DC: System Shock (COMPLETED)

Well, if I had plans for a wild adventure, this wasn’t what I had in mind. One moment I’m crashing on the couch, thumbing through my dog-eared DC Comics collection, and the next... Boom! I’m smack dab in the middle of Metropolis, and let me tell you, it's not the Metropolis you see on postcards. Imagine, the skyscrapers you dream about from movies and comics, now they're crumbling. Flashing lights and explosions paint the skyline. No, it's not some fancy holographic display; this is real, alarmingly real. There I was, regular old me, standing in all my awkwardness in a city under siege by god-knows-what-and-who. Superman is up there, cape fluttering and all, throwing down with these ominous-looking entities. And me? I'm over here, equal parts stunned and terrified. As debris rains down like a disaster movie on steroids, I’m diving for cover behind a partially collapsed building. The dusty, shredded pages of my comic collection flutter around me, a stark contrast to this gritty, chaotic reality. Then, out of nowhere, this shimmering interface pops up, hanging in the air like a neon sign in Times Square. It’s like some cosmic computer screen offering me options like I’m about to pick a new phone plan. I poke at it because what else do you do when you’re yanked from your comfy world and dropped into a super-powered showdown? The thing offers guidance, quests, and, get this, points. Points! Like I’m suddenly part of some cosmic rewards program. So here I am, taking cover, trying not to stick out like a sore thumb in my jeans and old band t-shirt, while navigating an interface that might as well be from a sci-fi flick. “Welcome to the Universal Network System,” it says. And I’m thinking, “Yeah, thanks for the warm welcome, but can I get a ticket back to my couch?”

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Fishy Operation #61

Yolanda took charge, her voice ringing with authority as she outlined the mission details. "Alright, here's the deal. We're teaming up with the Office of Metahuman Affairs and some other top-secret government group," she began, her tone a mix of seriousness and urgency. "Our target? A nasty piece of work known as the Count. He's got a stranglehold on Parador, and we're going in to take him down."

Micah cocked an eyebrow, his interest piqued. "And what's the situation on the ground?" he asked, his voice betraying a hint of skepticism.

Yolanda met his gaze head-on, her expression firm. "Not bad, actually. Four government agents infiltrated Parador to gather intel, but they got nabbed by the Count," she explained, her tone tinged with frustration. "During their capture they figured out this guy's been spiking his drugs with poison. Real nasty stuff."

She continued, her words flowing with a sense of urgency. "The Count decided it'd be fun to release our agents into the forest bordering Brazil to have them hunted down by his men. Lucky for us, they managed to slip away."

Micah nodded, processing the information. "So, what's the situation now?" he asked, his demeanor calm and collected.

Yolanda's gaze hardened, her determination shining through. "Bruce Gordon, the big shot in charge of this op, sees the Count's slip-up as a sign of weakness," she explained, her voice tinged with resolve. "He's rallying the troops, gearing up for what seems like an easy takedown. But I've got a gut feeling that things won't be that easy."

She glanced at Ted briefly before locking eyes with Micah once more. "That's where Ted, or you come in. We need all the help we can get to make sure this mission goes off without a hitch."

Micah's skepticism hung heavy in the air, his gaze probing as he questioned Yolanda's assessment of the situation. "So, why would this ruthless drug lord let potential threats slip through his fingers? Sounds suspicious, don't you think?" he queried, his tone laced with doubt.

Yolanda's brow furrowed at the unexpected scrutiny. She had expected Micah to either agree to join the mission or refuse, not question the logic of her superiors. Glancing at Ted for support, she found him wearing a nonchalant expression, leaving her to face Micah's scrutiny alone.

Turning back to Micah, she decided to offer her perspective. "Maybe he gets a kick out of it, or he's flexing his muscle to show he's still in control. Who knows?" she replied, her tone defensive.

Micah chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. "I think you're underestimating this Count character too much," he remarked, his skepticism apparent. "You think a drug dealer who has taken over a whole country would risk blowing his cover for a little amusement? Seems unlikely."

Before Yolanda could respond, Micah pressed on, his words deliberate. "Sure, drug lords tend to be ruthless, but none of them is dumb-- there's a thing called selective ruthlessness that such people employ."

He continued, his tone matter-of-fact, "They know exactly when to make a spectacle or when to take care of things on the sly, understanding the limits of their forces almost perfectly... they wouldn't survive for long otherwise..."

Yolanda's expression turned pensive as she mulled over Micah's words. "So, you're suggesting he's not foolish enough to expose himself like that, huh? Then why did the Count do all of that?" she mused aloud, her tone laced with uncertainty.

Micah's chuckle filled the room, his demeanor relaxed despite the seriousness of the conversation. "I have no idea what this guy is plotting, but It feels like a classic case of a wolf pretending to be a sheep," he explained, his voice tinged with conviction. "I'm sorry, but the way I see it, you've all been dancing to his tune without even realizing it," he added, shaking his head in disbelief.

