire, then," I corrected myself, throwing my hands up in a gesture of surrender. "It's just that I'm a big fan, so I couldn't help but blurt out your old name," I admitted, punctuating my words with a nervous chuckle.

Livewire's crackling fury dimmed as I admitted to being a fan of her old radio show. "A fan of my old radio talk show, are you?" she mused a flicker of satisfaction across her face. "It's good to see there are still people with common sense and good taste in this city."

'Radio talk show, huh... I must be dealing with an iteration of the DC animated universe...' I mused to myself. 

Before I could respond, she abruptly declared, "Anyway, It's been a blast meeting me, I'm sure. I'd sign your shirt or something, but I've got a city to shake up and a super jerk's brain to fry..." 

With a dramatic swish, she turned, arcs of electricity trailing her like an eerie aura, preparing to make her grand exit.

In a moment of panic, I blurted out, "Wait! That probably won't end well for you!" Her sudden pivot towards me, electric fury in her eyes, made my heart race. 

"Now look here... you might be my fan, but that doesn't mean I won't zap you stupid!" Livewire warned, her tone direct and uncompromising. "I'll let you off the hook just this time, so you better keep your mouth shut and admire me from afar!" Her disapproving gaze seemed to punctuate her final words.

I winced inwardly at the thought of being zapped, despite the protective promise of the Storm Walker Shoes. The idea of becoming an involuntary lightning rod was not high on my list of preferred experiences. 

But letting Livewire simply stroll off in a bid to terrorize the city wasn't my idea of a best-case scenario either. 

"Zap me if you must, just... just hear me out first," I stated, attempting to maintain composure despite the nerves buzzing beneath my skin. "If you don't like what I say, then do whatever you want."

Livewire's initial frown morphed into a sly smile, clearly finding some entertainment in the situation. "Alright, I'll listen, but just a heads-up—I'm gonna zap you anyway for wasting my time," she declared, her voice tinged with amusement. "So, spill it. What do you want to say?" Her arms crossed an unmistakable air of playful challenge in her demeanor.

I could practically sense Livewire's eagerness to zap me coursing through the air. It seemed my attempt at reasoning with a maniacal villain might've been wishful thinking on my part. That's what I get, I suppose. 

Still, I kept my thoughts in check, maintaining a sheepish grin. "Look over there, please," I calmly directed, pointing behind the villaness.

She chuckled, clearly enjoying the situation. "You're not planning a speedy escape, are you? You know I can catch you," she taunted, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Although chasing you around might be fun for a moment or two."

I restrained the twitch in my eye, refusing to be belittled. Honestly, did I look like a looney toons character to this bitch?! 

"I'm not that stupid. Just look," I replied, hoping Livewire would oblige my request. Luckily, she turned around, her interest piqued.

Following my indication, she squinted at an innocuous fire hydrant. "It's a fire hydrant... what about it?" She queried, a mix of confusion and curiosity evident as she turned back to face me. 

Gathering my courage, I braced myself and responded, "If you go after Superman right now, you won't last more than a few minutes before you're drenched by one of those and put in cuffs!" I stated, and Livewire's face soured instantly at my words. 

"I was just going to give you a slap on the wrist, but you must have a death wish, talking to me like that, you punk!" she snarled through clenched teeth, the sparks around her body crackling with intensified ferocity. "I'll turn your insides into mush!"

I quickly intervened, trying to reason with the electrically charged villain. "You said you'd hear me out, and I'm not done yet!" I exclaimed urgently. Livewire paused her threatening actions, looking visibly irritated. "At the very least, you should stick to your word!" I insisted, knowing that for all her faults, Livewire kept her word at least. 

Her eyes shot me a piercing glare as if my existence alone offended her. "Fine... I'll let you talk, but for every word you utter, that'll be another extra 10,000 volts of electricity frying your brain!" She declared with venom.

As I stood there, facing Livewire's seething wrath, my impulsive tongue decided to take the reins. "Oh yeah? Then maybe I should just keep talking until you die of old age..." The words slipped out with a smirk that faded into instant remorse. 

An arc of electricity shot from Livewire's hand, striking a nearby car and erupting it into a fiery explosion, hence why my smugness deflated as quickly as the car combusted and flew into the air. 

"Don't push your luck..." Livewire's voice crackled with menace, her narrowed eyes amplifying the danger. Internally, I gulped, but outwardly, I attempted to maintain an air of composure.

"Jesus, learn to take a joke, will you?" I tried to defuse the tension, only to witness Livewire's scowl deepen. Sweet-talking clearly wasn't my forte.

"Look, what I mean is Superman's nearly untouchable. You're strong, sure, but he knows how to exploit your weaknesses..." I lifted my hands in a conciliatory gesture, hoping to navigate this conversation without getting zapped.

"Yeah, he's got his flaws, but Kryptonite isn't exactly sitting on every street corner like tap water..." I added, trying to reason with her. I knew that appealing to her rational side might be a stretch, but I had to soften her up before delivering the sale pitch. 

Much to my relief, Livewire paused for a moment, as if weighing my words. However, her contemplative expression vanished almost as swiftly as it appeared, replaced by a deeper frown.

"You sure seem to know a lot... come to think of it, how did you even recognize me? And how exactly do you know about my weakness?" Her narrowed eyes bore into me, demanding answers. "Who are you really...? Most importantly, what the hell do you really want?"

I sensed the tension in her voice, the crackling energy poised to strike if my response didn't meet her expectations. Her suspicion was warranted, and I needed to tread carefully to navigate this conversation while keeping my ass in its mint, unkicked state. 


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