Yolanda's features contorted with a mix of realization and dismay. "I can't believe we overlooked that possibility," she admitted, her frustration evident. "And what do you suggest we do then? Sit back and let him continue spreading his drugs and poison?" She questioned, the tension palpable in her voice.

Micah's expression turned incredulous as if he couldn't believe the question was even asked. "It's simple, really. Get the Justice League involved. The government bigwigs should have some leverage over the capes, no?" he suggested, his tone matter-of-fact.

"And if you want to outsmart this guy, have the League's heavy hitters on standby, ready to swoop in when he shows his hand," he concluded, his confidence unwavering as if he could see the future.

Yolanda paused, her brow furrowing in contemplation. "That's a bit..." she muttered with a hesitant sigh. "The Office of Metahuman Affairs and other government teams were set up specifically to reduce dependence on the Justice League. It won't sit well with the higher-ups to ask for their help," she explained, shaking her head at the predicament.

Micah's response was blunt, sending a shiver down Yolanda's spine. "Then you've got two options: convince Waller and her crew to swallow their pride and seek League aid, or kiss your chances of survival goodbye," he stated matter-of-factly, his words landing like a heavyweight in the room.

Yolanda's eyes widened in disbelief at the dire ultimatum. "How do you even know about Amanda Waller?" she blurted out, her gaze darting between Ted and Micah, seeking answers.

Before Micah could respond, Ted intervened, offering a vague explanation. "Micah's from a parallel universe seems to have a knack for knowing things," he explained with a shrug, though his tone hinted at a deeper understanding.

Micah's smile held a hint of mystery as he brushed off the question. "How I know about Waller isn't important. What matters is your survival," he emphasized, his voice firm and unwavering. "And the way I see it, unless you've got a real heavy hitter watching your back, you're not making it back alive..."

Ted's expression softened as he regarded Micah with a curious gaze. "You seemed pretty 'heavy-hitting' when you dealt with that cultist lunatic and his pet monster. Why not step up to the plate?" he suggested a note of encouragement in his voice.

Micah's scoff betrayed his reluctance. "I may play the part occasionally, but I'm no hero, Ted," he responded, his tone dismissive yet tinged with an underlying determination. "I'm just a guy trying to make his mark on the world. I love you, and you know it, but I won't risk my life walking into an obvious trap," he asserted firmly.

Instead of showing disappointment or frustration, Ted merely chuckled at Micah's words. "You heard him, kiddo," he said, turning his gaze to Yolanda. "Micah owes me a lot, but not his life, and he's been pretty helpful with his insights," he added, his expression turning more serious.

"This entire situation stinks to high hell, and I'd think twice before trusting the likes of Waller and Sarge Steel if I were you," he concluded, his tone weighted with caution.

Yolanda lowered her gaze, deep in contemplation. However, Ted's words seemed to have sparked something in Micah's mind. "Who are they sending to Parador alongside you, by the way?" Micah interjected, breaking Yolanda's chain of thought.

"I may not look it, but I'm pretty clever, you know? If I know who's going, I might be able to help come up with a plan," he suggested a hint of determination in his voice.

Yolanda hesitated for a moment before relenting, deciding to trust Micah with classified information. "Commander Steel, Peacemaker, The Creeper, Major Victory, Manhunter, Doctor Midnight, Chunk, Simon Bennett, Will Magnus, and Nemesis," she listed off the names.

Micah's brow furrowed as he absorbed the information, letting out an exasperated sigh. "Other than Peacemaker and Nemesis, I've never heard of any of the others," he admitted, turning to Ted, who shook his head, silently conveying he hadn't heard of them either.

"If this was such an important mission, why wouldn't Waller rely on her prized Suicide Squad instead of a group of third-rate vigilantes... no offense," he added, his tone meaningful as if suggesting something deeper.

Yolanda's expression looked even more shocked than before. "How do you even know about the Suicide Squad...?" she asked, her curiosity piqued.

Micah replied with a simple shrug. "Let's just say I've picked up a thing or two along the way," he said, a hint of mystery in his tone.

"Still... now that you mention it, I've never thought of why Waller brought together such a team of rag-tag vigilantes just to take down this Count character..." Yolanda mused, her tone growing more thoughtful with each word as if she was on the verge of realizing something profound.

"Something is clearly up. I'd start by looking into that Bruce Gordon fellow to get to the bottom of it if I were you," Micah suggested, his gaze drifting towards the door as if eager to leave the whole situation behind.

"Actually, no, scratch that," he continued, waving off the idea with a dismissive flick of his hand. "If I were you, I'd just wash my hands of the entire situation and leave, just as I'm about to do now. Later, Ted," he added, rising from his seat and making his way towards the exit, much to Ted's amusement.

"Later, kiddo," Ted called after him, a grin spreading across his face as he watched Micah depart.


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